Poland, Kraków and Me


I have met many polish people in Ireland, so it’s nice now to come and experience the country for myself first hand. I travelled from Berlin to Kraków by bus and have been here for 4 weeks, i leave tomorrow for Budapest. These are my impressions. As is generally the case when one begins a new relationship, it may take more time for Poland and i to get acquainted. Yet, as i write, i do not underestimate the power of intuition which can very quickly touch the heart of the matter and bring forth rich insight, deeper and more rewarding than the results of hours of analysis. And so i wish to allow my own intuition to be my principal guide. I wish to bring all the love from within me to this relationship. I want to be as clear as possible in my description, to be respectful to the myriad of vibrations that go to make up this wonderful land. Therefore, it is with confidence that i ask my angels to guide me as i write, that my words may support and enhance all that is good for the wellbeing of the people of Poland and the entire world.

Leaving Ireland

Last year, waiting for my separation agreement to be finalised in Ireland and knowing that creatively i had done all i could do in ireland, i decided to travel. I have had an amazing year, as a workawayer, a couchsurfer, a guest, a friend, a pilgrim, a tourist, part of the audience, part of the team, part of the land and of the sea, always immersed in Love, the life force that creates and sustains it all. I have changed so much, so much that i have come full circle in a way, knowing that although feeling fresh and younger than i’ve ever been, i touch the ancient pools of love within my being that show me that i am always, and always have been, the same. My experiences have been guided by two irrevocable principles: I am the light and everything is here to help us. I have come from heaven into my body to love and care and nurture it through all its pain, back to the glory of its shining light that it so longs to see and taste and touch again. This is the vibration i shine everywhere i go, relentlessly. As i meet new friends, i see angels, sometimes it has taken longer, but i eventually see angels. As i move through different countries i see love, sometimes it has taken longer, but i eventually see love.

This is the vibration i bring to Poland


In Kraków, people who had promised to accommodate me on couchsurfing, didn’t show up or had to cancel. Very quickly i found a lovely apartment in an area of the city called Kazimierz, which turned out to be just what i needed. Time to be just by myself. It was beautifully decorated and appointed, trees growing lusciously outside, warm and quite, a place of relaxation. This is what my body needed. I discovered i was so exhausted. I had been working for others, holding space for others and caring and loving others for a long time and although i had taken lots of opportunities to rest, i was still governed greatly by the needs of others. This was the first time in a long time, in fact maybe the first time ever, that i truly was making space just for me. Certainly i can say i was making space for the me that is continually changing and evolving, manifesting in my body the love that is my essence, like never before. And i come to Poland so confident that i, the angel spirit being that i am, perfection of love that is the light i shine as i travel, carry with me my beautiful body and give it all the time it needs to express, to taste, to touch, to smell, see and hear as it wishes, reassuring it that i am here for it 24/7 whenever it needs me, reminding it at every opportunity i love it, always, no matter what.

This is the vibration i bring to Poland….

…. I gaze upon its endless monocultured fields, its hills and valleys, its streams and rivers, on the grave candles in twilight, on the big billboards and it’s even bigger new shining shopping malls, its transport systems and its architecture, bold and modern, romantic and classical, socialist and capitalist, religious and secular, strong and tumbledown. I observe with greater interest, the sounds and movements of its people, who have endured much suffering for so many years. I watch as they each in their own unique way, respond to the stream of messages that influence every aspect of their daily life and see a young nation searching for its identity, an ancient identity, bashed and battered, still being bashed and battered, but facing it with great resilience. This resilience isn’t always clear at first. There is much prosperity, a lot of people are well off, a lot have achieved much success, have found stability and safety in a changed political reality and have a confident stride. A lot of people are poor and suppressed and a lot are in between, busy managing to get by, feeling the now common worldwide trance, caught in a treadmill of highs and lows, with very little time to themselves, very little time to pause and notice the Love that lies in their hearts, in all hearts. The essence of everyone and everything is Love. And it is to this Love that i turn. It is to the heart of the Polish person, the Love that they all truly are, as all citizens are everywhere, that i turn my gaze and focus my attention as i describe my experience of their county.

Kraków has given me so much.

