Part 1  an introduction and my personal conclusions

Part 2  a description of the messages i have read and how they have changed my perception of my reality




I share this news in order to highlight the subtle ways we are being manipulated in our world today. Not that we are victims, for we are gods creating our own reality. Many of us are caught within a lie so old it feels like ‘normal’, it’s a lie within the dream, and both are our creations. It is my intention in sharing these personal truths that more and more people will openly discuss their own personal stories and cut the tape on one of the tools the controllers use to keep us chained to the lie and that is KEEP QUIET!! For we need to support one another. To help in whatever we can, to encourage, inspire, mentor if need be those of us who are aware that there are fields of freedom on our doorsteps if only we can find the key to open the door

This is a moment like never before, as all moments appear to be. I’m appearing to be more aware than ever before, manifesting a space where for the first time in many years i can do my own thing, or so it seems….. free from the restrictions of religion, marriage, obligations to persons, organisations or things and any fear of lack…. I acknowledge i have everything i need, i want more, but i have all i need, exactly what i need…. And so i breath easy and relax. Reflecting, touching the trees and watching the clouds drift over the mountains, i find i want to review all my life, my beliefs, my choices, realising that a lot of what i believe in and most of the choices i have made have been influenced by something or someone else other than me, ie, it wasn’t an internal knowing, a gut feeling.


The top 3 beliefs that were based on stories i heard from others were, Jesus and Mary Magdalene, (both a huge lifelong influence and on/off/love/hate relationship), the Beings from the star system Pleiades (commonly known on earth as the 7 sisters) and as i would call them, The Fairies. I asked each one to answer me and i wasn’t long getting an answer. First i received from whom i felt was Jesus the message ‘You are Love and You are Loved and this is all you need to know’. Notwithstanding the knowing in my heart that yes i am love and i am loved, the rest of it i feel was an attempt to stop me asking questions, 

Then a friend mentioned the Youtube channel Cosmic Agency, messages from the Pleiades shared with Gosia from Cosmic Agency, who in turn has shared them freely with the world which i am very grateful for. The revelations about the fabrication of the Jesus and Mary Magdalene story, the attempted distortion and control of all aspects of Life by the cab^al and the vast array of lies necessary to shore up their tyrannical facade were far reaching. I have never watched such a detailed, subject by subject unravelling of the lie that we live in and of the wondrous expanse of our Universe, most of which has been hidden from us by a very secretive network of domination and suppression. Again it is not as if we are victims, on the contrary, we are the creators of it all, all life, all planets, the whole cosmos and more. The messages here remind us that in the midst of all this manipulation, deceit, psychosis, war mongering, fear mongering and mind control, we, each one of us are magnificence personified, the glory of the universe, the very universe itself, a jewel in the night sky, the radiant sun at dawn. Though it may appear to some that we have fallen deep into the gutter, we can still see the stars, to paraphrase Oscar Wilde. Each one of us alone must carve our own path to freedom, by whatever means is at our disposal, whether that be to remain alone or join with others, whether it be seemingly big or small, we are called to create. The messages mark a significant shift in the vibration of my body. I have set aside many of my lifelong spiritual concepts. There are translation issues, perception issues and a need for reflection on all that has been imparted but in this moment, i feel the overall effect is empowerment, increased energy and relief as the divine being i am in this body i call Fionntáin. Nurturing all that is good and inspiring and fun and relaxing, our friends from Taygeta reveal to the world how beautiful we already are.

Taygeta is a star in the Pleiades. The Cosmic Agency Youtube channel produced by Gosia Duszak delivers messages from the Taygetans in their spaceship to the people of earth. There is also a Spanish channel produced by her friend Robert. The Taygetans who wrote to Gosia beginning in December 2017 were mostly women, Swaruu, Yazhi, Aneeka, Athena, Rashell and Minerva, are the ones i’ve watched. Gosia began uploading videos to youtube in September 2018. I came across them last month on 25Jan22, so i had lots of videos to watch to play catchup. The subjects i was most interested in were earth based technology, power control, free energy, religion and the environment, then our solar system, extraterrestrial races, Angels and Taygetans. I didn’t watch videos about how the taygetan ships moved thru space, the afterlife, most of the interviews with other humans and live questions. Also i skipped over many of the questions Gosia asked because i was happy they were already answered. 

