Oh! To be together again


In the beginning was God. Since then God has had a rollercoaster of a ride, rough, smooth, being ignored, abused, praised and called all sorts of names. Yet resilience resides. Under whatever guise you wish to experience God, God still is and is just the same as ever

So back to the beginning again. God. For whatever reason, I don’t know, and it doesn’t seem to matter, God or Presence is the term i will use, separated into Silence and Sound. From the very moment of this separation, Desire arose in order to find ways to reunite silence and sound. Desire opened the doors to many new experiences, leading one on different routes back to union, routes of variable duration and ease/unease, some instant, some short, some long and some so convoluted one would be forgiven for thinking they were on the road to ‘hell’. But it feels like the length of the route is of no consequence. Certainly if you pit the framework of time against the expansiveness of eternity then the issue of duration quickly dissolves. All of life as we humans experience it, our family, relationships, place, country, job, entertainments, food, shelter, etc., is an opportunity to reunite silence and sound.

Desire presents itself in many forms. It is the everpresent impulse behind all we experience, ie., our emotions, sensations and thoughts or as I say your E.S.T.. Desire has got a ‘bad reputation’. It has selfish connotations. But there’s a lot to be said for selfishness, especially the part about taking care of your interests. How are we supposed to be kind to others if we are not kind to ourselves, ie, give ourselves that which we desire?

Jesus said ‘ love your neighbour as you love yourself ‘. Matt 22:39

The ‘love yourself’ part has been discretely side tracked, becoming one of the greatest errors of emphasis in the history of the human race. For the most part we praise and award those who are giving, charitable, looking out for others. These are notable qualities and more easily quantified. But we have been slower in developing avenues to inner peace, harmony and love, choosing too readily the outward show

‘If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames, but have not love, I gain nothing.’    1 cor 13:3

So i say love your desire, desire your love. Be good to yourself and experience selfishness…..go on see what’s its like….its not really what we’ve been brought up to believe at all. The greatest impulse for union we have is sexual union. It is an ever present impulse. In different cultures the attitudes to sex vary, but overall the human race deals with it with humour, defensiveness, lots of secrecy and lesser amounts of fun, openness and honesty. The desire for sexual union experienced in relationships is a manifestation of the original separation of sound and silence. Because it is our strongest desire, the key to our survival as a species, it will be the greatest source of unhappiness to us when unfulfilled. But we will delude ourselves if we feel we can fulfill this desire in a relationship with another person. First…..you must learn to love yourself, if some one helps you, good, it seems most of us need help and support….but it is you primarily who must do it. Feel and experience all your desires including your sexual desires. Spend time with yourself. We find our way back to union when we listen to the sounds we create and to the silence which awaits us, all of us, at all times.

To end… all the above is just words which have no purpose other than to direct us back to what is beyond the words. They arise and fall, live and die simultaneously. Constantly I am called to look beyond everything, all the experiences, people, places, words, back to Presence…….’Union Differentiates’  Teilhard de Chardin.

I give workshops which ‘Explore Your Own Unique Universal Vibration’, ie., ways of beginning to love ourselves again. I am reviewing the content at present and plan to have a revised presentation very soon. If you like what youre reading, then I invite to follow this blog and I’ll let you know when the revision is published.

Love yourself


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In 2005 i had a profound spiritual experience leading me to record my debut album, ‘Under the Great Shady Tree’. I have faced depression, sadness, anger, jealousy, guilt, sexual craving, loss, grief, disapproval, fear, loneliness and many other emotions and have found the strength within to keep going. In 2015 i had another profound spiritual experience which opened my heart wider still, and allows me today to see that everything we experience is here to help us. Today i have left most of the modalities i have practiced in the past and live with the ever increasing knowing that I am the creator of my reality. I am the only one.

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  1. It’s been a while since Viet Nam – nice to hear from you. Love your blog and look forward to the revision. Take care, Big Hugs, Pat Hettel


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