Full Moon and Sun Revelation

A Reading from a Book of Full Moon & Sun Revelations
Chapter One of One

We Are powerful beyond our imaginations. We have co created our Earth, the Universe and our bodies and personalities. We have over time increasingly identified solely with our bodies and personalities and woke up one morning, as if from a coma, to find we are a drift on a boat on rocky seas with no one at the wheel. In shock, not consciously aware of what happened, we desperately sought safety and certainty. The more we continued to identify with just our bodies and our personalities the more the shock, the trauma increased. Fear has become a default response all over the world. Fear that we are not taken care of, fear that we will not have enough resources to survive. Having forgotten, it is only natural that we will create structures to protect ourselves, defend and hold onto the little we have. We protect ourselves by hiding our true identities, hiding from ourselves and hiding from others especially those closest to us. We have become skilled at avoiding the truth of our core essence with trickery, deception and masquerade

And yet it is all fine, all part of the Divine unfolding that you have co created. The life you are living is no accident or cruel twist of fate, it has nothing to do with being wrong, not good enough or having sinned and doing penance. It is a magnificent manifestation of the wonderful Being You truly are. The real Trickery, with a capital ‘T’, is to allow yourself to feel the Love that You truly are whilst at the same time feeling the fear if it ever arises again and show it who You truly are, Love.

In the land and on the oceans where you are true to the Love You Are and thus loving all that arises, all the fear will simply fall away when its ready and all the masks will disappear

With Love and Light 🙂



In this dimension, in every moment there is change. You are not the same person as you were when you started reading this. And so this is the case here in my forest and on my land, change, everyday is different. The summer opens up to something new. Volunteers are returning and work continues on the dance pavilion. The following is a summary of the work done in the last 12 months

Vegetable garden begun

New paths and earthen steps in the ‘Tulal’ (Trails of Unconditional Love and Light), 
New foot bridges over the stream called ‘Breams’, 
Blackberry Cabin being remodeled, 
The pond cleaned and dedicated to the Divine Feminine on Imbolc Feb1 last, 
The ‘Eagle’ (a new mobile home) being renovated, 
The ‘Nest’, a forest meditation/seating area, created
More artwork celebrating the forests natural abundance 

Timber harvesting

The well is being upgraded and landscaped
Solar shower piping installed
Our First Fairy House completed and another is on the way 
Twig borders created on the driveway 

A word of thanks to the very international troupe of over 40 volunteers, since summer 2019, without whom I could not have achieved so much and who may be interested to know that the porridge I make for breakfast is now called ‘Romscci’ and the post box is called Beatrix! I have gotten used to walking around with a dream in my heart. Now that dream is becoming a reality and in order for it to continue to manifest i need to assist my body to adjust. And so its really exciting for me to announce that the proposed dance pavilion received its first stack of structural timber poles and we began digging foundations this week

In this regard, i send a call out for a carpenter to join my team of volunteers to help erect the 24 timber posts for the dance pavilion

Setting out bridge and dance pavilion 

My joy is to sing, to sing live and online for the wellbeing of all, yet at this time, the Universe and i have ordained that i spend most of my time this year working on all the above projects. As a result my facebook live transmissions, Songs from the Angels, have taken a back seat for some months now and that will be the case for the foreseeable future until a new performance space is completed or the Universe brings me something even greater than this. Looking forward to completing my new space and performing again. This time away from performance is indeed a great reminder to me that as much as i long to sing and dance and record, I Am in every moment of the day, no matter where I Am or what I Am doing, the Song, I Am the Music, I Am the Dance. We Are the Music. We Are the Song. We Are the Dance 

It is such a joy to become more and more acquainted with my neighbours, the robins. They used to live under my home but seem to have taken up residence under my new mobile home, the ‘Eagle’ as i call it. Yet they still follow me around at times, delighted to see me and know me, they sing to me and I in bliss and awe and in delight too sing in reply. What joy! I’ve named the shed after them!  

We all have been on different journeys through this dimension. We’ve been through a lot and we have done very well, fabulously in fact, and we are continuing to do so well. Our guardian angels are also doing a stellar job guiding us along the way. Simply living on this planet is a great sign of how powerful we all are. We are miraculous. 

We are all experiencing change. There is much uncertainty in our world, but we know that the Light is always present and it is on the Light that we wish to focus and in the Light we naturally reside and so it is that in this moment when we go within, and many of us these days are offered the time to do that, within we feel all the fear that may still present itself, looking for our attention, pulling on our trouser legs, pushing us and nagging us. When we turn to it, feel it, speak with it like the abandoned child that it is, there is no uncertainty about what needs to be done, for there in that meeting of opposites, the Light and the Dark, the happy and the sad, we acknowledge the pain we are tuning into, the pain that imprisons the collective subconscious, we know in our hearts that the only answer is to Love that pain, that child, and in that Love we remember who we really are and our bodies begin to relax, we heal the pain within ourselves and in so doing we play our part in healing the pain that still remains in the whole world. For more on this subject here is an article i wrote recently called: 


I am looking forward to completing all the practical work here and getting back to my music. You are welcome to support my work by applying for a volunteer position here, a carpenter is especially required or by making a donation


Dear Divine Being, who is living life to the full in Love on earth, may your body be blessed with unending fun and relaxation and it is so
Until next time, Love and Light


Responding to our world in these changing times PART 2

Love is the only response


Seeking the love of another is truly a beautiful courageous act. A yearning for union. A longing to feel again the love of Mother and Father, our truly united Divine Mother and Father together as one in bliss, a union we apparently have forgotten, save for a tiny thin thread, an unraveling ball trailing behind us in a dark dank dense forest. The ultimate yearning, the pinnacle of all craving, a constant craving, is perhaps the result of the greatest trick of them all, hey presto, that very union we crave, is who we truly are already, we are the union of all men and women in one, of every person you have ever been attracted to and more, beyond imagination. We have been longing for our own selves all along, ta daa!!! Stand up and take a bow! So desperately funny, it would ‘drive one to drink’, to delirious delirium and all sorts of distraction. And so it has. Yet we are the magicians. The next part of our trick, is to find our way back and in our world today everything that is arising, despite appearances, is helping us to do just that, after all, don’t they say it’s an illusion!!!

The World is waking up from a deep delirious trance and rising to a Love like we have never felt before. In order to allow our bodies to integrate this transformation we must give them all the rest, good food and exercise they require. We are experiencing profound shifts of consciousness. All is well. Stay the course

In the main, our parents have not experienced their true Divine Selves and so could only ever have known a limited union of opposites, just like their parents and grandparents and parents through many generations. We are riding the waves of the inevitable unease endemic in this subconscious collective amnesia 

To go deeper into this, we have forgotten how to gaze upon the essence of our beauty, it is not that we can’t, we simply have forgotten. Lost, wandering and seemingly abandoned by life, we cower in fear, seeking shelter. But life doesn’t stop unfolding because of our trauma. It keeps creating and giving, rising and falling like the sun each day, the cycles that sustain the Universe. As we wander, lost, wanting, craving, all the beauty of Mother Earth arises before us, the sun, the Light, the moon, the Dark, the trees, the plants, the birds and the bees. The morning chorus inspires us and for a moment we remember where we have come from. We move towards this beauty, seek to be in this beauty, want more of this beauty. And then before us appears one who looks like us, who talks like us, walks like us. And this, wow this is something else, the attraction is undeniable, and the feelings inside, blowing your mind like nothing you have felt before in this life, losing your mind in a controlled frenzy. And you want more of this, you, who are still wandering and wanting and craving your true home that you have forgotten, you are now so enamoured by the beauty you see in this other person, you fall in Love with them. Fall in Love? There is no such a thing, for in Love is where we already are, we are born like this. Love is who we are. As we become acquainted with our new friend, we grow closer and open our hearts like the Loving Beings that we are. We share our lives together. Then we begin to realise that they are looking for the same thing as us. So we must begin to defend the little we have, for we have also forgotten how abundant we are. Tensions arise. We are now under attack, wondering where it all went ‘wrong’. Once again we must seek shelter, a place of safety. Typically this means we leave the relationship or we compromise. And more relationships follow, relationships with all sorts of beauty such as work, substances, sobriety, impropriety, creativity, lethargy, people, solitude, travel and so forth, one after the other. The search continues. And we build up in our minds eye, the qualities of the person we would like to meet, i would like him to talk like this, i would like her to walk like this, i would like them to act like this. An image appears before us, one which we now begin to define others by, grade them by, scan them with when first we meet, she’s right for me, he’s wrong for me, they might do, they won’t do. An image that we now carry around everywhere, be it surfing the net or walking on a sunset beach, those images are always present. Oh sweet dream, sweet perfection, sweet beauty, my precious one, come to me! And they don’t appear, and we wonder why, have we done something wrong, are we lacking in some way. Guilt and frustration and loneliness become our bedfellows, nagging away at us, tossing and turning in our sleep.  But we are so powerful, so relentless, so imaginative, creative and resourceful and we don’t give up easily. The image of beauty we seek has become our golden calf. We, lost and abandoned by our parents, now adore and honour in each moment of our day the golden calf of our imagination. Priests and Priestesses we are of our own self made Gods and Goddesses. We build temples for our precious creations, protect them in glass shrines, suspended before us like carrots before a horse. We long to speak with them, but they cannot hear us. We long to touch them, but we cannot reach them. Yet we continue to worship them, so fixated have we become. The whole globe appears to many to be spinning to the hum of self made Gods and Goddesses. We walk with them as they sway before us and slowly fall into their rhythm. Swinging left and right before our eyes, tantalising, teasing us, driving us crazy, a frenzy driving us into desperation. We fall into a stupor, a stupor into a trance, a trance into despair, that emerges as delirious thoughts, words and deeds attempting to make sense of it all and look normal. 

From this cauldron of extreme, comes the inspiration for so much of our popular music, art and entertainment, dangling the golden calf of our impossible dream before our eyes. Upon this foundation we create our society and govern our people, establishing rules and regulations that rarely if ever mention Love. National institutions, so wound up, so deep in a trance, so lost and bewildered that they must adopt extraordinary measures to convince its people that their policies are balanced, true, normal and for the good of all. The world, save for a few rare people, is living in a trance or slowly emerging from a trance. So delirious have we become that it calls forth so much Love and Compassion from deep within the wells of our lost hearts. As we journey now confident in our true Divine Nature, how else do we respond when we meet a lost abandoned neglected brother or sister on our path. Love is the only response to all who we meet and greet during our day in person, on line, on paper, in sound. The world is gone mad craving Love and we Light Beings from Heaven who feel the craving deep in our gut, who have spent the time loving the craving and have made friends with it, will respond and share all the Love we have brought forth from within with a world that has simply forgotten how to. Indeed we are already sharing this Love. This message is a message of Love. 

We all deserve Love. Our families deserve Love. Our friends deserve Love. Our communities deserve Love. Our governments and international organisations deserve love. Even though we have experienced such trauma, therein lies perhaps the greatest beauty, the greatest Love of all. Even from the pits of our collective trauma, when given the space, when shown the truth, when introduced to the Light of our soul, we can still remember how fabulous we are. If we offer our Love and it is not accepted, what to do then is a story for another time. In short, the main thing is that our Love has been offered as clearly and unequivocally as our bodies are able to in that moment 

My service to the world is to show others the Light that they truly are, so that the world will emerge from the collective delirium we have immersed ourselves in. And let us remember, that it is each one of us who are the magicians, the alchemists of this transformation. We together are co creating the journey into and out of delirium. There are no victims here. We are perfect, each one of us without exception. No matter what we have said, done or thought in the past, none of it defines us. We are always a perfect manifestation of the Divine. 

There is more i would like to share some other time, perhaps to answer any questions you may have, perhaps to share a program that has arisen out of these insights. Sharing through word, song or dance, this is my joy. For now my dear friends it is time to rest. The delirium is still unraveling within and without. The waves of energy in our world appear to some to be more extreme than ever before. It may feel very rocky out there in the land of the golden calf. But inside where your true beauty dwells all is calm and weaving in and out, swaying left and right, flowing and swirling as it wishes, in a blissful dance. Trust my friends in the beauty that you are and that is always guiding you. You can speak with it, listen to it, feel it, touch it. It is not encased in glass, locked away in a shrine. It is who you truly are. Rest in the wonder of your beauty now my friends. In responding to the world around us, some will feel called to serve in aloneness, some to serve at home, some to serve in our communities, some to serve nationally and internationally, some to serve cosmically and so forth. Wherever your intuition, your true Divine Self guides you, first you must feel this true Divine presence within, make friends with your emotions, realise the delirium we have immersed ourselves in and therefore afford ourselves the Love and Compassion we deserve, afford our bodies the space we deserve at last to rest in joy and happiness. Our journey has been long. We are weary. For weariness is what we have co created. Now we are co creating relaxation and fun. Rest my friends. Here, take a seat……. here, lie down, place your head on this pillow….. relax your body and Breathe.

I wish to acknowledge all the Guides who have supported these realisations and helped the creation of this portal to a New Earth. Specifically i would like to thank Matt Kahn whose energy has pointed me within to the Divine I Am. Also i would like to thank all the intimate relationships that i have experienced and that have aroused my body, mind and spirit to see who I really Am. Thank you covid19, these insights have been fine tuned in the extended periods of alone time i have experienced because of restrictions associated with your presence. As Matt would say ‘everything is here to help us’. And finally, i would like to thank you for reading.

Until we meet again and some day we will meet again, for we are all in this game together, may you and the whole world be blessed with Love and Light, with unending fun and relaxation and it is already so 🙂 Alleluia!!  

FOR PART 1 click here https://fionntain.com/2021/05/23/responding-to-our-world-in-these-changing-times/

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P. S. I seek the services of a carpenter to join my team of volunteers to erect a timber dance pavilion, which will be a central feature here in my forest, my dream of Divine Consciousness, from which I will share music and dance with the world, as part of my contribution to the manifestation of Heaven on Earth. 🙂


How we respond to the World around us can only be a reflection of how we respond to the World within us 

Sovereignty is our essence. We are born Sovereign Beings. No nation can confer Sovereignty on itself. A Nation is only as Sovereign as its citizens have realised, honoured and celebrated their own innate Divine Sovereignty.  