New revelations abound in this galactic exploration of reality. Some information i have already heard, but some was new for me and cosmic, mind blowing and compelling viewing. From one perspective, if it is true for you, it builds the foundation on which a new history of our world and universe can be built. So much to reflect on and to consider. So important was the content for my journey and for the world that i decided to write this review because it helps me to soak it all in and make sense of it 


The Taygetan language apparently is very plastic, along with spoken words they send blocks of information by telepathy. In compliance with space laws, their messages to Gosia and her friends had to be typed, which they found ‘frustrating’ at times. As well as that Gosia was translating into Spanish and English and neither are her native tongue. Also we humans have a very black and white linear way of understanding any idea, whilst i began to notice that the Taygetans are more multidimensional in their messages and words may have several meanings. As they alluded to often, there are many ways of understanding any topic. There may be a multitude of answers to any question. So i felt i needed at all times to be aware of these factors


I was fascinated by many of the stories and the revelations that most of what we’ve been told are lies. Because i have had such a strong focus on energies outside myself, which of course there are none, i am all, yet from another perspective, in the finely tuned balancing act of life, such a focus can tip you into a space where there is a sense that someone is going to tell you something that’s going to change everything, or you may ask ‘why am i not receiving any messages’. Despite the fact that you may continually say to yourself that you are the Divine, if you have a connection to Jesus and other such energies, its so strong, so potent with millennia of manipulation, that there may very well be a sense of waiting for something. With these messages i get the chance to set all aside and just see how i feel about it all, all i’ve ever heard, all i’ve ever experienced, the whole gamut of me. Its like a breath of fresh air is blowing thru every nook and cranny of my being and im revitalised, brought back to life. 🙂

Before describing the many levels on which the shift is occurring and giving a detailed analysis of the Taygetans message, i would like to share with you a summary of my main conclusions, which are written as i perceived them, being of course all anyone can do:

There is no one else but you, no one else with you, no one in front of you, no one behind you, no one below you, no one above you, no one to your right hand, no one to your left, no one all around you, no one else within you.  No one when you lie down, no one when you sit down, no one when you arise, no one else in the heart of everyone who thinks of you, no one else behind the words of everyone who speaks of you, no one else in every eye that sees you. There is no one else but you. You are it, the only it, however you wish to describe it. You are god if you like. This is the antithesis of St Patrick’s breastplate, a prayer attributed to the roman catholic patron of Ireland, whether a real life figure or not, he is another concept which has been manipulated by the vat^^ican to control people for millennia

You are Source. I am a source. We all come from and are returning to the same source, even Bill Gates. And we are all doing it in our unique way, with our unique frequency, our unique timeline, with all frequencies and timelines converging in this moment which is source. If one chooses to do this in a low frequency which most of us humans are doing, then this is simply our choice, it doesn’t mean we are damned, it doesnt mean its inevitable ‘bad’ things are going to happen. It is a choice. When we watch videos like these we are reminded of our power and inspired to stand steadfast in this power, our divinity. And we realise also the lie we are living in, the collective subconscious lie that dictates so much of what we do. We connect with our power and realise that we are the creators of it all, and thus we drop victimhood and become the warriors we truly are. To get out of the lie, the matrix, we stand in our power and choose what makes us happy. This for me is the great meditation. Be mindful of your thoughts at all times and direct them only to what you desire, not to anything else. In this meditation there is no waiting for a higher source, a message from above. You are the higher source and in your meditation there is only creating. In every moment of the day we choose what makes us happy. 





These were the subjects that most fascinated and inspired me. Please note these are really headings. You need to research the channel yourself if you want further details. Also if there is any quote or information from the channel which is incorrect in my review i do apologise to the producers and ask for a correction or clarification which i would be happy to make.

