Aschouving – Is This Happiness?



During 2012, I’ve had a wonderful time focusing on and writing about what for me appears to be the key ingredients for healing and happiness. I present to you my ‘findings’ in this publication which I call ‘Aschouving – Is This Happiness ‘ and which I have pleasure in officially launching this frosty sunny day of Jan 2013. This publication is available now free online. I include an excerpt for you in this post and a link to the full publication. Enjoy!



So this is it. The end of all Q&As. All that you perceive right now, there is nothing else. These words sensed within, creating ripples through all the cells of your body and beyond to the mysterious and unknown. In this flow there is everything, all that you feel you need, the opportunities to go with the flow or resist the flow. Within the flow we find all our emotions, body sensations and thoughts, everything from happy to sad, and also all the tools we feel we need to navigate our way against or with the flow. The whole notion of having to attain something, get somewhere, be someone other than who we are, is so engrained in our psyche, so habitual that we spend most of our lives distracted, looking somewhere else rather than at ‘this’. There are easier ways to live. So, take a deep breath, smile and know that you have everything you feel you need, right now.


Published by fionntáin

In 2005 i had a profound spiritual experience leading me to record my debut album, ‘Under the Great Shady Tree’. I have faced depression, sadness, anger, jealousy, guilt, sexual craving, loss, grief, disapproval, fear, loneliness and many other emotions and have found the strength within to keep going. In 2015 i had another profound spiritual experience which opened my heart wider still, and allows me today to see that everything we experience is here to help us. Today i have left most of the modalities i have practiced in the past and live with the ever increasing knowing that I am the creator of my reality. I am the only one.

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