The world is constantly changing, the sun rising and falling, new inventions, developments in technology, infrastructure, the growth and decay of trees, our passing years, the tough times, the fun times. It appears that nothing remains the same. In my journey towards a happier, more contented life, I look back on the most painful episodes as my greatest moments of growth. These were the times, particularly in close relationships, when i came to realise most about myself, the times when i have learned to allow barriers to drop and accept those barriers that still wish to stand. It is the most painful experiences that have been my greatest teachers. Matt Kahn once asked ‘What if the worst things that ever happened to you were actually the greatest opportunities you’ve ever been given?’ And so it is with gratitude that i recall those times when my heart was broken, for now i can see that it was only broken so that it could open up and allow more and more love to flow freely. The best choices you can make aren’t necessarily the most attractive ones. Just because it’s not all rosy in the garden doesn’t mean that you’re not leading a fulfilling life. Life can deal out tough times and will only do so in order for us to become the best versions of ourselves that we can be.
Life could not have happened any other way for you to become who you were born to be’ Matt Kahn
So i have come to welcome all that life presents to me, for i feel that everything is a perfect manifestation of Divinity in form. This does not mean that i have to like everything that life brings, that at times i don’t find it challenging, but no matter what it is, i can go within and find the resources, the strength, wisdom and Love to first greet and welcome it, even if it’s inconvenient, knowing that through whatever difficulty it poses, Love will have the final say, because Love is at the heart of all.
As Love pervades everything what is that we are not thankful for ’ Amma
And so it is with a heart of Love that I turn my attention to the corona virus COVID-19. I welcome it and ask, that through all the challenges it poses for me and for us as a society, what are the lessons here.
‘Hello Coronavirus COVID-19, you are very welcome to my world. What would you like to say to me?’
‘Sleep well, eat good food, exercise. Listen to your body, be hygienic. Drink lots of water, at this time hot water is recommended. Use your wise and loving intuition to respond to all the information being broadcast about me. I am a virus similar to the flu and at this moment I’m present in most countries of the world. Unlike the flu, at this time the medical profession has no known specific treatment for me. So I can move more easily through communities leading to a higher demand than usual for hospital services. Many of the symptoms that i cause can be treated, but the confirmed cases of infection grows day by day and the medical authorities in some countries are not sure if they have the facilities to deal with the demand. That is why you need to act responsibly and be informed. In healthy people that I may infect, there will be for the most part, relatively mild symptoms. So take good care of yourself, be kind to others and relax.
This is my greatest message to you, relax, breath easy and know that all is well. The Universe gives you all you need in every moment. Like all people, you are doing the best you can. Like all people, you cannot do any better than what you are doing and you are not being asked to do any better than what you are doing. Like all people, you have never made a mistake and never will. You are perfect exactly as you are; you always have been and always will. So breath. Your angels are surrounding you and supporting you with every move you make, with every breath you take. You are not alone. And contrary to what many feel, I am an energy that is here principally to help you. Many people are feeling fear because of me and you can sense this fear. Fear is a complex emotion and has been part of the world’s lot since ancient times. But there are now new lighter ways to face fear which are of benefit to all. One of those lighter ways is to see fear as holding within it many messages which are for our benefit. The fear you are sensing now is essentially good, because this fear has been in incubation for centuries waiting for a moment in time it could feel confident to reveal itself to you and know it would be listened to, acknowledged, respected and at last be at peace. This my friend is one such moment, a moment of great opportunity, a moment in which you are invited to face this fear like never before, to face the fear not as a victim in a hostile world where everything is happening to you, but as the kind, compassionate angel that you are, in an abundant world where all is happening for you. Show yourself to be truly kind as you care for others and look out for the vulnerable around you. Show yourself to be truly wise as you listen openly to all the information you are receiving about me. Show yourself to be truly loving as you at last face the fears that have waited for you for so long.
This fear is here now to help you. It wants to speak to you and tell you what it has longed for all these years. It wants you to ask it, ‘How may i help you?’ But first, it knows you need to relax, relax as best you can, as much as your body is able at this time, for you have led a very busy life and have had very little time to relax, so it knows you must take time out, slow down and perhaps for the first time ever, learn how to relax. And in these days of restricted movement, you have an ideal opportunity to do just that, slow down and relax. Because you have been raised in so much fear, you have spent a lot of time in fight or flight response. You have thus become accustomed to shallow breathing, only utilising a small percent of your airways, wanting to divert all your energy to protect yourself. And so to begin with, focus on breathing naturally and as you do, begin to go deeper and deeper, deep down into your belly, not just into your throat, or your chest, deeper still, down into the base of your belly, big long luscious breaths to give your lungs a good stretching, breathe new life into the very channels that I am able to infect. There’s a fitting, invigorating response for you to all that I present to you!! It will feel uneasy, laboured at first, but stay the course, there’s plenty of help available. Now is the time to bring new life into your lungs. Begin to breathe easily, naturally, breathe like a baby and become once again the brilliant shining light being of beauty, of relaxation and joy that you truly are.
Now that you have taken time out, and you are relaxed, you are now in the best zone to ask the question, ‘How may i help you fear?’ Then listen. If you perceive a reply, act upon the guidance given, it will not lead you astray, nay, it will lead you and your whole community to wider and wider vistas of the peace, joy and Love that you already are.
This fear has been like an abandoned child, neglected waiting on your doorstep for years. When you turn and attend to it, it will take time for it to be reassured that you have it’s best interests at heart. So it may come back to you again and again and again looking for that reassurance. And each time you will be there to welcome it, for it is not important to know the time in which it will find the peace it yearns for, what is important is that you give it the time it asks for each time it comes calling.’
‘Thank you Coronavirus COVID-19 for all that i can learn from you.’
This is a moment to stand in the perfection of our Divine essence. It is not the first time we have been called to do so. Jesus for one has been inviting us to the banquet of our glory for years. He has said in the gospels, and i paraphrase: love your enemies, pray for those who persecute you, that you may become like your Father in Heaven, who lets the sun shine on the evil and on the good. If you only love those that love you or greet only your own people, where is the growth in that. Be perfect he has said as your Father in Heaven is perfect.
May all people affected in any way by the corona virus COVID-19 be blessed with all the peace and joy their hearts desire
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Published by: fionntáin

In 2005 i had a profound spiritual experience leading me to record my debut album, ‘Under the Great Shady Tree’. I have faced depression, sadness, anger, jealousy, guilt, sexual craving, loss, grief, disapproval, fear, loneliness and many other emotions and have found the strength within to keep going. In 2015 i had another profound spiritual experience which opened my heart wider still, and allows me today to see that everything we experience is here to help us. Featuring different topics each week, inspirational speakers, dancers, singers and musicians, I am creating a Live WebTv Channel to celebrate love, to show you how i face, how i relate to all the difficult emotions that arise and how to love them too, to show you how to live a life of joy and ease no matter how you feel about your relationships, your sex, your family, your finances, your career, your diet, your health. I am confident that you possess a great power within. Come with me and together with others around the globe, at a pace that’s appropriate for you, lets explore this power together.

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      1. What was the added preface? Was it on this post or your page? Was it about the broken heart from which pours forth love’s healing waters?
        Either way, thanks for sharing your words and your story. We heal the world when we heal ourselves. And thanks for your blessings, Fido, fion, fiat 😻

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