  1. The fabrication by the Romans of the concept of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, the subsequent compilation of the first Bible, from which evolved the controlled propaganda mind control programme known as Christianity and other religions and all their rites and rituals, the truth about Adam and Eve, Atlantis and Lemuria, The Flood and the destruction of a water planet in our Solar system circa 10500 BC
  2. In the new christian religion, a key departure from indigenous beliefs was that God was now in heaven, not on earth. Earth slowly became associated with sin, deprivation, misery, ‘poor banished children of eve’. Respect for the earth, ‘valley of tears’, nature and our bodies waned leading to untold trauma and schizophrenia
  3. The 3d matrix is a lie within the greater dream of existence. It is maintained by a 12500 year old computer programme whose performance is degrading. The programme beams down on earth an elaborate hologram keeping humans imprisoned in a low frequency, a 3d frequency, principally by the energy of fear. Much of the tragedies we see on our screens are generated by this computer program, are not real and will only stop when we as a race take responsibility for the emotions we feel and stop in every possible moment avoiding fear and face it. This programme is beaming down from a spaceship 400 000 km above the earth. A new story about our moon is revealed which i feel changes the moons astrological status 
  4. Humans feed the governments, feed certain global companies, feed the illum^^^inati, feed the vat^^ican, feed certain secret societies, feed certain et races, feed an alliance between them all and they all feed the humans
  5. The rulers may attempt to restrict the movements of the awakened and starseeds but they cannot control their minds
  6. The pyramids are free energy capacitors built by ets with local help producing electricity in ancient egypt, one of many around the world which provided abundant free energy everywhere. Their primary purpose was as portals
  7. Ancient Egyptian royal families came from Ireland whose druids/shamans originated in Atlantis. 
  8. These last 2 stories suggest that the megalithic sites around Ireland and globally had galactic star connections, were possibly also primarily portals and that this was known for centuries, requiring the doctoring of the official story. This is why archaeology is not a hobby subject we can be entertained by when new findings are exhibited worldwide, but a key tool in the ascension of our planet. If the true origins of our race were to be revealed, as many currently in power already know, the house of cards will come tumbling down. We have come from other planets and we have already at our disposal advanced technologies, including free energy, which immediately means the end of lack and the privileges of the ruling class, the waking up of the masses to the realisation of the abundance that is their heritage. Research is required. But just that info alone wouldn’t work as simple as that because we have been told many times on earth that we are gods and we haven’t listened or got the message. So it has to be a slow revelation as is the case with these Taygetan messages, a slow detailed stream of info allowing it to seep into our bones so that we ourselves, our whole being, rise to the power that we already possess. There is no certainty in these messages that this time we will. Maybe this time. I have no interest in this game any more. I am God creating a new reality based on people and fun and relaxation
  9. The Pop and those in control in the vat^^ican are not catholic they are satanists and worship the black sun, saturn and lucifer. 
  10. The New Age Movement is under scrutiny by the vat^^ican and illum^^^inati, infiltrating starseeds through positive movements. ‘The night is darkest before the dawn’ = ‘The dawning of a new era’ = ‘The dawning of a new world order’. ‘The Light’ is linked to the rituals of the illum^^^inati. The illum^^^inati = The Light = serves to blind.
  11. World  domination network: 1. The vat^^ican finances and controls everything. 2. China is an invasive instrument, a decoy and 3. The Democratic Party is being infiltrated. Trump did not comply, so many of his agents are being assassinated. Storming of the Capitol was a staged event, with protesters dressed up as Trump supporters, DC police agreed to step aside and media cameras conveniently placed to film it all. Trump is aware of who really is trying to control it al
  12. Raiders of the lost arc was true in some respects. However there are 3 arcs all developed by The Taygetans and another race called Karistus to preserve the codes of life on earth if it ever was destroyed. One was placed in Giza, one in Mecca and one on the Taygetan ship. The Giza one was found by the nazis, taken by the US and damaged as they tried to open it, killing many in the process. More deaths occurred in 2015 when the arc in Mecca was handed over to the Russians who now store in a base in Antarctica under Karistus control. So there is one destroyed and 2 remaining. Yazhi describes the arc’s defence mechanism: “It defends itself with a variety of weapons, mostly magnetic and electric. It is all controlled by holographic AI inside. It is a very elaborate machine. It is seen as divine magic. It’s just technology they (humans) cannot understand”
  13. Don’t eat food with faces, sugar and simple carbohydrates, industrialised food and gmos. Although they did later say that they realise some people do need meat. If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it. Eggs and diary are tolerable
  14. Sugar and meat clog arteries not cholesterol or fat or calories 
  15. Have fun, be happy
  16. Oil is a renewable resource
  17. As of today 16 Feb 2022, one Taygetan ship is in orbit approx 400km above the earth, approximately 2km long. They have been coming to earth for aeons, but recently they came in 1919 then after WW2 in 1954 for a few years, coming down on earth to speak with several people incl some governments. It’s hard for them to stay more than a week or two because the atmosphere here is 79% nitrogen 29% oxygen whereas in Taygeta it’s the opposite. They came back in 2008 with a large fleet and have been in contact with thousands of people. The vat^^ican are aware of their presence and have made contact through very elaborate undisclosed channels. There is much diplomacy taking place. Working with governments hasn’t work. Governments tried to use them for their knowledge and weren’t interested in anything else. Their strategy since 2016 is to work directly with starseeds
  18. THE REAL CONTROLLER IS US THE HUMANS, THE COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS. This is why the key message is to take responsibility for your life, decide what you want and go get it.
  19. Non real People: 80% A program by the matrix. AI computerised digital mind, they are energy only. Most tragic circumstances are the lot of unreal people, they have no soul, and do not think for themselves