  1. An opportunity to rest, to converse with and answer the needs of my body, to love my body, like never before
  2. My first time to offer free hugs on the street and my offer was warmly received by lots of locals and tourists
  3. Kraków is like a lot of european cities, focused around an old town centre, the beautiful, often romantic, elitist and wonderful power houses of church, state and the wealthy, leaving everyone else to live in a descending standard of housing from, understated grandeur to poverty.
  4. ‘Kladka O. Bernatka’, (Bridge of Fr. Bernatka) a beautiful pedestrian bridge over the Vistula, with flying sculptures
  5. The magnificent Wawel castle, complete with dragon, called forth all my regality
  6. Walking into the market square at night all lit up complete with romantic horse drawn white carriages with tassels and frills and hearts bedecked, called forth my beauty and love
  7. Zakopane in the Tatry Mountains 2 hours by bus south of Kraków was such a joy. I am so thankful to these magnificent snowy mountains, they touched my heart so much and brought a tear to my eye.
  8. I am so thankful to Kraków and to Poland for allowing me to touch new deeper levels of sorrow and pain within myself and heal them. Allow me to explain

Sorrow and Pain, Happiness and Love

The primary energy i experience here, as is the case everywhere i go on my travels, is a yearning for happiness and Love. In order to find this Love, the energy of Kraków principally turns to the past. It simultaneously celebrates the glory of powerful historical achievement and grieves the sadness of powerful historical abuse. Many find solace in religious observance, others in the capitalist dream of a bright new future that wipes away the sorrow and restores the glory. Many are caught between these two ideological pillars that tussle for the nation’s soul. This results is an uneasy energy, still struggling to cope with a history that continues to weigh heavily on its shoulders

Slowly opening my eyes to a new day, as i lay in that twilight zone between sleeping and waking, a place of rich insight, i felt i touched the true heart of Poland. In the end Poland is no different to most other countries. A community of people, who find themselves in a land governed by elitist, powerful people who control and defend the wealth of the nation which they distribute amongst the citizens unevenly, based on laws created by a predominantly masculine energy, crazed by their own subjugation of the feminine, leading them to operate for millennia in a very control and fearful hierarchical paradigm. These elitist, powerful people teach citizens that their identity is confined between the borders that they have established and maintained chiefly by military force, repeating the traditions, flying the flags and singing the songs that reinforce this identity, whilst all along missing the essential value, the true power of themselves and of all citizens, the love which is at the heart of each one of us, which instantaneously dissolves the borders, the structures so long defended by fear, opens up freedom of exchange with other people, regardless of color or creed, and shines the light of love everywhere they go ensuring an even distribution of the god given wealth of the land to all.

And yet this endemic injustice, found in the majority of earth’s governments, is love’s way of of bringing us to our senses. What we fear most, the people and powers that have hurt us the most, are our greatest harbingers of Love. Poland’s current situation is perfection in motion. Even the pain and suffering still latent in the cellular memory of this nation’s body, from centuries of war and abuse, has within its core the beating heart of Love. I have experienced the suffering and misery of emotional abuse. I have endured it, got lost in it, despaired in it and finally have come to realise the Love in it, the Love in me. This realisation changed everything. Everything is love, there is nothing but love, there never was anything but Love and there will never be anything but Love. Darkness is not the fearful place of horror some have taught us to believe. We are missing the point of darkness. Darkness is a lower vibration of light. It’s like a dimmer switch, and darkness is the light turned down low. The light is not extinguished. You just can’t see it. No matter what anyone is doing, no matter what the circumstances of their lives, their families, their work, the status of their finances, health and relationships, they are being called always to see the Love that they already are deep inside. As so it is too for the people of Poland, they are, together as a collective, just like all citizens everywhere, fulfilling the destiny they are here to fulfill. Poland is perfection in motion. It is a land of opportunity and great richness. It is still full of pain and there is much poverty. Yet Love underpins every last square inch of it all. The divisions will not be resolved,  the sorrow not healed, the yearning for happiness and Love not satisfied until all citizens realise the Love that creates all, sustains all and is the essence of their very own hearts.

I feel the rawness of the sorrow and pain caused by so many years of oppression. I can feel it here, because this is the same pain and sorrow shared by all people everywhere. We have all suffered abuse. We all carry hurt and pain inside. I am thankful every time i feel it, for it allows me then to turn to it, like the abandoned child that has been left on my doorstep and open my heart to it, welcoming it back home, speaking to it, spending time with it, all the time it wants and saying to it ‘I love you. How may i serve you?’. And like with any child whom one has hurt, it takes time to comfort and console that child. The child is still frightened, and when addressed with love, it is unsure of what it is experiencing. It needs time to adjust. It requires one to set aside the right space, to slow down, to do very little other than be with that child until that child feels safe again, is confident again that it can stand on its own two feet, confident that the love in its own heart which has been shaken can be reignited again, inspired by the love we have lavished upon it so unconditionally. We lavish love relentlessly on the pain each time it arises. We match the power of suppression that has buried the pain, with the power of love, unwaveringly, until the pain lightens and heals. And it will. And this is principally why i say i am so thankful to Kraków and to Poland for allowing me to touch new deeper levels of sorrow and pain within myself, turn to them, spend time with them, love them and watch them heal in their own unique way, at their own unique pace.