On the morning of the 4th of May last, in that zone of revelation between sleeping and waking, I felt strong emotions arising in my body, a fear of the future and a deep desire for sexual union. How are these emotions related, how are they relevant to the subject, what do these emotions and any emotion have to teach us. How can emotions guide your response to the many questions facing our World at this time? This message wishes to reveal how facing our emotions, feeling our emotions and loving our emotions is a radical commitment creating a portal to a New Earth 

Emotions do not define you, but our bodies have grown accustomed to feeling that emotions are energies which represent a part of our character ‘for better or for worse’. When things are worse, we feel we are responsible in some way, perhaps we have sinned and we must do penance, issues have arisen that we must deal with, avoid them, scold them, try to get rid of them, reject them, get angry and frustrated because of them, satisfy them and so on, all the various ways we have been trained subconsciously to deal with life’s ‘problems’. My journey has constantly reminded me that emotions are not me. I Am here simply to Love the emotions as the Sovereign Divine Being I truly Am

Along with most of our brothers and sisters across the globe, we here in Ireland on a political level, are now subject to guidelines and regulations that mainly come from international organisations. Most of us have become used to taking orders from authority, parents, teachers, management, church leaders, and national governments. We are rarely ever introduced to the Sovereignty of our Souls. Giving our power away is so ingrained in us we don’t realise it. The governments that we elect will therefore also reflect this powerlessness and in turn, when faced with international issues, will respond by giving their power away to the bigger more authoritative looking and sounding international institution. It is the inevitable result of the way we have been brought up. With much of the world’s economy having been locked down for so long, world debt, which was already quite large, has grown to vast proportions. How do we respond?

A loving, egalitarian, environmentally conscious society is my vision. It is a vision i have held since my youth but only in recent years have been able to make it my own. In my youth, my vision became clouded with heavy emotional need. Yearning for love, i was driven to desperation. Whilst on the one hand keeping alive my vision of utopia and prepared to be the powerful person I Am, on the other I was addicted to subconscious patterns of seeking Love from others, particularly women, and thus continually gave my Power, my Sovereignty away. My subconscious is not interested in my plans, visions and dreams. It has its own agenda and although full of flaws, it nonetheless is extremely clever in the way it manipulates life in its favour. I found myself in a roman catholic marriage with all its inherent religious and societal values requiring assimilation, the strength of which I was totally unaware of as i signed the register 

The marriage, which i am very thankful for, ended, thankful for all the subconscious patterns it allowed me to face. Thanks too for all the restrictive collective subconscious patterns accumulated since conception which have taken a big toll on my body and on the body of the collective. A search for a new way of living, whilst trying to keep a roof over my head added a new emotion to my repertoire, fear of destitution. Although exhausted by so much emotion, my body’s awareness of my Divine presence was growing strong. I was being forced to choose. Since childhood I had heard those golden words ‘the kingdom of heaven is within’ and ‘love your neighbour, as you love yourself’. But i had very little connection with my inner world until i started dating women. With each new relationship, a difficult truth was slowly dawning, seeping through the cracks, relationships couldn’t fulfill the impossible dream of happily ever after that was still lingering in my bones. Now there seemed no other choice, I had to learn to face it all and love it all. The Love i had yearned for was me, this is what i kept hearing and then falling again and then rising to hear it again, and know it again and remember it again and fall and rise again. Love is the only answer and Love is within. From the seeming dread of unfulfilled desire i now rise above the dark clouds and see more clearly than ever before my desire for sexual union, for companionship, is simply another emotion yearning for my Love. I am a walking, talking, breathing manifestation of the union of Our Father in Heaven and Our Mother on Earth. I am Perfection. I am Love. I Am Divine. The unimaginable. The indescribable. Feeling unfulfilled is not a failure, is not a problem, is not an aberration, I have not sinned, penance is not required, there is nothing wrong with me, my looks, my hair, my style, my odour, my personality are not the issues. Feeling unfulfilled is simply an experience that the Divine I Am has orchestrated so beautifully, to see itself from a different perspective, to expand and create a new vista of Love. Now that it is seen for what it is, the masks have been removed and it can take a deep breath, smile and rest in peace 

Fears are our abandoned children, left outside on our doorsteps waiting to be let back in. We are called to reach out to them again, to open our hearts to them, speak with them and when I speak with them, what do they ask for? They chiefly want me to breathe and relax. And what happens when you breathe and relax? You step into the true you, that is always here, your Divine Self, your Spirit Self, your Sovereign Self, a dimension of life you can feel and Love and choose.

And so it was that on the morning of the 4th of May last in that zone of revelation between sleeping and waking, when strong emotions arose in my body looking for reassurance and Love, i turned my gaze to them and spoke with them, my friends and I thanked them for allowing me to see the Love that I Am. I could feel them in my gut. We smiled. They have shown me that the only response that truly matters is Love. They themselves don’t fully appreciate that, but they sense somehow that I have a presence that will not avoid them, scold them, try to get rid of them, reject them, get angry and frustrated because of them, satisfy them in an unsatisfactory manner and so on, a presence in which they will get space just to be themselves and relax, have a breather, feel for the first time that they are welcomed and wanted, feel that they could become so Light they simply fly back home, home to someplace they are gradually remembering, home to where they have come from, back home to Love

Emotions, you are our friends, you have come to help us, help us to realise the Divine beings that we all are. Thank you

Our governments are facing new issues. Restrictions appear to be easing yet unprecedented debt will need to be addressed. I am very grateful for these issues for they force me to make the choice, a precious golden choice, am I going to choose fear, am i going to allow fear to have free reign? Am i going to stand idly by and watch our grieving abandoned child of fear run amuck, or am I going to stand as the wonderful parent I Am? They force us all, if force be the way we have orchestrated it, to make the precious golden choice, are we going to continue to give our power away and let others decide how we are going to govern ourselves or are we going to stand as the powerful Divine Beings that we already are, each one a jewel in the Crown of the Kingdom of Heaven, each one of us a Royal Sovereign State, that remembers where we have come from and that knows all is well, and always will be well, dead or alive?  

No matter how many human rights you wish to address, no matter how brilliant the plans you possess, no matter how radically you wish to express, if your relationship with yourself is not at ease, ie, your relationship with your emotions, you will only bring your baggage to bear down on all your dreams and suffocate them. And so in responding to our nation and to our world in these changing times, I know deep in my heart that any talk of revolution or a new world or a better way of living are nothing without LOVE. LOVE is the only revolution and even more, LOVE has already won.

‘If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a ringing gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have absolute faith so as to move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing’ St Paul’s letter to the Corinthians

Our World is called to look within, each individual taking responsibility for the emotions that arise in their bodies, feel them and Love them as the Divine Parents we all are, Divine Beings in human form, a reflection of our Sovereign Divine Mother Earth in Union with our Sovereign Divine Father Heaven. Emotions now transformed, will express as emotions of Love and Light, beacons of unending fun and relaxation for all who still labour in darkness. This will be a portal to a New Earth, a portal which already exists, a portal which has been within you all along. Amen!! Alleluia and it is so 🙂  

I wish to acknowledge all the Guides who have supported these realisations and helped the creation of this portal to a New Earth. Specifically i would like to thank Matt Kahn whose energy has pointed me within to the Divine I Am. Also i would like to thank all the intimate relationships that i have experienced and that have aroused my body, mind and spirit to see who I really Am. Thank you covid19, these insights have been fine tuned in the extended periods of alone time i have experienced because of restrictions associated with your presence. As Matt would say ‘everything is here to help us’. And finally, i would like to thank you for reading.

May you and the whole World be blessed with Love and Light and it is already so. Amen!! Alleluia 🙂

Full moon message

Dear beloved people of the world, hard times call forth the wellsprings of Love that otherwise lie dormant deep within the caverns of our being. Challenging times such as these when there is so much uncertainty invite us to look deep within and seize the opportunity to Love like never before, to touch the fabric of our coronation robes, to kiss the diamonds of our regal rings and acknowledge that truly we are all citizens of the Royal Court of Heaven, living here on earth to shine our light into the darkness and show the world that the Light has never and will never be put out. We are here to show that Love is now in the hearts of all inviting us to a paradise of relaxation, kindness, fun, peace and plenty. Indeed we are all Divine beings who know the Love, the wellsprings of kindness and honesty that are our true divine nature and which will never be suppressed by any circumstance we find ourselves in, including all and everything that is unfolding in our world today. And this is the golden nugget of these challenging times, such times as these challenge us to buff up our buttons, straighten our ties and be the warriors of Love, warriors for relaxation, fun, kindness and honesty that we all truly are

These changing times are our invitation to pause, slow down and feel the Love that we are, to claim the Love, to step into the Love that we truly are. As we do this we will begin to see that every situation we face is a courier of Love knocking on our door offering us the opportunity to open yet another parcel of even deeper, wider, kinder, stronger Love that we are now ready to open up and become. The opening of these parcels has in my experience been mostly very challenging and disorienting. More often than not we are left asking ‘not this issue again, am I doing something wrong, is the world doing something wrong?’ It is the Light within you that will answer you, guide you and sustain you. Trust your intuition. Give yourself the space to find ways to acquaint yourself with your intuition. Your intuition is the Light within you that is speaking to you, the voice of God guiding you.

As others have said before, as we open to the Love we already are, we give others the permission to do the same. Love becomes more and more apparent, there is less and less confusion, everyone begins to open up. We begin to share our resources, hunger becomes a distant memory, kindness and fun, peace and plenty reign. Alleluia!!

Go and shine your Light in the darkness, that’s where its most needed and if there is any darkness, that darkness must first be faced in you 🙂

Happy full moon

Fionntáin 🌕🙂❤️

I Am

I Am,
that feeling you get when you look into the eyes of someone who says I love you and you both want to hold each other close

and I Am,
The most alluring body
The most elegant dresser

The most velvet of skins
The most engaging of eyes

The most agile athlete
The most satisfied business person
The most fulfilled worker
The most honest leader
The most eloquent teacher
The most attuned healer

The most holy of saints
The most famous clairvoyant
The most sacred of temples
The most precious of jewels
The most delightful of treasures
The most unexplored of seas

The most sensual scent
The most delicious taste
The most stunning sight
The most arousing touch
The most orgasmic sound
The most satisfying orgasm
The most pleasurable experience
The most attractive glance
The most blissful feeling
The most magical moment
The most luxurious home
The most invigorating storm

The most memorable of mornings
The most romantic of evenings
The most inspiring of days
The most tranquil of nights
The most cleansing of waters
The most relaxing of airs
The most brilliant of fires
The most fruitful of clays
The most nourishing of foods
The most monumental of mountains
The most mysterious of planets
The most radiant of stars

The most unimaginable of universes
The most unbelievable of heavens
The most enlightening of stories
The most spectacular of displays
The most hilarious of comedies
The most outrageous of dramas
The most enchanting of poems
The most majestic of songs
The most inspiring of voices
The most captivating of dances
The most creative of artists
The most ingenious of creators

The most lovable dad and
the most adorable mother
The most wonderful sister and
the most fabulous brother
The most wise and loving King
The most admired and loving Queen

The most relaxed, content, happy, kind, generous, loving, playful, funny, integrated, gifted, healthy, silly, unpredictable and abundant human being that ever lived and will ever live & the most beautiful person on earth

I Am all this and more, endlessly more, and so are You

I Love You ❤️

Shine on you crazy diamond

‘Shine on you crazy Diamond’ 

I feel so much wanting and yearning, searching and pushing, failure and upset, unease and dissatisfaction, sadness and loneliness, depression and fatigue, anger and frustration, uncertainty and confusion. What i am doing wrong? Is there something im not able to see?

My Father in Heaven, show me the way home, show me how to face all this wanting and yearning, searching and pushing, failure and upset, unease and dissatisfaction, sadness and loneliness, depression and fatigue, anger and frustration, uncertainty and confusion.

‘’In every moment as much as your body is able to, breathe and smile, relax, slow down, pause if you must, remember the spark of Love that still dwells inside. No matter what you have done or said or thought in the past, that spark of Love dwells in you, dwells in you forever, for indeed my beloved child, you are eternal, as I Am eternal.

From this place of relaxation, turn to the wanting and yearning, searching and pushing, failure and upset, unease and dissatisfaction, sadness and loneliness, depression and fatigue, anger and frustration, uncertainty and confusion and say, thank you for wanting me and yearning for me, for searching and pushing for me, it is ok now, I Am here for you, I want to love you, show me how to love you, what can i do for you?

Listen for an answer. Follow your intuition. Follow through. Be honest and respond with integrity. You may not receive an answer, or these emotions may not believe you and may tell you to go away, in all sorts of language. You may have to come back again and again as no doubt they will eventually come back to you again and again like the hurt and broken abandoned children that they are, who want no one else’s love but yours. And when they do you will love them again and again and again because this is who you really are, Love. It is your natural state of being. You love effortlessly.

And then one day, they will come to you again, all together, in a tsunami of deep fathomless emotion, flooding your whole body and you will shake and quiver, cry and gasp for breath as you are being smothered and in that moment you will remember to breath and relax and smile and love and you will say ‘Thank you wanting and yearning, searching and pushing, failure and upset, unease and dissatisfaction, sadness and loneliness, depression and fatigue, anger and frustration, uncertainty and confusion, for you have shown me that no matter how hard it gets, how dark, i can still shine the Light of Love in the darkness, for this is who i really am, Love.

So be the Love that you are, claim it, this is your time now. Be alive in Love. Be all-one in Love. Feel your Love. Step into your power. Stand in your power, fully present with every fibre and bone in your beautiful body and shine radiatiantly dear beloved child of mine. ‘Shine on you crazy diamond’ 

I Love You”

What do you really want?

As we drop deeper into winter let us take time to take stock, to drop deeper into ourselves. In these changing time, we are experiencing a lot of uncertainty. How do we face all that is uncertain?