      Real People      : 20% Key people manifesting the Matrix, have only limited suffering, they are Starseeds and have a soul. Some are here for the ride, just to experience life on earth, not for a mission

  1. Watch your thoughts and reactions. Focus on what makes you happy and never on what you don’t want. Develop your own imagination. This is where you design your future and your Life. Imagination is not empty fantasy it is where the whole Universe has come from, it is the blueprint of Creation. FOLLOW YOUR OWN PATH & BE HAPPY
  2. Mars is divided among 3 races, Tall greys, cab^al/Reptiles, Mantis. There are 4 planets in our solar system which our governments do not mention. 
  3. The US army invaded Iraq under the pretense of capturing Saddam Hussein but the main purpose was to seize portals. They are now under the pentagon (i need clarity on this)
  4. Venus is a tropical paradise more suited to Humans than Earth. So the cab^al attacked it in the 60s using portals to transfer soldiers and armoury to a planet of 60million humans like us but at about the military age of ancient Greek. It was slaughter and population depletion and those remaining work now for the cab^al. The vietnam war was a cover for this genocide. Venus must be kept as a secret paradise, the playground of the cab^al. Earth must be kept in low freq
  5. 11:11, 22:22 etc is cultural New Age Info and has no meaning other than what you place on it. No symbol means anything without an external energy giving it an interpretation
  6. There is no climate change, but there is a strategy to implement climate control, with environmental pollution and destruction of ecosystems 
  7. Coastal cities will not be flooded. Temperature rises and falls, fluctuations are a natural phenomenon. CO2 does not cause the greenhouse effect. There is no pole shift. Ice caps are bigger and thicker than before. What comes out of the sun is not harmful. The earth is hollow with large underground cavities the size of continents. The ozone layer is a lie. Andromedans are cleaning up Fukushima pollution and radiation
  8. Some volcanoes, for example in Canaries Sept 19 2021, are artificially created, there is also a date link to volcanoes in Mexico Sept 19 1985 and Sept 19 2019. May be linked to illum^^^inati numerological rituals. The recent fires in Australia and California are also artificially created
  9. Leylines mark the path of internal black goo flow which create a magnetic flux
  10. Oil is not depleting, another lie, oil is self renewable
  11. Reptiles require human biosuits, they cannot go anywhere in the Universe without them (i need clarity on this)
  12. Let the sadness and despair sink into you, let it destroy you and then it will go away 
  13. Earth is an experience for rapid spiritual evolution of soul
  14. For the federation this is like a war game, and they don’t want earth to ascend because they feel it should remain an experience for rapid spiritual evolution of soul and perhaps some elements want the game to continue. Its not clear what their exact motivation is and apparently requires much diplomacy
  15. Organised truckers, that’s the CIA. Where’s the evidence? We don’t need specific data, says Yazhi, this kind of thing is always the CIA. Truckers protest appears in the illum^^^inati card game. They are setting the trucker up to be blamed for the planned food shortages that are on the way!!
  16. Precambrian, Durassic, Iron Age, Bronze Age, RUBBISH! There have been sophisticated races on earth for millions of earth linear years, some for short periods, some long, some local, some interstellar. Dinosaurs? Another Apollo11!
  17. Cave paintings. These are encrypted messages, a race now under attack, finding refuge in caves and sending the message to those who follow: ‘we were here, this is what happened’. Some of the messages were for interstellar races, only they could understand them.