We, citizens of the world, are all angels come down from heaven to inhabit the diverse range of beautiful bodies this earth has brought forth. The sins committed in thought, word and deed, in fact nothing accomplished in thought, word and deed, has anything got to do with the essence of this moment. We are Angels, always, without condition. Our divinity is done and dusted. Viola! Hey Presto! Dear Angel, This is who you are. We have come down here not to make little of our story, but to be part of the story, not to cast aspersions on lives of misery and pain and sorrow, but to live these lives, to endure them for as long as it takes for us to eventually see that love is what comes shining through in the end, to truly feel what it is like to live this story, no stone unturned, without suppression, a total complete immersion in the whole story. We are here to heal our bodies, to care for them and nurture them, to listen to the horror in the story that even in peacetime, lies buried deep, to listen and stay with, forever if needs be, our own personal abandoned hurt and abused inner children, until they are satisfied, are confident that love really does answer all, no matter what, hurt and abuse and grief and sorrow, relentlessly and unconditionally, allowing them to feel safe, to open their hearts and to say in return ‘i love you too’

I am so thankful to the wonderful spirit on Earth that is Matt Kahn whose guidance has opened my heart to the divine being that i am, inspiring me to live a life of happiness and peace like never before. I see a way forward. I see new paradigms of Love arising. I see a new revolution sweeping our planet. A revolution that carries with it an intensity of Love that  moves openingly, unconditionally and non judgmentally among all vibrations that come its way. A revolution which instead of subjugation, brings healing. A revolution that to a world still struggling to cope with a history that continues to weigh heavily on its shoulders, brings a lasting peace, a true peace that’s found first in the heart of all citizens. Each citizen in their own unique way, finding a deep peace in their own hearts, is the first step to a new way of living on this planet. The love we already are, which we must first show to ourselves, is our signpost towards a new earth, towards communities who live together, thrive together, side by side in harmony. Then, we, angelic citizens of earth will create principles, guidelines and constitutions which will sustain, honour and celebrate this harmony. I see this revolution of love becoming manifest on earth in a myriad of ways, but principally i feel we will need these 3 elements: Recognition, Healing and Time:


We all need to recognise that we are spirit beings inhabiting physical bodies and that we are all called to love our own bodies. As Jesus said ‘ Love your neighbour, as you love yourself


  1. Passive Healing: Some will find their energy will be passive, meaning for example, by being the loving being one is, and first loving their own bodies they effortlessly inspire others to do the same
  2. Active Healing: Some will find their energy will be active, meaning for example, by being the loving being one is, and first loving their own bodies they effortlessly establish new societies of love in which all citizens are cherished equally and loved equally and in which new mechanisms are created to distribute the wealth and riches of the world evenly to all
  3. Hybrid: A mixture of the Active and Passive Healers in varying degrees


We, angelic citizens of the world will not let go of the desires that sustain sorrow and grief and injustice and greed and oppression and subjugation and envy and jealousy and pain and poverty and fear. These desires will let go of us, when we love them, unrelentlessly love them, forever love them and when they are satisfied that the love they are experiencing is honest and lasting, authentic and true.

May all the people of Poland and everyone, everywhere be blessed and it is so

Alleluia ! ☺

This morning, my penultimate morning in Poland, in the home of my kind Polish couchsurfing host, whom i did eventually make contact with, as i slowly open my eyes to another new day, and lie again in that twilight zone between sleeping and waking, i dream i am in Hungary, looking from answers, and i came to a café and ask a guide for directions and the customers were all listening intently to some speaker who was leading a very informal, casual, fun, workshop, and my guide said to the gathering ‘excuse me, my friend would like some directions’. Simultaneously, in unison, they all turned and focused so intently now on me, with unconditional, non judgemental wide open eyes and then they all said to me in one voice ‘We love you’.

May you and everyone, everywhere be blessed and it is so. Alleluia ! ☺

image : Bernatka Footbridge by Mariusz Kedzierski                      http://www.flickr.com/photos/75864158@N06/

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In 2005 i had a profound spiritual experience leading me to record my debut album, ‘Under the Great Shady Tree’. I have faced depression, sadness, anger, jealousy, guilt, sexual craving, loss, grief, disapproval, fear, loneliness and many other emotions and have found the strength within to keep going. In 2015 i had another profound spiritual experience which opened my heart wider still, and allows me today to see that everything we experience is here to help us. Today i have left most of the modalities i have practiced in the past and live with the ever increasing knowing that I am the creator of my reality. I am the only one.

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