Everything you have said or done was exactly what you were meant to say and do. Everything you wanted to say and do, but didn’t say and do, was exactly how it was meant to be. Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. But how can this be, I made a mess, I made a mistake and I get a pat on the back? I offer you this answer. We require some measure to gauge the quality of the Life we aspire to. Good and bad are one such gauge used for centuries and they too have done a good job. As more and more change takes hold and old institutions and systems of thought are questioned, the gauge of good and bad is slowly transmuting into a lighter energy, something not so black and white, dark and light, something that says that everything we do and say, though at times it may be difficult, is exactly what is meant to be, for all that is unfolding is exactly in accordance with the Divine plan, of which we are all, without exception, a part. The Divine has a plan. The Divine desires the unfolding of this plan and so it is

This is the word I would like to focus on in this moment, desire, a word which has, in recent centuries and in many countries, been used mainly in the realm of sexual activity. But it has a vast reach, at times smashing through the prejudices of centuries controlled imbalanced and extremely hurtful sexual expression. It burns through all oppression effortlessly and sets the stage for us all to stand in the power of our hearts, of our whole being that has desired to mate and thus create a hunan being, that has desired to create humanity, the same desire that has created the world, the planets, the stars, the universe, the whole show that we are privileged to witness in every moment of our day. It is desire that creates your moment now.

As you take stock in this moment, as you ask yourself how you are going to face all that is happening, all that is coming your way, it is time to take the focus away from choosing good or bad, the right choice, the wrong choice, the best choice, the worst choice. It is time for desire, what do you really want, what do you really love, what do you really desire?

‘Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray’



Thank you everyone who has sent greetings by text, online, by phone, in thought, word or deed. All your wishes are received with open arms and a wide open heart. It is wonderful to salute the achievement of living through another year on this planet, to celebrate all the accomplishments, everything from the lofty height of fame to simply living here and now, all are equally of value, all are a testament to the human spirit, the spirit that we are, the divine that we are, the magnificence that we are. Even in the gutter we are capable of looking up at the stars. My friends, it is with confidence i salute everyone who passes another year on earth because i know it is always a cosmic year for each and everyone

And so i salute myself for passing another year, and this time passing another decade. These last decades feel more significant, passing into my twenties and thirties hadnt the same impact. And now 60. Its a new number for my body, a nice curvy number, a nurturing number. The 6 echoes pregnancy, a harbinger of new creations, the 0 is very complete and satisfied. I know i have passed through much stress in my life, relationships, religion, education, professions, all of which required a lot of energy to address, yet in the end brought forth within me a Love like i have never known before. I have felt as i said in my facebook live video of 15June last that i am conscious of moving from my 50s into my 60s, and then more, cause im still moving from my childhood, my 20s, my 30s and my 40s too and then more cause in these last months of covid 19 i have had lots of time to myself, which i am very grateful for, and i have felt a great tiredness and i have talked with this tiredness and my angels have talked to me about the tiredness, the higher realms that are within have connected with me, they are me as they are you, and what i have felt is that i am moving from the childhood, the 20s, the 30s, the 40s and the 50s of the world into a new decade, a new era. If i remember correctly from chemistry, the law of nature dictates that it takes energy to move from one substance to another. It is requiring a massive concentrated conscious effort from the millions if not billions of energetically sensitive souls, to slow down, relax, breath and trust that what the world is going through at this time is a transition for old ways into the joy and peace that we have prayed for for thousands of years. There is nothing urgent about this, if fact it is the contrary, we must slow down, because we have been flitting about like bees in a bottle for centuries and we’re not bees and we dont like living in bottles. It will all happen in perfect divine timing. But everyone is called to be part of this. This massive concentrated conscious loving alignment with our higher selves is for many causing great tiredness. If any of you are feeling over whelmed, tired, exhausted, i invite you to take the hand of Love that dwells within you and walk at your own pace into the new era that is dawning on earth 

We are all connected, and if one is celebrating a birthday, we all are, to greater or lesser degrees. My angels, my higher self acknowledge that eachi day on this magnificence we call earth is a birthday for the planet. There is much to cebrate today. They reassure my body that all is well. I wish to reassure you too that all is well.

I Love you all

White Sky, Green Tree, Pink Bell, New Me…. At 60 


Take a good look at yourself

The world is asked to take a good look at itself. To do that we must first release the embrace and step back; leave ourselves, the lives we live and look. When we realise who we really are, the reunion, the new embrace, becomes more nourishing and joyous than we ever could imagine.




Updated 17Apr20

The world is constantly changing, the sun rising and falling, new inventions and developments in technology, infrastructure, the growth and decay of trees, our passing years, the tough times, the fun times. It appears that nothing remains the same. Yet there is one constant sound, a voice that keeps calling to us, a presence that remains unchanged

In my journey towards a happier, more contented life, I look back on the most painful episodes as my greatest moments of growth. These were the times, particularly in close relationships, when i came to realise most about myself, the times when i have learned to allow barriers to drop and accept those barriers that still wish to stand. It is the most painful experiences that have been my greatest teachers. Matt Kahn once asked ‘What if the worst things that ever happened to you were actually the greatest opportunities you’ve ever been given?’ And so it is with gratitude that i recall those times when my heart was broken, for now i can see that it was only broken so that it could open up and allow more and more love to flow freely. The best choices you can make aren’t necessarily the most attractive ones. Just because it’s not all rosy in the garden doesn’t mean that you’re not leading a fulfilling life. Life can deal out tough times and will only do so in order for us to become the best versions of ourselves that we can be.
‘Life could not have happened any other way for you to become who you were born to be’ Matt Kahn
So i have come to welcome all that life presents to me, for i feel that everything is a perfect manifestation of Divinity in form. Everything is Love, dressing up in different guises to experience its unlimited potential, yet always at its core remaining the same, Love, that constant unchanging voice that is calling to us always, always inviting us to the paradise of plenty. This does not mean that everything in this life has to be pleasant. It does not mean that i have to like everything, that i’ve done something wrong if at times i find it challenging. It is a reminder of the constant unchanging invitation to love, to know that you are Love….. that you are loved….. an invitation to be that Love. No matter what life presents, you can go within and find the resources, the strength, wisdom and Love to first greet and welcome it, even if it’s inconvenient, knowing that through whatever difficulty it poses, Love will have the final say, because Love is the voice, the unending murmur and beat at the heart of all.
‘As Love pervades everything what is that we are not thankful for ’ Amma
And so it is with a heart of Love that I turn my attention to COVID-19. I welcome it and ask, that through all the challenges it poses for me and for us as a society, what are the messages it would like to share?
‘Hello COVID-19, you are very welcome to my world. What would you like to say to me?’
‘Sleep well, eat good food, exercise. Listen to your body. Use your wise and loving intuition to respond to all the information being broadcast about me.
My name was given to me by the World Health Organisation who also monitors my progress and advises governments around the world how and when to respond to me. There are different schools of thought on the source and cause of COVID-19 and thus different views on how to respond. Yet the age old message is still as revelant now as ever before: Take good care of yourself, be kind to others and relax.
This is my greatest message to you, relax, breathe easy and know that all is well. The Universe gives you all you need in every moment. Like all people, you are doing the best you can. Like all people, you cannot do any better than what you are doing and you are not being asked to do any better than what you are doing. Like all people, you have never made a mistake and you never will. You are perfect exactly as you are; you always have been and always will. So breathe. Your angels are surrounding you and supporting you with every move you make, with every breath you take. You are not alone. And contrary to what many feel, I am an energy that is here principally to help you. Many people are feeling fear because of me and you can sense this fear. Fear is a complex emotion and has been part of the world’s lot since ancient times. But there are now new, lighter ways to face fear which help to heal it. One of those lighter ways is to see fear as containing many messages which are for our benefit. All is Love at different frequencies. Like a dimmer switch, fear is a very low vibration of Love. It’s very dark down there, difficult to see the Love, but it is becoming easier. The fear you are sensing now has been in incubation for centuries waiting for a moment in time, in which it could feel confident enough to come out into the light, reveal itself to you and know it would be listened to, acknowledged, respected and at last find peace. This, my friend, is one such moment, a moment of great opportunity, a moment in which you are invited to face fear like never before, to face fear not as a victim in a hostile world where everything is happening to you, but as the kind, compassionate angel that you are, in an abundant world where all is happening for you. Now is the moment to respond to fear with Love. Show yourself to be truly kind as you care for yourself and others and look out for the vulnerable around you. Show yourself to be truly wise as you listen openly to all the information you are receiving about me. Show yourself to be truly loving as you, at last, face the fears that have waited for you for so long.
This fear is here now to help you. It wants to speak to you and tell you what it has longed for all these years. It wants you to ask it, ‘How may i help you?’ But first, it knows you need to relax, relax as best you can, as much as your body is able at this time, for you have led a very busy life and have had very little time to relax, so it knows you must take time out, slow down and perhaps for the first time ever, learn how to relax. And in these days of restricted movement, you have an ideal opportunity to do just that, slow down and relax. Because you have been raised in so much fear, you have spent a lot of time in fight or flight response. You have thus become accustomed to shallow breathing, only utilising a small percent of your airways, wanting to divert all your energy to protect yourself. And so to begin with, focus on breathing naturally and as you do, begin to go deeper and deeper, deep down into your belly, not just into your throat, or your chest, deeper still, down into the base of your belly, big long luscious breaths to give your lungs a good stretching, breathe new life into the very channels that I am able to infect. Open up your airways and this conscious injection of fresh air into deep and dark caverns of your body will, i know, play a major role in responding with Love to the fear that my presence generates. An antidote of Love for the fear that the world is feeling, all playing out in our lungs. It will feel uneasy, laboured at first, but stay the course, there’s plenty of help available, lots of further information if you wish to make this a daily practice. Now is the time to bring new life into your lungs. Begin to breathe easily, naturally, breathe like a baby and become once again the brilliant shining light being of beauty, of relaxation and joy that you truly are.
Now that you have taken time out, and you are as relaxed as your body can be at this time, you are in the best zone to ask the question, ‘How may i help you fear?’ Then listen. If you perceive a reply, act upon the guidance given as best you can. Be the parent this fear has waited for all its life. You will not be lead astray, nay, you and your whole community will be lead to wider and wider vistas of the peace, joy and Love that you already are.
This fear has been like an abandoned child, neglected, waiting on your doorstep for years. When you turn and attend to it, it may remain silent, it may take time for it to be reassured that you have it’s best interests at heart. You must be patient. It may need to come back to you again and again and again looking for that reassurance. And each time you will be there to welcome it, for it is not important to know the time in which it will find the peace it yearns for, what is important is that you give it the time it asks for, each time it comes calling.’
‘Thank you COVID-19 for all that i can learn from you.’
This is a moment to stand in the perfection of our Divine essence, for it is from there and only from there that we respond with Love. It is not the first time we have been called to do so. Jesus for one has been inviting us to the banquet of our glory for years. He has said in the gospels, and i paraphrase: Love your enemies, pray for those who persecute you, that you may become like your Father in Heaven, who lets the sun shine on the evil and on the good. If you only love those that love you or greet only your own people, where is the growth in that. Be perfect, he has said, as your Father in Heaven is perfect.
May all people affected in any way by COVID-19 be blessed with all the peace and joy their hearts desire and it is so.
Image by Pete Linforth

Get Well Soon ?

Get Well Soon ?

How is that possible? Are you not already a beautiful manifestation of divinity in flow? Are we not already pure? Are we not already Love? Is it not the case that ‘All is already Well’?

Prehaps ‘Get well soon’ is now obsolete. We, each one of us without exception, have the power within to address each circumstance with Love. We are stars wrapped in skin. We are spirits dressed up as humans. We are already perfect

When we stand in the Light of our perfection, and from this Divine space respond with Love to all that arises and care for ourselves and our loved ones when in pain, we observe with new eyes that see through to the beauty in everything. The next time your loved ones are experiencing pain, whilst you care for their pain and give them all the attention they need, I invite you to consider saying ‘With this pain may you know the Love that you already are’

To unravel this a little more, life is always blessing us. Gain is a blessing. Pain is a blessing. Bliss is a blessing. Loss is a blessing. Each circumstance is an opportunity to know the Divine beings that we are and that nothing, no adversity, no tradegy, no pain can ever quench the fire of Love that burns and explodes like the sun, forever deep inside

It is when we hold this truth deep in our hearts with every breath we take, with every move we make, that our Light becomes brighter and brighter for all to see

‘Things will be the way we want them to be when it’s perfectly OK when they’re not’ Matt Kahn

This is my truth today. I have no guarantee. I do not offer insurance. I am simply pointing the way home. Will you come with me?

The Fire of Imbolc 2020

FB_IMG_1580819052832IMBOLC is an ancient festival, one of the 4 great festivals of our ancestors celebrating the cycle of Life and Death: Imbolc, Pregnancy 1Feb, Bealtaine, New Life 1May, Lúnasa, Harvest 1Aug and Samhain, Death 1Nov. Imbolc is an Irish word meaning ‘in belly’, which for me honours pregnancy, pregnancy in all sentient beings, as we are always pregnant with something just as there is always something dieing within us in the ever changing constant flow of life, the sun rises and falls on us all.

Change can be challenging and it manifests as a block for many of us, an obstacle, a problem, a fear.

Change, the constant fluid flow of life finds a happy home in nature. Nature reminds us of our fluid essence, reminds us that we are always provided for whilst in flow. Nature in our world today must contend with the blocks we constantly build in order to store up for our future rainy days, in order to calm our unease, create security, our insurance for the fear we constantly seek to sooth.

And yet even now in our world today we are witnessing the change within solid stores of our insurance, for no matter how secure we may feel they are, more and more people are waking up each day to the truth that there is nothing to be afraid of and everything to be thankful for. For we, without exception, without condition or prejudice, are co creative beings pregnant with life, nurturing life, celebrating a life changing, passing to other dimensions constantly in flow and never ending. We are cosmic beings experiencing all that life on earth has to offer

This is why I like to celebrate the 4 great seasons of my ancestors for they remind me that I Am Life I Am Love I Am and so are you and so is all and so it is. Amen Alleluia ♥️

Thank you Lynn Kirkham, Artist, for lighting this Imbolc fire, celebrating Brigid the Divine Feminine, patiently showing us how to make a St Brigid Cross and honouring the palindrome date 02 02 2020 at the hour of 20.02

A Forest Path of Healing

IMG_20190816_191704.jpgI don’t  know how the planets are aligned, how the numbers are adding up or what energy the land is emitting today, but it has been a wonderfully productive day, no more than that, the day has brought forth many blessings for me and all who visit me here in my forest



My strawbale cabin has finally got a roof, less the slates, which protects the bales and allows me to work inside when it’s raining outside. And it has manifested the most wonderful surprise. 21 years ago I drew up plans for my forest which included a path. I have been blessed with many volunteers over the last 3 months. My current team were earmarked to plaster my cabin but I wasn’t ready. So I asked them to create the path thru the forest instead. Because there was so much work and clearing, I wasn’t expecting them to get thru it all. Their task was to make it clear for someone new where the entrance was, follow a circuitous route and return where they started and let me know when it was finish. I was very busy when they told me it was ready but I got a chance to ready myself and breath relaxedly before I entered. I wasnt expecting what unfolded.