  18. Cloning of humans and animals is taking place in DUMBS, underground labs run by cab^al geneticists and regressive races. They have not managed to alter our DNA but they have managed to isolate the adma, the signal from source to soul, to study it and replicate some of its characteristic, producing clones of animals and humans with ltd power and ltd interactivity; politicians, high profile people, celebrities, military personnel, sex slaves, adults, young people and children all controlled via a chip in the brain from the central AI computer known as ‘The Red Queen’ under Denver Airport via the internet. It is connected to every computerised device in the world: phones, computers, cars, ships, submarines, aircraft, drones with a constant flow of info to and from each. This info is readily available to spy agencies. The red queen works independently of human control, is not empathetic and has no other agenda than total power
  19. In Antarctica there is a German dissident civilization with a high technology DUMB. This is why Antarctica is a restricted zone. It’s all theatre. This DUMB, called Neuschwabenland, is connected to Area 51, S-4, Dougway AFB, Ray Patterson and other places related to Super Secret technology of propulsion material and ships. They are not isolated. Neuschwabenland, is a huge area that comprises an open area without ice kept like this by artificial means and a large 12-level underground complex that includes facilities for ships and nuclear submarines.
  20. Area 51 in Nevada, at the lowest level 7 also has a base for US Navy nuclear submarines, therefore officially is a naval base. Submarines enter through entrances in Santa Monica Bay near Los Angeles
  21. All devices and electronic gadgets of the “Smart” type, such as mobile phones, are also two-way devices that affect and control human reactions by the emission of specific frequencies designed to affect the cerebral cortex. This technology is already being used on a large scale and is transmitted from Güen towers situated mostly in mobile phone towers. This technology has been applied for about 5 years to control human behaviour
  22. Is there a magnetic problem with the Earth’s core because it could change poles and that is why animals are behaving out of control and dying? No. The core is stable, the magnetic disturbance is superficial and artificial caused by so many microwaves. 
  23. It is better to have an 8 cylinder car than a hybrid or electric, since an 8 cylinder causes less environmental damage and less pollution than what it causes to generate the same amount of electricity in plants that burn coal, or highly destructive atomic energy to feed the electric car, causing intensive environmental damage and the destruction of countless ecosystems.   
  24. If star families appeared on earth now, most people would see them as irrelevant. When they come, the theory of evolution is over, and free energy will end the power companies obsolete and abundance will reign. No government wants this. Yazhi feels humans are moving away from this possibility 
  25. Yazhi: “They talk about 25000 year cycles, Mayan Calendar, Kali Yuga, whatever. No, it does not happen every few fixed years, but every time the number of awakened ones exceeds a limit. And that is happening today” Planetary Reset, 3D Matrix – Federation – Human Civilization aug 2020. It is not the changing of the ages but a moment in time when the Federation seeks to control a planet which is at a critical point in its awakening (i need clarity on this).
  26. I liked how they showed that life in 5d doesn’t mean everything flows smoothly, it makes it all seem more real and possibly reveals the limitations and deliberately misleading images of an afterlife being just a floaty heavenly bliss fit only for the purest of the pure, which i feel exists but there are multiple layers of reality in between, trying again to make us fill that we are lesser than, not good enough, sinners and can never reach those heights whilst concealing from us the stepping stones in between
  27. Gosia:”…..all service to others is truly service to self “ Yazhi: “Inescapably so!”

