Hotpress Review


‘……. these songs were apparently inspired by his search for spirituality through alternative therapies and “a form of energetic healing called clearing.” Brady’s voice, which at times recalls that of Johnny Duhan, is appealing and there is a definite New Age feel to the songs, which range from reggae-tinged rock (‘Feel’, ‘Frank’) to acoustic fare (‘Floating’). He has an ear for the occasional catchy melody (‘This Is It’) and the backing from a large cast of local musicians is well up to par…….’

Colm O’Hare, Hotpress, 19 Dec 2012


In order to more clearly and comprehensively offer loving service, support and guidance to all sensitive souls wishing to answer their heartfelt longing for love in their lives, I am creating a new WebTV channel dedicated to the new revolution of love which is taking root on our planet right now! 


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