I began, they followed me and we walked silently through what they and the trees now presented me with, a beautiful calm meditative walking space. I cried and smiled as I made my way through. I smiled as I recognised the beauty that is my essense. I cried as I immersed myself in such beauty. I cried as that part of my ego that was not convinced that dreams can come true was healed, a dream I held so long it began to feel that it was just an idea on paper. Now it was real. This is the beginning of the path and others will come and contribute their creative light to the evolution of its Healing essence  deep in the Heart of the Glen of Aherlow. I am deeply grateful to all the volunteers and friends that have assisted and supported my strawbale cabin and today I am deeply grateful to Alessandra and Daniele to Jarrah, Francesco, Elisa and my trees for the beautiful energy of Light that they have gifted me with. It is so inspiring for me.

I continue to build my cabin and prepare space for music and dance here in my forest. I look forward to all the new volunteers that are coming and i welcome all those who are drawn  to walking our forest path of Healing.



Jesus is Laid to Rest

Jesus has endured the wrath of a consciousness that could not stomach him and now rests asleep before he rises into the Light being he was confident he already was, the Light being he knows he will become tomorrow when he rises and walks with his friends again on earth. Yesterday I was finishing the first draft of my book ‘From Codependency and the Roman Catholic Church to Freedom’ saying how through out my life, I stumbled and fell, but it was the Light within me that inspired me to rise again and again and again. Then I realised it was Good Friday and I felt further inspired by this synchronicity, this dramatic black ritual of my youth when the bells were silenced and mourning and grief were the order of the day as my fellow Light Being stumbled and fell along his journey to the Light. I felt I had come full circle and in writing the book, was making my contribution to the transformation of those rituals of my youth and the realignment of the energy of 2000 years to the Light of Divinity which we all are already. As I wrote the book I became more and more aware of the layers of conditioning that ly hidden in the rituals and beliefs I grew up with. I wasn’t surprised in some ways and really surprised in others. Many Roman Catholics have laboured under a yoke we could not see for we were reared on it and to us it was, well it just was, untouched, the thing which can’t be named, the unmentionable, the unthinkable, vast caverns of the stuff and I feel many energetically sensitive souls are waking up and slowly removing that yoke which has permeated every strand of our society, saying thank you for all you have brought us, we now wish to relax and align with a lighter energy. The answer to what we have endured will always be Love. To clearly demonstrate that Love, it is so important to create 

(A) a clear acknowledgement of the immense energy these rituals contained,
(B) a clear acknowledgement of how that energy has affected us, influenced our decisions and directed our lives and
(C) a clear acknowledgement of and commitment to the new paradigm we now wish to step into.
So if anyone reading this would like to comment on A, B or C, I would delighted to hear from you.

May we all be blessed with the Love and Light that we already are and it is so
🙏 ♥️⭐🎶⭐♥️🙏

From fear come home to the Light

Recently I read an article about coping with fear and it read something like this: 

‘Examine what makes you feel fearful. Ascertain how much validity there is to it and discard the rest. Confront your worst case scenario and take charge of it. Bring yourself to a state of peace’

This is impossible to do, because you are already a state of Peace, we all are, we have simply forgotten. It’s like asking a car to become a car… Ahemm… Hello… That is what I am, I am already a car. Peace is your natural state. This article describes a way of facing fear I have followed in different ways for many years. I am thankful for the wisdom it carries, for its call to confront our fears and take charge. Yet life is changing, love seeks to express itself ever more clearly and magnificently on earth than ever before and as a consequence the guidance home to the Light is changing too. In the new paradigm we say that we are Spirit Beings on Earth come to take charge of, to care for and love our bodies and heal the eons of abuse, abandonment and neglect that have left our bodies in a state of fear. Absolutely nothing about that fear is invalid or must be discarded. Yes, it must be faced, but welcomed with the face of Love and Light that we already are, every inch of this fear bathed in the Love and Light that we already are, on and on and on again and again and again, bathed in Love and Light, nó matter the cost, until the fear comes to see that it’s OK now, I am in charge, someone is truly expressing Love and they can take your hand and though still feeling unsure, walk with you like the abandoned child that they once were, still a little fearful, unsure and uncertain, now trusting you more and more and walking with you home to the Light. I invite all souls who feel abandoned and neglected to come walk with me home to the Light. I love you all ♥️

Life is everchanging

Life is ever changing, stretching, reimagining itself and it feels to me today, as the balance tips in favour of brighter days in the northern hemisphere, that we all are invited to fulfill our true potential of unimaginable proportions by befriending the wave of change that is our essence. Today this video for me marks a milestone in my spiritual journey. A message I found difficult to hear sometime ago has reached deep into my heart and there found new freaky levels of love which I am still integrating in my body.

You can sharpen your pencil with a blade and feel like as if you’re making progress but if the lead is not in good condition, when you begin to write it will break under the pressure. In the same way we may feel we are developing in life, making progress, but if the foundations we build on are not strong, our lives will eventually break under the pressure. The only pencil lead, the only foundation that is real, is true and everlasting is The Light I Am


Today my body is financially stressed, I breathe
Today my body feels despair, I breathe
Today its hard to relax, I breathe
Today some say the universe is transmitting waves of healing clearing transforming energy never before experienced on this planet, I breathe
Today I acknowledge that whatever I feel I am feeling also on behalf of those on our planet who cannot feel, I breathe
Today, as always, feeling is healing, and our planet is a better place because we feel, I breathe

Breath I am told is all we take with us when we go
Breath in, breath out, up and down is the natural flow of all things, a wave pattern completing the circle of life in each moment, the rhythm of life
Breath celebrates the light and the dark, the ups and downs all of which are precisely what is required to live life to the full
Breath, exhale, celebrates the winter of our day when all that is old and ready to go, leaves us.
Breath, inhale, celebrates the summer of our day when newness replaces the old and life reborn blossoms in bursts of splendid colour
Breath as Matt Kahn might say, is a celebration of the erosion of old ways and the renewal of new life, both which take place in an instant each time we breathe, both of which are essential for us to become who we were born to be.

When you find yourself in times of trouble, breathe deeply relaxedly, the Universe is helping you always. When you find yourself in times of joy, breathe deeply relaxedly, the Universe is with you always

Dear souls of the Universe, show me how to breathe deeply and relaxedly always. Show me how to love all that arises, for on my own i do not know how ♥️

My Body Gently Weeps

I wanted to share this video again, ‘While my guitar gently weeps’, (see below), because it inspires me so much, and i began to write some thoughts on it by way of introduction. It turns out my body had more to say about it than i expected

The more you bring your attention to anyone or anything, your conscious, honest, courageous attention, and acknowledge and answer with kindness what is arising within you as a result, the more you ‘fall in love’, or as i prefer to say, the more you drop deeper into a deeper love, a deeper love that feels so deep only because you have forgotten how endless, how vast, how wide, how high, how deep, how all encompassing love is, this love, which is who you already are.

There are people or things that each of us are drawn to more than others and this is good, because with our attention focused on these, we find it is easier to touch the love. And so it is good for us to become clear, if we have not already done so, as soon as possible on who these people and things are. For me today, amongst other things, i find myself drawn once again to this exquisite live performance, in which the play of musicianship, voice, lyric, innocence, honesty, yearning and passion remind me yet again that the best place for me to draw my attention to at this time, is me, and specifically my body.

George Harrison has written a song yearning for love, a song i feel which is sung to you, me, to all the people of the world, a song in which he admits that he doesn’t know how the world has become so perverted, how love has become so inverted. From this place of innocent, powerful honesty he struggles to find meaning, like a child, feeling lost, the innocence draws forth from him a wonderful song, and brings together on this occasion, a wonderful line up of artists brewing up a tour de force topped off by one of my most treasured guitar solos. Today, I say to you beautiful George Harrison, yes, with every mistake we are learning. Love in many ways appears to be perverted. But there is change happening and happening thanks to wonderful angels on earth like Matt Kahn who spreads the message of the new paradigm, the new love revolution on earth with his clarion call: ‘Whatever Arises Love That’. This is a brief description of ‘Whatever Arises Love That’ :

Nothing you have said, done or thought in the past has anything got to do with the essence of you in this moment. You are a child of God, an angel on earth, come down here to inhabit your beautiful body, to feel everything and still show to the world that your light still shines. It is the mission of every energetically sensitive soul to experience all of whatever the world has to offer, the hurts and difficulties, the joys and relaxation, no matter what arises, and love that. In feeling our hurts whenever they arise, acknowledging them, speaking to them and loving them, just like as if they are abandoned children on our doorstep, which we have taken back into our homes, holding them, reassuring them, giving them all the attention they require, all the space and care they need, allowing them to relax and return home to safety, security, to the essence of who they are, which is love, which is light. This need for acknowledgement and attention, can take a lifetime to satisfy, if not many lifetimes, in fact, there are no time limits. Love is timeless, and this endless eternal time is what we offer the pain and the depression, for endless time is who we are, we have nothing else to offer and nothing less will match the depth of the suffering on earth, than the offer of endless eternal love. The person whose body once felt hurt, who has loved the hurt, who has allowed the hurt all the time it needs to heal itself and now feels at ease in their body, feels relaxation, is a shining light for all those that come into his/her presence, inspiring them to love their hurts in a similar fashion. Thus little by little, one by one, people grow in love, like flowers rising from fertile soil into the light, and they spread that love to their families, their friends, their neighbours and to all those they come in contact with, by simply being themselves, naked before all, no pretence, no masks, allowing everyone who has eyes to see, whose body is ready to see and wants to see the light of their own soul. This transformation is taking place right now all over the planet, under the radar of mainstream media, yet it is headline news, the greatest revolution this planet has ever seen.

Yes love in many ways appears to be perverted. Yet, if we resonate with the call to love whatever arises, then we are called to love perversion in all its forms whether in ourselves or others. Therefore, paradoxically the alchemical key to the transformation of perversion, lies in the perversion itself. All perversion no matter how heavy or how light has found a home in each of our hearts, in each cell of each of our bodies. I know no one who has not, in some way, at some stage in their lives, being perverted, in other words, has not been corrupted or distorted from their original course, their original essence, which is love. My journey from perversion and corruption, back to my original essence continues, as i turn my attention more and more to the people and things that allow me to touch love, self love, including my close female friends and this exquisite tour de force. I have come to see, after all the honesty and courage, artistic expression, meditation, spiritual practices and research, sexual experiences, tantric exploration, pornography, diet and exercise commitments, journaling and all the kindness i have shown to myself, that my body is still not satisfied. I have changed much, but more is called for. In tantric exploration i have discovered a lot about myself, but all the tantric exercises i have learnt can only be of value in the context of first becoming clear and committed to ‘Whatever arises Love That’. And so I remain steadfast and continue to love whatever arises, and what is arising for me over and over again is my unsatisfied weary body, so i love you my unsatisfied weary body and turn to you yet again and ask you, ‘How may i help you’, i slow down and listen, give you time to respond to me and then i respond lovingly to your requests, and when i don’t, i love the one who didn’t, i pick myself up, dust myself off and start again. I want my spirit to merge fully with my whole body in sexual bliss and ecstasy and i would love to experience that bliss and ecstasy with my soulmate. And it is to you now, my dear soulmate, that i speak:

I would really love to meet you, my beautiful sexy radiant goddess, my soulmate. I know you are with me in spirit, so with joy, i would like to take this opportunity, on this public forum, to invite you again, to come live with me on earth. I know that having faced this yearning for you for so long, dear sweet lover, I have come to see that i am drawn back again and again and again with each step i take, to love myself first, that my body is saying to me yet again, ‘i want more from you, more attention, more touch, more time, please, please, slow down, breathe easy, look at me and touch me, let me guide you, touch me hard, touch me slow, touch me the way i want you to touch me’. As i commit to loving my body more, i know i am also continuing to prepare a loving space for you in my heart, my dear sweet lover, and i know we will live there together one day in harmony, loving all that arises for the highest good of all

And now i would like to speak to you, my beautiful body

Despite the fact that i have unconsciously avoided the full potential of our relationship, my dear body, you are still, after all these years open to my overtures, drawn by my flirtation, curious in our foreplay, even at times excited and energised, willing yet again to give our relationship another chance, to dance again with me. You are so powerful, so wonderful, so resilient, so forgiving, a living testament to love. In my striving for pleasure, i know i have primarily turned my attention to my genitals to the detriment of the rest of you, my body. I am sorry. This was the only way to pleasure myself that i knew, that was common place, even though it was and still is shrouded in doubt and shame, no one showed me how to do anything else. I commit today to giving you, the complete you, all the attention and time you desire. Please show me how to love you. I recognise that you are unique as all bodies are unique, and so your needs maybe similar in some ways to others, but may also be different from others. So please show me how to pleasure you, for i do not know.

I admit i have not realised the full power and potential of my body. I admit that in the past no one told me this. I admit that in the past no one alerted me to this. I admit i am being told now. I admit that in my yearning for love, i have allowed others to control me. I admit that i have held the belief that the spirit and the spiritual life has supremacy over the body and life on earth. I admit now that the spirit, the earth and the body are one and the same, equal parts of the bigger picture, the one continuum, and in so declaring i reclaim my power. I admit that i am following my passion, and in so doing, that i am been shown how to love myself by my guides, my higher self and all my beautiful friends. I admit all this and from this lighter place i see that what i need to do is touch my body so so so much more than ever before until every square inch of it comes to realise, to be convinced, to know that yes, indeed, truly i do love it. Then, somehow, the power that lies latent within it, the magnificent magnetic electric union of my spirit and my flesh, which i have glimpsed at times, will shine like never before for my highest good and the highest good of all.