As i said, the Taygetans are more multidimensional in their messages and also their words may have several meanings. There are many ways of understanding any topic, a multitude of answers to any question. There was one video in particular which felt different than all the rest, ‘Joan Manifesto’ , a message from Yazhi. In this video i heard expressions which i never heard Swaruu of Erra saying like:


Set yourself in battle mode, and do it, even if all you can do is save yourself, that is a lot. We are not into Love and Light and giving people false hope’

I later learnt that Yazhi herself is quite warriorlike and also as Minerva said describing Yazhi ‘She fuses the real with the not real, making everything real, for her’  So im taking that into consideration, adding it to the soup if you like, letting it simmer and seeing what it all tastes like. However in other similar videos, I did resonate with


You dont need information. I cant tell you what to do. You know what to do, so do it.

Be responsible, with the best info at your disposal, consider your options, hold high frequency, THEN ACT’ 


Questioning all beliefs that were based on stories ive heard from other, including the Jesus and Mary Magdalene story, The Pleiadians and The Fairies, I asked each one to answer me and hey presto! i opened a can of worms (or is that a can of reptiles!!). These videos have given me fabulous answers and then more, new perspectives on all of life, which i had some awareness of, but few details. Space has definitely been made to allow me to take more responsibility for myself and be more confident in the creator that i am. New stories about the Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Taygeta, the Federation of United Planets, the cab^al, Clones, the fabricated stories of Climate Change, Religions, Media, Oil Depletion, Free Energy and World History have sat me down to think long and hard about the direction im going in. Its not so much that there are definitive answers in these videos, for as i have said earlier, you are reminded often that there are many answers to each question, many ways to look at all subjects. Its that these messages give me the opportunity to set aside long held beliefs and feel what its like to try something new. The something new feels good, the something new i have already, i am already. The notion of heaven has also been set aside, clouds parting and a voice from on high proclaiming at last the good news, are nowhere in these messages. Instead there is very clear detailed information via texting on the internet.

Since i began watching these videos, there is a shift in my perception in the following areas of life: 

Jesus: I have set the concept of Jesus and Mary Magdalene aside. It has belonged in a book praised by many as the greatest story ever told but now it is seen as one of the greatest lies ever told. As i have said, this concept has been a strong influence in my life, and though i left the roman catholic church 30 years ago i still felt a very dear connection to Jesus, praying to him each morning asking him for all the strength, wisdom and love i need to embody my divinity. Now i simply dont ask, i know i am the Divine, i am source, i have all the strength, wisdom and love i need. The Roman Catholic Church has as one of its pillars of truth the idea that you must go thru Jesus or Mother Mary or whoever to get to God. There must be an intermediary, because you are not good enough, you’re lesser than, you’re a sinner and you need someone who is pure, ‘without blemish’ to ‘save’ you. This idea, this mind control concept of the saviour is explored very well in the videos on Jesus. Though i felt i had left that idea behind, tears fell as i realised i had not. The idea was etched into my psyche. I was told i was a sinner and i needed to be saved and Jesus was the guy. He was like a nice teacher who was a stickler for the rules. There was a figure of Jesus in my childhood kitchen, with a bleeding heart wrapped with thorns and crowned with a burning cross. I always felt he was watching me. I would go to one side of the kitchen and then the other and his eyes seemed to follow me. This was scary especially at night when all was dark, the little perpetual red light, the only light in the room, was straight out of a horror movie. Though i left the church i still carried Jesus with me into the New Age where it seemed he found a new audience with a similar eagerness for a saviour, truth, belonging, god, as the first. The idea, instilled in me from the womb and fine tuned to the vibration of millenia of false doctrine, has held our ascension back more than another, says some Taygetans. And so i need to give my body space to rehabilitate. I feel brainwashing and mind control. At first it was disorienting, wondering could all this be true, now, I feel more empowered, more spacious, more relaxed and grateful for all those who have helped me through this psychosis

Because I have set the concept of Jesus aside, it gives me the space to revisit many of the messages associated with his name and see if, as stand alone teachings, there is something i can resonate with