And now, I touch my body like never before. I call on my angelic self, my spirit guides and the highest expression of me to guide me and I feel them guiding me through it all. I see all the people in my life who have assisted in sculpting my body image, who have influenced my sexual expression. I see all the women that I have been close to who have inspired me to a deeper love. Change is happening. My intention has changed. My attention is on pleasuring all of my body, instead of just simply an excited thrust towards ejaculation. There is a big difference between both, canyons of pleasure, feelings and sensations between them. I bring my attention to all of my body, my conscious, honest, courageous attention to every square inch of it, and acknowledge and answer with kindness what is arising in my body. I am falling in love with my body, dropping deeper into a deeper love ♥️

George, I have no doubt that we are learning for, in answering my yearning for love, guided by my spirit, i touch my body the way i have always longed to be touched by others. The lessons turn out to be quite simple really. Now in this lighter brighter place of relaxation and honesty, my body gently weeps, openly weeps, as it, at long last, reveals and heals the hurt of a thousand generations that have cried silently within for millennia. And so i am free ♥️

May my body be blessed with everything i desire. Amen Amen Alleluia, for it is so. May your body be blessed with everything you desire. Amen Amen Alleluia, for it is so. May all bodies be blessed with everything we desire. Amen Amen Alleluia, for it is so ♥️

All blessings, comments and guidance are welcomed and appreciated ♥️

Thank you for reading this, thank you my dear friends, i am grateful for all the women i have been intimate with, i am grateful for all those who have touched me, i am grateful for planet earth and for the universe. Thank you, I love you. Thank you my body, thank you George Harrison, i am grateful for all my family and friends, for all people and energies everywhere in all dimensions, time and space, you all have contributed to the person and to the expression of sexuality, the expression of love that i am. Thank you, I love you all ♥️ HAPPY EQUINOX!!


Today 1 March, in Bulgaria and other neighbouring countries they celebrate spring in a festival called Martinetsa. People give gifts called martenitsi. They are red and white tassels which are adorned with different charms for good fortune, worn as bracelets, necklaces, brooches, hung on trees, in the home, workplace or anywhere one wishes. There are many theories about the origins of the festival. This is mine. White symbolises purity, divinity, the masculine. Red symbolises life, passion, the feminine. The festival is a call from the deepest parts of ourselves for the unity between both, for we know only too well that this is the only way to ensure good fortune for all, and so we know no better way to call on good fortune as we celebrate the coming of new life in spring 💟 Thank you Bulgaria for all the inspiration 💟 And so I send you a wish today. May the masculine and feminine be united in harmony within you here on earth, in the flesh of your body, now and forever more and it is so 💟

Poland, Kraków and Me


I have met many polish people in Ireland, so it’s nice now to come and experience the country for myself first hand. I travelled from Berlin to Kraków by bus and have been here for 4 weeks, i leave tomorrow for Budapest. These are my impressions. As is generally the case when one begins a new relationship, it may take more time for Poland and i to get acquainted. Yet, as i write, i do not underestimate the power of intuition which can very quickly touch the heart of the matter and bring forth rich insight, deeper and more rewarding than the results of hours of analysis. And so i wish to allow my own intuition to be my principal guide. I wish to bring all the love from within me to this relationship. I want to be as clear as possible in my description, to be respectful to the myriad of vibrations that go to make up this wonderful land. Therefore, it is with confidence that i ask my angels to guide me as i write, that my words may support and enhance all that is good for the wellbeing of the people of Poland and the entire world.

Leaving Ireland

Last year, waiting for my separation agreement to be finalised in Ireland and knowing that creatively i had done all i could do in ireland, i decided to travel. I have had an amazing year, as a workawayer, a couchsurfer, a guest, a friend, a pilgrim, a tourist, part of the audience, part of the team, part of the land and of the sea, always immersed in Love, the life force that creates and sustains it all. I have changed so much, so much that i have come full circle in a way, knowing that although feeling fresh and younger than i’ve ever been, i touch the ancient pools of love within my being that show me that i am always, and always have been, the same. My experiences have been guided by two irrevocable principles: I am the light and everything is here to help us. I have come from heaven into my body to love and care and nurture it through all its pain, back to the glory of its shining light that it so longs to see and taste and touch again. This is the vibration i shine everywhere i go, relentlessly. As i meet new friends, i see angels, sometimes it has taken longer, but i eventually see angels. As i move through different countries i see love, sometimes it has taken longer, but i eventually see love.

This is the vibration i bring to Poland


In Kraków, people who had promised to accommodate me on couchsurfing, didn’t show up or had to cancel. Very quickly i found a lovely apartment in an area of the city called Kazimierz, which turned out to be just what i needed. Time to be just by myself. It was beautifully decorated and appointed, trees growing lusciously outside, warm and quite, a place of relaxation. This is what my body needed. I discovered i was so exhausted. I had been working for others, holding space for others and caring and loving others for a long time and although i had taken lots of opportunities to rest, i was still governed greatly by the needs of others. This was the first time in a long time, in fact maybe the first time ever, that i truly was making space just for me. Certainly i can say i was making space for the me that is continually changing and evolving, manifesting in my body the love that is my essence, like never before. And i come to Poland so confident that i, the angel spirit being that i am, perfection of love that is the light i shine as i travel, carry with me my beautiful body and give it all the time it needs to express, to taste, to touch, to smell, see and hear as it wishes, reassuring it that i am here for it 24/7 whenever it needs me, reminding it at every opportunity i love it, always, no matter what.

This is the vibration i bring to Poland….

…. I gaze upon its endless monocultured fields, its hills and valleys, its streams and rivers, on the grave candles in twilight, on the big billboards and it’s even bigger new shining shopping malls, its transport systems and its architecture, bold and modern, romantic and classical, socialist and capitalist, religious and secular, strong and tumbledown. I observe with greater interest, the sounds and movements of its people, who have endured much suffering for so many years. I watch as they each in their own unique way, respond to the stream of messages that influence every aspect of their daily life and see a young nation searching for its identity, an ancient identity, bashed and battered, still being bashed and battered, but facing it with great resilience. This resilience isn’t always clear at first. There is much prosperity, a lot of people are well off, a lot have achieved much success, have found stability and safety in a changed political reality and have a confident stride. A lot of people are poor and suppressed and a lot are in between, busy managing to get by, feeling the now common worldwide trance, caught in a treadmill of highs and lows, with very little time to themselves, very little time to pause and notice the Love that lies in their hearts, in all hearts. The essence of everyone and everything is Love. And it is to this Love that i turn. It is to the heart of the Polish person, the Love that they all truly are, as all citizens are everywhere, that i turn my gaze and focus my attention as i describe my experience of their county.

Kraków has given me so much.

  1. An opportunity to rest, to converse with and answer the needs of my body, to love my body, like never before
  2. My first time to offer free hugs on the street and my offer was warmly received by lots of locals and tourists
  3. Kraków is like a lot of european cities, focused around an old town centre, the beautiful, often romantic, elitist and wonderful power houses of church, state and the wealthy, leaving everyone else to live in a descending standard of housing from, understated grandeur to poverty.
  4. ‘Kladka O. Bernatka’, (Bridge of Fr. Bernatka) a beautiful pedestrian bridge over the Vistula, with flying sculptures
  5. The magnificent Wawel castle, complete with dragon, called forth all my regality
  6. Walking into the market square at night all lit up complete with romantic horse drawn white carriages with tassels and frills and hearts bedecked, called forth my beauty and love
  7. Zakopane in the Tatry Mountains 2 hours by bus south of Kraków was such a joy. I am so thankful to these magnificent snowy mountains, they touched my heart so much and brought a tear to my eye.
  8. I am so thankful to Kraków and to Poland for allowing me to touch new deeper levels of sorrow and pain within myself and heal them. Allow me to explain

Sorrow and Pain, Happiness and Love

The primary energy i experience here, as is the case everywhere i go on my travels, is a yearning for happiness and Love. In order to find this Love, the energy of Kraków principally turns to the past. It simultaneously celebrates the glory of powerful historical achievement and grieves the sadness of powerful historical abuse. Many find solace in religious observance, others in the capitalist dream of a bright new future that wipes away the sorrow and restores the glory. Many are caught between these two ideological pillars that tussle for the nation’s soul. This results is an uneasy energy, still struggling to cope with a history that continues to weigh heavily on its shoulders

Slowly opening my eyes to a new day, as i lay in that twilight zone between sleeping and waking, a place of rich insight, i felt i touched the true heart of Poland. In the end Poland is no different to most other countries. A community of people, who find themselves in a land governed by elitist, powerful people who control and defend the wealth of the nation which they distribute amongst the citizens unevenly, based on laws created by a predominantly masculine energy, crazed by their own subjugation of the feminine, leading them to operate for millennia in a very control and fearful hierarchical paradigm. These elitist, powerful people teach citizens that their identity is confined between the borders that they have established and maintained chiefly by military force, repeating the traditions, flying the flags and singing the songs that reinforce this identity, whilst all along missing the essential value, the true power of themselves and of all citizens, the love which is at the heart of each one of us, which instantaneously dissolves the borders, the structures so long defended by fear, opens up freedom of exchange with other people, regardless of color or creed, and shines the light of love everywhere they go ensuring an even distribution of the god given wealth of the land to all.

And yet this endemic injustice, found in the majority of earth’s governments, is love’s way of of bringing us to our senses. What we fear most, the people and powers that have hurt us the most, are our greatest harbingers of Love. Poland’s current situation is perfection in motion. Even the pain and suffering still latent in the cellular memory of this nation’s body, from centuries of war and abuse, has within its core the beating heart of Love. I have experienced the suffering and misery of emotional abuse. I have endured it, got lost in it, despaired in it and finally have come to realise the Love in it, the Love in me. This realisation changed everything. Everything is love, there is nothing but love, there never was anything but Love and there will never be anything but Love. Darkness is not the fearful place of horror some have taught us to believe. We are missing the point of darkness. Darkness is a lower vibration of light. It’s like a dimmer switch, and darkness is the light turned down low. The light is not extinguished. You just can’t see it. No matter what anyone is doing, no matter what the circumstances of their lives, their families, their work, the status of their finances, health and relationships, they are being called always to see the Love that they already are deep inside. As so it is too for the people of Poland, they are, together as a collective, just like all citizens everywhere, fulfilling the destiny they are here to fulfill. Poland is perfection in motion. It is a land of opportunity and great richness. It is still full of pain and there is much poverty. Yet Love underpins every last square inch of it all. The divisions will not be resolved,  the sorrow not healed, the yearning for happiness and Love not satisfied until all citizens realise the Love that creates all, sustains all and is the essence of their very own hearts.

I feel the rawness of the sorrow and pain caused by so many years of oppression. I can feel it here, because this is the same pain and sorrow shared by all people everywhere. We have all suffered abuse. We all carry hurt and pain inside. I am thankful every time i feel it, for it allows me then to turn to it, like the abandoned child that has been left on my doorstep and open my heart to it, welcoming it back home, speaking to it, spending time with it, all the time it wants and saying to it ‘I love you. How may i serve you?’. And like with any child whom one has hurt, it takes time to comfort and console that child. The child is still frightened, and when addressed with love, it is unsure of what it is experiencing. It needs time to adjust. It requires one to set aside the right space, to slow down, to do very little other than be with that child until that child feels safe again, is confident again that it can stand on its own two feet, confident that the love in its own heart which has been shaken can be reignited again, inspired by the love we have lavished upon it so unconditionally. We lavish love relentlessly on the pain each time it arises. We match the power of suppression that has buried the pain, with the power of love, unwaveringly, until the pain lightens and heals. And it will. And this is principally why i say i am so thankful to Kraków and to Poland for allowing me to touch new deeper levels of sorrow and pain within myself, turn to them, spend time with them, love them and watch them heal in their own unique way, at their own unique pace.


We, citizens of the world, are all angels come down from heaven to inhabit the diverse range of beautiful bodies this earth has brought forth. The sins committed in thought, word and deed, in fact nothing accomplished in thought, word and deed, has anything got to do with the essence of this moment. We are Angels, always, without condition. Our divinity is done and dusted. Viola! Hey Presto! Dear Angel, This is who you are. We have come down here not to make little of our story, but to be part of the story, not to cast aspersions on lives of misery and pain and sorrow, but to live these lives, to endure them for as long as it takes for us to eventually see that love is what comes shining through in the end, to truly feel what it is like to live this story, no stone unturned, without suppression, a total complete immersion in the whole story. We are here to heal our bodies, to care for them and nurture them, to listen to the horror in the story that even in peacetime, lies buried deep, to listen and stay with, forever if needs be, our own personal abandoned hurt and abused inner children, until they are satisfied, are confident that love really does answer all, no matter what, hurt and abuse and grief and sorrow, relentlessly and unconditionally, allowing them to feel safe, to open their hearts and to say in return ‘i love you too’

I am so thankful to the wonderful spirit on Earth that is Matt Kahn whose guidance has opened my heart to the divine being that i am, inspiring me to live a life of happiness and peace like never before. I see a way forward. I see new paradigms of Love arising. I see a new revolution sweeping our planet. A revolution that carries with it an intensity of Love that  moves openingly, unconditionally and non judgmentally among all vibrations that come its way. A revolution which instead of subjugation, brings healing. A revolution that to a world still struggling to cope with a history that continues to weigh heavily on its shoulders, brings a lasting peace, a true peace that’s found first in the heart of all citizens. Each citizen in their own unique way, finding a deep peace in their own hearts, is the first step to a new way of living on this planet. The love we already are, which we must first show to ourselves, is our signpost towards a new earth, towards communities who live together, thrive together, side by side in harmony. Then, we, angelic citizens of earth will create principles, guidelines and constitutions which will sustain, honour and celebrate this harmony. I see this revolution of love becoming manifest on earth in a myriad of ways, but principally i feel we will need these 3 elements: Recognition, Healing and Time:


We all need to recognise that we are spirit beings inhabiting physical bodies and that we are all called to love our own bodies. As Jesus said ‘ Love your neighbour, as you love yourself


  1. Passive Healing: Some will find their energy will be passive, meaning for example, by being the loving being one is, and first loving their own bodies they effortlessly inspire others to do the same
  2. Active Healing: Some will find their energy will be active, meaning for example, by being the loving being one is, and first loving their own bodies they effortlessly establish new societies of love in which all citizens are cherished equally and loved equally and in which new mechanisms are created to distribute the wealth and riches of the world evenly to all
  3. Hybrid: A mixture of the Active and Passive Healers in varying degrees


We, angelic citizens of the world will not let go of the desires that sustain sorrow and grief and injustice and greed and oppression and subjugation and envy and jealousy and pain and poverty and fear. These desires will let go of us, when we love them, unrelentlessly love them, forever love them and when they are satisfied that the love they are experiencing is honest and lasting, authentic and true.

May all the people of Poland and everyone, everywhere be blessed and it is so

Alleluia ! ☺

This morning, my penultimate morning in Poland, in the home of my kind Polish couchsurfing host, whom i did eventually make contact with, as i slowly open my eyes to another new day, and lie again in that twilight zone between sleeping and waking, i dream i am in Hungary, looking from answers, and i came to a café and ask a guide for directions and the customers were all listening intently to some speaker who was leading a very informal, casual, fun, workshop, and my guide said to the gathering ‘excuse me, my friend would like some directions’. Simultaneously, in unison, they all turned and focused so intently now on me, with unconditional, non judgemental wide open eyes and then they all said to me in one voice ‘We love you’.

May you and everyone, everywhere be blessed and it is so. Alleluia ! ☺

image : Bernatka Footbridge by Mariusz Kedzierski                      http://www.flickr.com/photos/75864158@N06/

We Are Angels


Nothing you have thought, said or done in the past has anything got to do with the essence of you in this moment. You are a spirit being on a glorious mission. You have been ordained from on high to honour, celebrate and glorify your body which you now guide back to the light from where your body has come. You are blessed and will always be blessed for eternity. Your body carries the imprint of your parents and their parents and all their ancestors back to the beginning of time. You carry all this too and more, for you are from beyond all sense of time and space. You exist forever.

Any difficulty you face in your life is not a result of past misdemeanours, but a result of your choice to come an earth and receive all energies that come your way, celebrate the happiness and allow all the difficulties to be fully felt, loved without judgement or condition, like no one has ever done before, for the wellbeing of your body and the wellbeing of all. Until we see that our spirit selves are perfection in motion, down here on earth to guide our bodies which still carry the pain and hurt of the ages in our cellular memory, there will be no lasting healing. We are the beautiful beings, we have been searching for. Like a parent who has abandoned their child, and now, realising what they have done, returns, embraces and comforts that child, let us stand in our divinity and give our bodies a chance to relax, like never before.

And so we all have cause to celebrate right now. No matter what circumstance you find yourself in this very moment, whether you feel happy or sad, confident or fearful, i invite you to take one moment out of your schedule now, if possible, or later, and join with me and say ‘We are Beautiful, Each and Everyone of Us without Exception’

Let us stand in our divinity and allow our bodies the focus that they truly deserve after all these years of effort. Let our divinity shine forth like never before so that our bodies can feel that they can now truly relax, like never before, for there is a force that has woken up inside which will now guide them home

I say these words thanks to the remarkable guidance i receive from my spirit guides, inspired by the wonderful teacher here on earth, Matt Kahn.

May you all be blessed and it is so 🙂

My Body, My Tummy and My Food



My Body My Tummy and My Food

I write to share with you a clear breakthrough, a shift i have experienced in my body thanks to all the love, my love, to the love of the whole world, and to the love in the heart of Matt Kahn and the guidance he shares with all. It is particularly inspired by Matts latest Youtube video, ‘The End of Inner Conflict’.

I share this simple but powerful story because i feel it may help others (and my tummy agrees), who also have tummy issues, to see what is right in front of them, everyday. This story is about the way i eat, not what i eat, for my diet is a healthy one. 

I have been called to care for my body all my life. On an energetic level this calling became clearer 10 years ago, and now Matts video inspires a fine tuning to another new level. Simply put, i have begun to really speak directly to my body and more specifically in this story, to my tummy. Matts clear distinction between the journeys we are on has been revolutionary. He invites us to realise that it is not we who are on the journey but our bodies. This is a rock in the flow of my stream, a resting point to pause, to reflect, to look back, to look around me, to prepare and realign for new possibilities. It builds on the wonderful foundations Matt has assisted me with, foundations that have for me being reinforced again and again in his videos and in accepting always that ‘everything is here to help us’. But there were some very specific occasions when the teachings fired within me aha moments, or as i like to call them, ‘holy shit’ moments. There have been many. Today these are the ones that stand out:

  1. Youtube videos, ‘Raising your Vibration’ and ‘Anchoring a new Consciousness’. On St Valentines day 2015 and a few days before, a friend sent me a link to these videos, introducing me to Matt, whose energetic transmission turned a key and anchored a new consciousness in my being, opening my heart like never before and yes, raising my vibration. This is how i remember his words, and i paraphrase, ‘Nothing you have thought, said or done in the past has anything got to do with the essence of this moment. You are an angel from heaven experiencing the diversity and magnificence of your power. No matter how dark, no matter how light, it is all love. Keep going’.  
  2. After attending Matts Angel Academy 7 and his 5day Retreat in March this year i felt confirmed, ordained into a level of love i have never known before  
  3. Matts Youtube video, ‘The Path of Courage’: The difference between a narcissist and an energetically sensitive soul, and the inspiration to stand more fully than ever before into the calling i feel deep in my heart and now this latest video
  4. Matts Youtube video, ‘The End of Inner Conflict’: Respect the body, its the body’s journey not yours.

After watching the video ‘The End of Inner Conflict’ i felt immediate change, something had shifted, a lightness like i had never known, a clarity which i couldn’t put into words, it was like there was a clearing ahead into which i was invited to enter and i knew it was good. The clearing ahead became clearer to me. As i moved through the day the simple but profound task of being with my tummy began to emerge as a top priority. Now as i began to eat, i felt in a new way, with greater clarity that,

  1. I was eating too fast
  2. I was eating too much

This i have known and faced for many years, but now as i turned to my body yet again, i spoke more directly to it, it was as if it was the only concern i had, as if the journey to my light was now over and that all that mattered was that my body was relaxed. And being as relaxed as i have ever being, and spending lots of time with my tummy, i slowly over these last days began to hear my tummy speak to me like it had never done before. I have being stuffing myself for years. Now this truth seemed to drop deeper. Deep into the recesses of my belly, my digestive organs, bombarded as they have been, deep into my ancestral womb, into the anger and rage of the generations at the quality and quantity of the food i was receiving, deep into the instinct for survival, but also deep into the call and being true to the call to come into my body, fully into my body, deep into my body, deep into the agonised acceptance of what i was receiving and into the addictive behaviour this has established, and yet deeper still into the acknowledgement of the glimmer of light that held me all these years which said it was all good, perfect, all a manifestation of love, all love in disguise, dressed up as oppressiveness and insensitivity and the subconscious acquiescence, agape like chicks in a nest, to a competitive, stressful, painful way of life. On a train last Thursday August 31, as i gazed out the window, i reflected on the virgoan season we are going through, finding places in my body hidden and suppressed for years, places holding the cellular memory of hurt, and taking the opportunity to really go there, knowing this place, feeling this place and committing myself to stay there forever if needs be, with a piece of bread in front of me, into which i have hidden so much, i honoured the bread, i let my body decide if it needed it and i realised as i did, as i respected the bread and my body simultaneously, i realised the following

  1. As i grew up, love was hard to come by, so i found that food satisfied my desire for love, it was one of the few beautiful things i could experience on my terms and be able to control it
  2. The more i could get, the happier i was. The faster i could get it, the happier i was. And so i eat too much and too fast
  3. And because my happiness was tied to the food i ate, wasting food, not finishing the plate, meant i was wasting happiness and the opportunity for more beauty and bliss and love. Therefore my tummy had the further humiliation of being a dump.
  4. Now i realise how i have abused my body and I have spoken to my tummy like never before and said ‘i am sorry, i just didnt know the magnitude of what i was doing. I can see now. As i eat i will be speaking with you, until i learn how to treat you with love. And i need you to show me how to care for you, how to answer your needs. I have become addicted to a way of eating, my jaw and teeth move to an ingrained rhythm, the mouth prepares itself for the intake and you my friend await in fear and brace yourself in defensiveness for the onslaught of my eating habits. I have been sending ‘i love yous’ for over 2 years, to all my wonderful inner children and many now have become friends and are happy to take the hand of love i offer them as they walk their journey to peace and relaxation. But i have noticed some particular hurts still cry out to me, and one hurt is you. Each time i sat to eat my food and i thanked the universe for the abundance i partake of, there has been an instantaneous, ‘Ah, piss off, a load of rubbish’ response from inside. I now for the first time realise where this is coming from and how to address this abandoned voice, you my beautiful tummy, with love.

So each meal is now a special time for me, my food and my tummy. And i know my tummy wants to express gratitude to all who have inspired me to keep going, keep moving, keep changing, keep consuming, keep ensuing, keep touching, keep breathing and keep loving. My tummy is more content than ever before. This isn’t the first time my tummy and i have spoken. It is the first time that my tummy can turn to me and respond to me with trust. I can now call my tummy my friend, on the condition, for the moment at least, that i keep focused and continue to love it with every bite i take, show my tummy that my love and gratitude is real. Spending so much time with my tummy, i realise the physical/emotional scars i have inflicted on it physically. I want to acknowledge how wonderful and powerful my tummy has been, that despite my lack of care and abuse, it is still in good condition, still wants to take food, and so quickly, within a matter of days has warmed to my loving overtures and is really happy we are now talking and growing in trust. The scars may take some time to heal and this will  principally be by allowing my body to adjust to eating slowly, without eating too much. I am gentle and sensitive and i give my tummy all the tummy-care it needs now. As i write these words and edit and reedit them, i fall deeper in love with my tummy and feel the healing taking place and lightness entering my body like never before. Thank you for reading my message, your presence and the space your reading of it holds for me, is very healing and greatly appreciated. I extend boundless gratitude and buckets of love to YouTube and all the beautiful people who i have met along the wonderful journey into my body. Thank you tummy, I love you ❤

​Water is a Powerful Transformer

If you feel overwhelmed in a sea of emotion, then, in order to remind yourself of the magnificence of the power you are immersed in, you need to get out of the water, sit on the shore and watch the power before you. Then when you want to, go back into the sea. Repeat as often as it is necessary for you to realise that all the emotions which have caused you so much difficulty are really as much a part of the beauty of the sea as you now are, moving through it so gracefully. Repeat again and again until you, your emotions, your fellow human beings, all forms and images, all earth bound fantasies and celestial visions, dissolve like salt in water, into the majesty of heavens golden, eternal, fathomless sea

A Message from God

This is a message from God, via Matt Kahn, via Me:

You already know what to do. You just don’t trust it as Divine guidance. When there is nothing but Divine guidance, there remains nothing to distrust and everything to choose. Whether anyone else thinks your choices align with their highest desires has nothing to do with the choices you were born to make. If it resonates, it’s a part of your evolution and whatever helps you evolve can only inspire growth in others – no matter how disappointed, hurt, or heartbroken they may initially be. Are you willing to trust your inner wisdom or continue taking responsibility for other people’s experiences? Only your most courageous decisions can ever tell the tale. In the new spiritual paradigm, we follow our hearts as a way of loving what arises. Equally so, we love what arises to build up the courage to follow our hearts. 

Matt Kahn

The Beauty of Sex

The birds and the bees dont need any manual, any one to teach them the techniques of effortless, natural, pleasurable sex, so why do we? What we face, when we come face to face with another, is ourselves. I dare myself, i dare you, i dare everyone to come face to face with our true selves first, so that we can transform from looking to others for the love we so desperately seek, to realising that that same love already resides within. And sometimes the journey within seems so distant, so hard to grasp, beyond reach. For how can we know what it is that we will find within, how can we be inspired to look within, when most of us feel we’ve never been there before? Whats the spark that can turn us to face within and keep us there?

When we dare to slow down, tune into a different vibration than what we have been taught to believe in, tune into our own vibration, become more conscious of our own being and know as we have always known, the love, the power, the eternal flame that burns within us, this becomes our spark, our guide that shows us that we have always known the light that we are, but have forgotten. When we dare to slow down, we begin to recognise that we are unconditional nonjudgemental light, that we can begin again in our own time, at our own pace, when we know that we are ready, when it feels right inside, to love again, to love everything we see and scent, hear, taste and touch, everything that we feel emotionally, without reservation of any kind. We begin to be more conscious of and loving of ourselves, an evolving love, and we effortlessly become more conscious of the other; you reach out your hand, instinctively, playfully, to touch the other, to be seen for who you are, to be touched because you are who you are, then, in sex, the artist you are, will paint that picture that only you are capable of painting. This is the beauty of sex…. well, one of them anyway!!

Angels by Krystn
‘i have a secret’ by Krystn, flickr

Thinking Globally, isn’t enough anymore

If we expand our awareness globally, we can see the extent of the destruction and the direction our systems are going in. Yet, why stop at the edges of our world, we can expand the picture further, expand to the furthest reaches of our universe, and why stop there, for there are more dimensions again, vast areas of the unknown in our current understanding of things, that inspire us, prompt us to recede, within an instant, right back into ourselves, our own inner galaxies of planets and moons and diving deeper we find again that there is no end, we find again vast areas of the unknown. Yet, singing and dancing in this mystery, we find therein the heartbeat of everything, love. For who has created the land, and the seas and the skies which we are polluting, who has created the manufacturers of pollutants, who has created the incomparable intricacy and dexterity of the human form, and given it the power to lift a barrel of oil and spill it into our waters. Who has presented us with the magnificence of the human brain, and given it the power and the will to choose to create its own world, all things from the most depraved acts of violence, to the most blissful, ecstatically joyful experiences we can imagine. I send you this message to reassure you that there is love underlying everything and anything that you can perceive. In the end this is what will come shining through. All things will pass, only love will remain, as it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be, love without end amen.

image ‘you are like a star, part of the eternal perfection’  by Alice Popkorn, flickr

Alice Popkorn you are like a star


Sometimes we have to go backwards to move forward.

Deep down we all aspire to be the best that we can be, we all aspire to live the best life we can live. Right now we may feel very frustrated because its not flowing, there are complications, hold ups. I wanted to write to you to reassure you that all is ok. Sometimes we have to go backwards to move forward. If your intention is honest and loving, this will shine through in the end. There are 5 planets in retrograde at present. Combining my own heartfelt intuitive sense of these changing times with the planetary awareness of astrologers like Sheri Horn Hasan of Karmic Evolution, Dr. Mathew Maher, Jungian Astrologer and others i can see something of the bigger picture. In a nutshell, we humans are been asked to get our house in order first before we move to new horizons. Are your family, friendship, health and financial affairs in order. If not, take time out over the month of May and put things in order as much as possible for you at this time. Relax and breath, take your time, be gentle with yourself. These are the areas of our lives in which we are faced with most of our most difficult challenges. That’s why there are so many loose ends that are longing to be tied up.

May you be blest on your journey and it is so ❤


image: ‘home’ by alice popkorn, flickr

We no longer need Jesus, The King or the Superstar

In the old paradigm Jesus spoke to the masses, the King ruled the masses, and the Superstar Singer wooed the masses.

In the new paradigm, Jesus speaks to your inner wisdom, the king is nurtured by your inner wisdom and the superstar singer vibrates from your inner wisdom

We have been fed a musical diet of adoration of the superstar singer who comes to us to inspire the longing in our hearts for love and new heights of living. Yes they inspired and am very grateful, yet at the same time they instilled in us the feeling that we could never achieve such heights, for the example they gave was so far out of reach, the glitter, the production, the lights, the sound, all the razmataz, backed by so many supporting professionals, these people were and still are living on a different planet. For every musician or singer that made it to this planet on high, there were thousands more, just as talented, with the same message, left feeling inadequate and unfulfilled. We need new ways to express ourselves and they are evolving as we speak.

Today, there is music everywhere. Once it could only be legit if on stage, radio or record. These top down barriers are dissolving. Music, the right to sing and dance as you yourself wish to, is slowly becoming democratic, not just the preserve of the elite. We can record ourselves and copy cds, shoot videos and design posters, create events and advertise to the world with very simple diy equipment.

Sing as if no one is looking, Dance as if no one is watching.’

Lets all allow the sounds and movements that are unique to each one of us to shine forth, Let us drop the shackles of the old paradigm, turn to our innate music, apologise to it for abandoning it for so long, not on purpose, for we did not know what we were doing, we only did as our parents did, as their parents did. Ask your music, ‘how would you like to express yourself?’. Go on, let it rip!!

We no longer need Jesus, the King or the Superstar, for the light is already inside

alice popkorn the secret of time

The Shitiest Experience offered me The Deepest Love

Until we come to see that all the experiences we live through, the competitiveness, the attempted control of the other, the dog eat dog money world and so on, are here to help us, to show how powerful we are, we will never evolve. These experiences say to us, ok you’ve taken all this battering, you’re still standing, you’ve played the game, you’ve clinged tenaciously to your identity and though you have been so tough, in your vulnerability you still show how loving you can be. Through all the burdens of your life that you have called shit, you were still able to recognise The Love that is at the heart of all. You have come through to see that no matter what you have experienced, you are always experiencing Love. ‘As Love pervades everything what is it that we are not thankful for’ Amma

In my life it is the difficult experiences more so than anything else that have turned my face to my light, my love. I do not call these experiences shit, i call them loving kind messages from my higher self, the only way my higher self was able to get through to me, or maybe more accurately the only way i could hear my higher self. I have lived most of my life-giving my power away to others, playing the cunning games of deception most of us do, scavenging from our masters tables, thru no fault of our own, for this is how we have all been reared, and our ancestors before us for thousands of years. I have given my power away to all forms of authority, to my parents wanting their love, to my teachers wanting their love, to my lovers wanting their love, and when finally, i lost the game, when finally i had been outwitted by the forces of lovers and circumstance, i had no more tricks, no more strategies, no more masks to wear. Without my masks, spiritual exercises included, i was distraught and depressed. All the crutches i had crafted so brilliantly, and lets acknowledge how brilliant this crafting is, all these were taken away from me. Yet it was only through facing this devastation in my life that i could see the love that is within me. In my spiritual practice, i thought i had ‘let go’ of a lot of stuff. But that was just another mask. Now i know i had let go because my whole body felt it. It had to be the ‘shitiest’ experience that showed me the deepest love, the love i have for me, not the search for love from others, which is an unanswerable craving, sending the human race chasing its own tail. I cant describe my most painful experience as my ‘shitiest’, it was a most glorious moment for which i am eternally grateful. And so all the challenges of our lives are golden opportunities to love deeper than ever before

In Summary, until we, men and women everywhere, can see that everything is here to help us, that all experiences are an expression of love, we humans are not going to move into the life of bliss and ecstasy which is our destiny

If you wish to explore these thoughts further, for i feel there are specific signposts that can guide us along a more relaxing path, stay tuned for i am creating a webtv channel dedicated to SelfLove which will celebrate the power of love that radiates everywhere in everything, from everyone, always. Alleluia. 🙂

the scream
image by Brian Sawyer, flickr

What is your Core Motivation?

The core motivation, or to put it another way, the core vibration on which all elements, theories and techniques, beliefs, notions, ideas, thoughts and feelings are founded is that vibration which says ‘whatever arises love that’ (matt kahn). Unless we can see that everything in life is here to help us, to show us how to love deeper than ever before, which means firstly speaking to, if we are not already, and loving our inner being, our inner child, particularly all those thoughts and emotions that we find difficult, all those dreams and cravings we find farfetched, then all the theories and techniques, beliefs, notions, ideas, thoughts and feelings in our present world will remain polarised, our homes lacking vital energy, our food quality decreasing, our relationships tense, our governing and financial systems strained, our sex stagnant and one dimensional, our music sounding like a noisy gong. Get in touch today with your core motivation and live it, for a happier life.

alice popkorn map

image ‘Treasure Quest’ by Alice Popkorn, CC flickr, https://flic.kr/p/9aAUWt    

Setting Goals

This post was written on news years day and was inspired as i considered setting resolutions for 2016. Although its February now, i decided to post it anyway for i believe every day is a new beginning and therefore an opportunity to align ourselves with new more dynamic supportive energies:

I sit looking out at the grey skies that are so beautiful, the withering leaves full of life, and i celebrate every cell in my body, those which are dying those which are thriving, this wondrous complex amalgam that collaborates to form this being called fionntáin, that breathes and walks and eats and sleeps and breathes and walks and eats and sleeps again

I celebrate you, a reflection of me, mirroring my words, my thoughts and my deeds back to me as i settle down to choose the goals and strategies that most effectively align with my vision for the highest good of all.
I celebrate the freedom i have, the power within me that follows my own guru, to be honest and true to my unique inner light as i watch my vision unfold in 2016

I ask for all that i desire. I am thankful for all that i am. I celebrate all that comes my way.


image is courtesy of the wonderful Alice Popkorn, flickr. Thank you Alice once again!

Law of Attraction ☆ Manifestation

We are all angels on earth come down to experience the power of love in all its diversity, even at times of great tragedy, there is still love. ‘As love pervades everything what is it that we are not thankful for‘ Amma. To know that we are already beautiful, already perfect, already divine has been for me one of the greatest revelations of my life and goes directly against the story i was told, the story that says that i am a sinner and i need to do something to make up for, to make recompense for my sins, i have to prove i am worthy. Now in this new paradigm of love that is flowering on our planet, the message that brings so much relief to so many people is that you are already loved, just as you are, love is who you are.

In this new paradigm therefore, mindful of the great longing that thrives on this planet, a longing to manifest health, happiness and home, i would direct you to the following:

1. Ask for everything you want and i mean everything, for it is all love.

2. At the same time, nurture within yourself a gratitude for everything you have and i mean everything, for it is all love.

3. Lastly, celebrate all that arises and i mean everything, for it is all love.

Sometimes we may not get what we asked for, the universe is always giving us what we really want and sometimes we are not consciously aware of what we really want

This is a very short summary of my feelings around manifestation, feelings informed mainly by the wonderfully loving guide, Matt Kahn. I leave you for now with this clip by Matt on youtube.

Farewell My Steel Guitar

I’ve just sold my steel guitar. My Daddy bought it for me in Glenamaddy, County Galway. I’ve had it for 34 years and it’s only now i realise how much it has meant to me. In my youth when i could connect to little else in life other than god, about whom i was constantly misinformed and the touch of another human being, which i didn’t get a lot of, my guitar became such a friend. I struggled with it most of the time, just as i struggled with myself. But there were times when we soared together, and reminded one another of the love which is our essence, from whom we have come. Many years later I bought a spanish guitar, which i began to favour and play more. Eventually my steel guitar was left untouched on its stand, a nice piece of furniture gathering dust. To lighten my load and keep the energies of life flowing, i felt it was time for it to move on. In my ad i said it was waiting for a nice new home. It found its home in Kildare with someone who i feel will take good care of it.

In the midst of the financial transaction i forgot to wish it farewell. I had forgotten how much it meant to me. I went back to my hovering and suddenly, only an hour after it was gone, it hit me. All the memories came flooding back. I wept. All the emotions. I’m so sorry i didn’t say good bye to you, to say to you how much you have meant to me so, how you were such a friend all those years. How you allowed me to be me. How you were so willing, so open to unconditionally express all my cravings, my tensions, my music, my light. I say it to you now. I am so grateful to you for all you’ve given me, for all the times you allowed my light to shine, so beautifully.

After grieving your departure, i now realise how we both were a mirror for each other. It was one of your sisters i had played and enjoyed in Goodwins music shop, Dublin. Thats the guitar i wanted. But i could not override my fathers wish to use the opportunity to extend his business connections and deal with a music shop in a nearby village. And you came along, you a japanese copy of an american guitar, production of which ceased after the intervention of the courts. Similarly, I too was acquired through my fathers wish to extend his connections with a person in a nearby village and spent my youth copying all that i saw around me, which reluctantly and painfully slowly ceased after the intervention of many many difficult life experiences. Yet despite… no its not despite, its because of the unease in our births and upbringings, we both have learnt and grown a lot together. We have shown through it all that there is, at the core of all, nothing but unconditional love and we have revealed our willingness and openness to share this love with all. I am so grateful for all of it. I was not as aware until now how powerfully the energies of life exist in all things, animate and inanimate.

It is, i feel, very appropriate that you have departed. Your new companion has expressed his liking for you, has chosen you and not a relation. I have new space now to bring new energies into my life, let go of stagnancies and move on to a creative expression that is more truly me, not just a copy of something ive seen someplace or heard from somone.
I wish you well in your new home and send you all my love. Forever friends.


The Indescribable Face of Love

Hello, all you beautiful people. On this day of the new moon, during this the celtic festival of Imbolc, a pregnant time, I feel the energies all round me and within me change. The winds blow strong like never before. This for me is the indescribable face of the greatest love i know, i.e., if you want to live a life of happiness and bliss, beyond your wildest dreams, one in which all your desires are satisfied, aligned with the deepest calling of your heart, watch this.


In these days of the Goddess Brigit in celtic lands, in this season of new life pregnant with possibility, when we honour Goddesses from every land, i wish to share with you some thoughts on gender

My core and the core of everyone and everything is divine. My spiritual journey has been focused on a meriad of pathways in an effort to reach this divinity. Yet all these pathways, whilst essentially good, were eventually leading me round in circles, chasing my tail, saying beautiful things, partaking in wonderful events, even at times feeling blissful and ecstatic, but not letting me see the ectasy of the divinity in my own core right here, right now in my own body, a boundless brillance beyond understanding and definition, beyond gender, beyond notions of right and wrong, good and bad, the divine already within. When i first discovered this or more accurately, when my body truly could feel this, inspired by the wonderful Matt Kahn, i was so excited, this was a real ‘holy shit’ moment. Like never before, I could really take a deep relaxing breath.

We are all angels come to experience the cornucopia of loves dimensions, each of us in our own unique way. All that we have experienced no matter how hateful obsurd brilliant joyful or sad, is a result of our angelic desire to experience all, to feel every emotion, think every thought, make every decision, live through all that life has to offer, all in order to reveal how deep, how wide, how far love can go. These experiences include the notion that there are separate species, and within species there is male and female, with a meriad of emotional responses to one another, everything from attracted to repelled.

There are no genders, there is no separation, there is only love. There is physical form which is beautiful. And this beauty desires more. For the majority of us, the satisfaction of our sexual desire is one way in which we manifest our deepest desire for unity, for oneness. For the majority of us too, the pleasure of sex does come with a lot of anxiety attached. Now, we can all relax, for the unity, the oneness we desire, already is. The body rises to the call of ecstatic union from the cradle of its divinity, in the glorious bonding of our feminine and masculine selves already complete within. In the affirmation of and awakening to this union within, I have found a new depth of relaxation. In this relaxation i have found a space to love myself, truly love myself, to be relaxed with me. This is the love that fuels my sexual expression. Without it every encounter with another, for me, is an exercise in control.

Although i call myself a man, at my core i am genderless, divine. On this day of the feminine let us remember that our Goddesses come to us to shine a light of love that show us a deeper way to a land where there is no feminine and masculine, where male and female, day and night have merged unconditionally and are at peace, where all dissolves into mystery

Ellen might say
‘Do we have to be so hung up on whether someone is male or female. Why cant we just love everybody and judge them by the car they drive’


Image Credit : ‘New Birth’ by the wonderful Alice Popkorn on flickr



As a being who has accepted the title and role of manhood, i have struggled most of my life with being the male i am, a manifestation of spirit, god, absolute, emptiness, in a multi dimensional female world, full of life, of people, of flow and of fullness. I have constantly craved release from this unease.
I am so happy to say i have found release and continue to release
I am so thankful to say i have heard the sound of loves new revolution as spoken through the vessel of Matt Kahn
I am so happy to say that this sound fills my whole mind and body.
I am so thankful to greet all my unease, my anger, my jealously, all my fears and say, I love you, now, how may i serve you?
I am so happy to greet you, the feminine that has always dwelt in me, to open the door at which you have waited for so long and say, welcome, i’m sorry, i just didnt know how to speak with you, how to be with you, how to love you.
I am so happy to see you, the feminine in me, reflected back to me in life, in all the women i meet, in all the men i greet,
I am so happy to celebrate the masculine and the feminine in me, in you, in all.
I am so thankful for you all, each and everyone you, i celebrate and love you all, like never before and so it is 💜

thank you Alice Popkorn, flickr, for the beautiful image


ENTERTAINMENT, has many colours in its rainbow. For me it can be summed up thus :
ENTERTAINMENT, the fulfillment and enjoyment of an artists desire and the containment of passion within the limits of an entertainment establishment or recording, diluting the boundless artistic expression of the collective consciousness to the framed expression of a manageable few. There is another way. And this i dream of and will elaborate on soon. For now, to let you dip your toes in the water i say, sing and dance, sculpt draw paint stick glue stand breathe play walk talk shout roar be, as if no one is watching  ☺

The Dead


In these days of the dead, Día de Muertos, All Souls day, the contining rememberings of Samhain, i celebrate all the dimensions of being, the physical, the spiritual, the light the dark, life and death. I celebrate everything for all is love. Particularly today i celebrate all my wonderful ancestors whose hearts still beat in every living breathing cell of my mind and body. This cauldron of power radiates effortlessly into new kaleidoscopes of space and time, new beings who proceed my body and who continue to shine the light of love into eternity and beyond. Halleluia!

Old Paradigm New Paradigm

OLD PARADIGM, Letting go:
Fear arises. Be honest about the fear. Become aware of the fear. Ask/Pray that this fear is ‘cleared’ from  your being or ‘let it go’ But where does this fear go?

NEW PARADIGM, Love all that arises:
Fear arises. Be honest about the fear. Become aware of the fear. Love the fear for that fear comes from, arises from love. All is love and is going nowhere. There is nowhere for it to go. There is nowhere else but here ☺ Have a love filled day. And so it is ☺ (Inspired by Matt Kahn) 

The will of the one be done

The will of the one be done, be done
The will of the one be done.
The will of the one be done, be done
The will of the one be done.
And lo i know that this is so
Yes it is so
The ebb and flow
And lo i know that this is so
Yes it is so
So off i go
You are the love you seek outside
The love you are now deep inside
You are the love you seek outside
The love you are now deep inside
And lo i know that this is so
Your inner child
So fresh so wild
And lo i know that this is so
Love the child your friend your foe
The will of the one be done, be done
The will of the one be done.

A New Paradigm at Bliss Festival


A letter to Rosie Burrows who spoke at the Bliss Festival in Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland, August 8th 2015

Hi Rosie
It is with immense gratitude for your guidance, your fun and your divine presence that I write to you this morning. I attended your workshop at Bliss on Saturday last. It was without  doubt a step forward for me on my spiritual path and another answer from the gods to my desire for relaxation, complete relaxation at all times, so that others may relax at all times too. As i said on the day, your energy resonates with the energy of another teacher i have. He has guided my evolution on, lets say, a mental plane while you are complimenting on a more physical plane, bodyfullness. He, Matt Kahn, might say of suffering, honour and celebrate the suffering, but as soon as you are able, whilst being relaxed, bring your attention to what you are good at, to what pleasures you. And do all this for the good of all.

At the late night dance party on Saturday, I consciously loved the pain/unease in my back, and at the same time looked around the room for all that i found beautiful, and there was a feast of beauty. Whilst honouring the unease i allowed the rest of my body to feel the groove of the music, for which my body required no effort. The energy created by this healing tool was immense. When the music stopped at 2am, i was ecstatic and centered at the same time. I felt I could have danced all night.

I feel we are in a tremendous beautiful fast paced powerful evolutionary moment. There are modalities which bring temporary ecstatic experience, sessions, workshops and retreats that allow people to have wonderful experiences, but which dont last very long, in fact people end up going around in circles. You, Rosie, ride the waves of the new paradigm, teachings that bring beauty and ectasy as an everyday experience. In order to move to deeper and wider and higher expressions of our divine being, there are specific tools required. No longer is it enough to experience the pain, to go inside, relax, feel how upset we are and let out that which is blocked, with tears and other expressions. We must at each moment, while experiencing the pain, expressing whatever needs to be expressed, (and this now is the key moment of the new paradigm), love the pain, thank it for showing you how strong your love is and bring our attention to our beauty, our ecstasy and our pleasure. This may happen for people quickly or slowly. It does not matter. What matters is the intention when the pain or unease arises. As relaxed as we can be, for nothing will change if we are not relaxed, we need to feel our love, our beauty and our pleasure, the gateway to our divine eternal presence. It may feel insincere at first, we are over loaded with subconscious beliefs that tell us we are not beautiful. The call today is to stay with it, like any practise, and it will begin to flow and flow and flow. So this is the play, the drama. Without shifting the attention to what we personally see as beauty there will be no shifting.

With immense joy in my heart i refer you all to Matt Kahn http://www.truedivinenature.com  where you can dive into this ocean of love to your hearts content. 💛

With gratitude and love


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“Everything Is Here to Help You” – Matt Kahn

My message to you today is, relax, everything is going to work out, and particularly to those who are aware of the spiritual journey we are all on and who feel inspired to look within, become still and ‘clear’ any unease that arises, I say to you now, relax and feel and love all these things that arise for they come, inconveniently mostly, to offer you an opportunity to love your divine being in all its boundless majestic manifestations. We are not bad people who have sinned or carry the sins of our ancestors and as a result face sorrow and difficulty, which we must overcome in order to become enlightened. We are divine eternal beings beyond time and space who have chosen to enter life on earth to know, feel and experience all of our boundless manifestations, all the sorrow, all the joys, all the suffering, all the contentment and love them all. To paraphrase Matt Kahn: ‘Everything is going to work out whether you like it or not… deny your destiny all you like… you’re just going to have a more difficult experience’
This is his latest ground breaking video, which explores these ideas further.

Bealtaine 2015 Day 7 The Final Song

Bealtaine 2015 Day 7 a new song for you, sung with love to you, the final song in my week long celebration of this ancient fire festival of love. The lyrics are inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh, Osho, Deepak Chopra and Matt Kahn. Much gratitude to all.


Bealtaine 2015 Day 6

To celebrate Love and Life, Bealtaine and the Fires of Summer, Fertility and the great thrusting Phallus enveloped by the warm nurturing Womb, i will be posting new songs everyday for this first week of May. Alleluia!! I am so thankful to be able to share my music like this. Gratitude once again to Facebook and WordPress, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumbler, what wonderful resources!!. This is day 6, a sixth song, ‘Thank You’ inspired by the rising sun on summer solstice 2012, grange stone circle limerick, ireland largest stone circle, just 25 minute drive from me. Oh, by the way, I have it on very good authority that Bealtaine lasted the whole month of May in Ireland, giving us plenty of time for fun and frolicking!

Bealtaine 2015 Day 5

To celebrate Love and Life, Bealtaine and the Fires of Summer, Fertility and the great thrusting Phallus enveloped by the warm nurturing Womb, i will be posting new songs everyday for this first week of May. Alleluia!!  I am so thankful to be able to share my music like this. Gratitude to these social media sites, what a wonderful resource!! This is day 5, a fifth song, hot off the press, inspired by all of life, in particular Howard Campbell for encouraging me to sing Psalms, Tom Kenyon  for opening me to the universality of the psalms, and this time this psalm is very loosely based on Psalm 64.


Bealtaine 2015 Day 4

To celebrate Love and Life, Bealtaine and the Fires of Summer, Fertility and the great thrusting Phallus enveloped by the warm nurturing Womb, i will be posting new songs everyday for this first week of May. Alleluia!!  I am so thankful to be able to share my music like this. Gratitude once again to Facebook and WordPress, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumbler, what wonderful resources!!. This is day 4, a fourth song, inspired by all of life, in particular Howard Campbell for encouraging me to sing Psalms, Tom Kenyon  for opening me to the universality of Psalms, Psalm 90 and its rendition by the Monks of Glenstal Abbey just up the road from me in Limerick

Bealtaine 2015 Day 3

To celebrate Love and Life and Bealtaine and Fertility and the great thrusting Phallus enveloped by the warm nurturing Womb, i will be posting new songs everyday for this first week of May. Alleluia!!  I am so thankful to be able to share my music like this. This is day 3, a third song, a new song called ‘Makes Sense’.

Bealtaine 2015 Day 2

To celebrate Love and Life and Bealtaine and Fertility and the great thrusting Phallus enveloped by the warm nurturing Womb, i will be posting new songs everyday for this first week of May. Alleluia!!  Heres the second one, ‘Je ne regrette rien’. Music by Charles Dumont, lyrics Michel Vaucaire, made popular by Édith Piaf. Enjoy!

My book about Happiness



april 2015

On Winter Solstice 2012, i published an ebook titled ‘Aschouving’, on this website, which i have since withdrawn. My intention in writing the book was to share with others the happiness ive found, and yes I did find happiness, but now it’s changing, evolving. I have discovered Matt Kahn and he outlines some revolutionary ideas on love that resonate through the marrow of my being, like never before. With breath taking and breath enhancing simplicity, Matt has guided me to a new revolution of love. These ideas inspire me to up my game. So today I wish to turn your attention away from the contents of ‘Aschouving’, for it needs editing, and simply focus on these 4 thoughts I carry with me throughout my day

1. I am committed to loving myself deeply.

2. I focus only on what i’m good at.

3. Whatever arises, I love that.

4. Be clear on my intention.

For a more detailed and inspirational account of the importance Matt Kahn places on intention watch this video


If there is any war in the world today, the only war that’s raging right now is the war you have with your inner most precious self. If there is any fear in the world today, the only fear that’s arising right now is the fear you have of your inner most precious powerful self. If there is any love in our world today, the only love that’s glowing right now is the love you have for your inner most precious powerful perfect self


I AM, 2



I AM, 2

I am static
I am flow
I am fast
I am slow

I am black
I am white
I am day
I am night

I am ugly
I am beauty
I am bland
I am cutie

I am cryptic
and obscure
I am dirty
and i’m pure

I am good
I am bad
I am happy
I am sad

I am sacred
I’m profane
I am normal
I’m insane

I am febble
I am strong
I am right
I am wrong

I am endless
I am finite
I am darkness
I am light

I am body
I am soul
I have hit and missed
the goal

I am rock
I am river
I’m a taker
I’m a giver

I’m in danger
I’m protected
I am whole and
I’m dissected

I am active
I am passive
I am small
I am massive

I am front
I am back
I’m in defence and
in attack

I am spirit
I am matter
I am quite
I am chatter

I am death
I am life
I am ease
I am strife

I can see
I am blind
I’m upset and
I don’t mind

I am square
I’m a sphere
I am smooth and
So severe

I am flat
I am mound
I am silent
I am sound

I am lost
I am found
I am shallow
So profound

I’m a winner
I’m a looser
I am sober
I’m a boozer

I accept
I reject
I can’t look and
I inspect

I’m a victim
There’s no crime
I am late
I am on time

I am something
I am nothing
I’m exploring
Am i boring?

I’m a failure
I’m success
I am sparse and
I’m excess

I am naked
I am dressed
It matters little
I’m impressed

I am passion
All depression
I am clear and
all confusion

I am hate
I am love
I’m below and
I’m above

I am brash
I am discreet
I have begun….
I’m now complete

Or maybe not….
Is that my lot….

Have i failed or
have i past?
Will it rot or
will it last?

I am heaven
I am hell
I can lie
I do dispel

I’m a woman
I’m a man
And i live
The best i can

I’m unreal
I am true
I am me
I am you

Now…. that will do!


photo  :  ‘The Present Moment’  by elycefeliz  on flickr



Max Igan in his films The Awakening and Trance-formation outlines the battle lines he perceives between good and evil, love and fear being waged on our planet today. He speaks of a ruling class with an ancient bloodline which controls the worlds goverments and corporations. In his film Trance-formation he gives a very compelling forecast of the direction technology will go if the current mindset pervails. What resonated for me was his description in ‘The Awakening’ of the energy field we live in but of which most of us are unaware, how, with our thoughts, emotions and feelings we are 24/7 contributing to this energy field and how our contributions are affecting each and everyone else on the planet ’cause we’re all connected, plants and animals too. This is a crucial part of the jigsaw for me… the realisation of our interconnectedness and our sharing a common bond, brothers and sisters together in the mystery of a loving conscious creation. Max asks us to move into our hearts. This is where i resonate most with him. How do you do that? How do you move into your heart? This is a very personal journey, yet there is all the support you need out there, somewhere, if you chose to ask for it. Here are my suggestions based on my experience

My perception compels me to say that if there are any wars in the world today, the only war that’s raging right now is the war you have with your inner most precious self. If there is any fear in the world today, the only fear that’s rising right now is the fear you have with your inner most precious powerful self. If there is any love in our world today, the only love that’s glowing right now is the love you have with your inner most precious powerful loving self

Take time out from the crazy world every day. Spend time in the beautiful world of nature, love and peace. Taking steps that are approriate for you, ask your higher powers for guidance back to your heart where you will end all wars, calm all fears and begin again to love yourself. This is the challenge of our time: to live in the heart in every moment of every day. We need to realise we are addicted to thinking. We feel we must think everything through because in our minds we think we will find the ‘right’ answer if we try hard enough. This is how most of us have been educated.

Reconnect with your heart, your real centre of power. Seek support from people of love. We have the power to realise our power. By accepting in every, and i mean every moment, of your day, the emotions and body sensations you generate as your responsibility and focus your attention like a laser beam on what you yourself desire, not on what others desire for you, you will begin to reclaim your power. Be honest with yourself. Forgive those who have hurt you and take responsibility for the hurts that you have created. Take all the time you need. Be as clear as you possibly can about the direction you wish to take. Write it down, if that helps, your manifesto, your raison d’être. Realising your power, you effortlessly share love with all the world.

‘Love your neighbour as you love yourself’ Jesus


When you’ve traveled that extra mile,
and realised those ventures you thought worthwhile.
When you’ve loved yourself all that you could,
and still felt a stranger in your neighbourhood

You still believe, you sit it through,
there’s some eternal essence seeking you.
Good friends are few, but one will do
they help your presence to shine anew.

Look within it’s there inside
With whom you desperately now confide
And then a lover to you replied

Be as you are

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