  1. “Turn the other cheek”, has held me back from a more forward response to certain situations
  2. “Respect your Father and your Mother”, is open to wide interpretation
  3. ”Then he took a piece of bread, gave thanks to God, broke it, and gave it to them, saying, “This is my body, which is given for you. Do this in memory of me.” In the same way, he gave them the cup after the supper, saying, “This cup is God’s new covenant sealed with my blood, which is poured out for you “ Could be a cover for blood sacrifice rituals of another religion, this needs more research to be verified
  4. “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”. Potentially a story to get everyone to blindly accept what they’re told
  5. “Now I tell you that whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another woman, commits adultery.” Another time bomb
  6. Jesus said to them, “Truly I tell you, in the renewal of all things, when the Son of Man sits on His glorious throne, you who have followed Me will also sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or fields for the sake of My name will receive a hundredfold and will inherit eternal life. But many who are first will be last, and the last will be first ” Possibly a means to get rich people to give their wealth to the church. Personally there is a slight tendency to downplay riches and treasures
  7. “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s” Propaganda to get people to pay their taxes, which at that time in Palestine was one of the main causes of strife. Today that still influences me to be a ‘good’ citizen

As i have been formally acknowledging the concept of Jesus for many years, I will be making a decision about how to formally acknowledge these new perspectives, these new energies that are now sinking into my bones

Ancient Truths: However it is important to say that the roots of many stories in the bible have deeper more empowering roots. The controllers have taken ancient truths than can inspire people to live as gods and twisted them so that people actually live as slaves. These ancient truths now need to be revisited which is something that these videos also have begun to do

The Pleiadians: Back to morning prayers again. Next i would make a similar request to my Pleiadian friends. At a very low point in my life in 2018, there was desperation to find answers to where i would live and what i would do to make money. A facebook post recommended asking the Pleiadians. Whether out of fear or a genuine intuitive connection, perhaps a bit of both, im not sure, but i felt their presence and i got a relatively clear answer. Their names were Michael, Sarah, Penelope, Peter, James, Thomas, Timothy, Patrick and Adrian, a very suspiciously biblical lineup. I continued to intuitively connect with them until a few weeks ago when i began to question my contact. Now, i still feel that they are there and also that they are me, a manifestation of my imagination, perhaps details like names need revision. Maybe they are Taygetans or Karistus. I have asked them to make it clear to me where they are from, if ive got their names right, if the message i received from them 3 years ago was real and if they are in actual fact the Angels i refer to in the next section. I feel they responded and whilst i didnt perceive an answer to all my questions, they gave the thumbs up to all im doing, encouraging me to keep it up

Guardian Angels: First greeting each morning was to my Guardian Angel friends My Lu Lee, My Lee Lieux. First intuitive contact with them was in 1995 at a time when i was relatively comfortable and not looking for any spiritual guidance or ‘saving’. I had become disillusioned with the church and was in a relatively very free space, no ties to any practice, modality or belief system. A time of curiosity. I remember the moment when i intuitively perceived them. I was cycling over a pedestrian hump backed bridge on the grand canal near Maynooth in Ireland. Unsure of what i was picking up, this had never happened before, at least that’s what i thought, the connection felt very real, the names were very clear. Slowly over many years immersing myself in many new age practices, their presence began to mean something to me. I called them my guardian angels, probably more church influence still lingering there. I grew up with a strong belief that our guardian angels are here to protect us. Now, after listening to the Taygetans, there is a new perspective here too. Once again I feel that they too are me. We are more like long lost friends getting to know one another in a new way. I would ask my Angels, my ‘Higher Self’ for everything from helping me to find the simplest of things to tackling the most complex of life’s questions. Again the change is very subtle, but big, because instead of seeing them as ‘Higher’, a popular new age concept which is true from a lower frequency perspective, i now see them as me, on the same level, wearing the same pants. My morning greeting today goes something like “Good morning everyone, Good morning everything, Good morning all, Good morning my multidimensional me, including My Lee Lieux My Lu Lee”. They are a means by which i can realign when i stray and return to my divine power again, and all such assistance is very gratefully received. I’m fascinated to see where this connection goes. For now the relationship feels lighter, more co creative and fun

The Father: Another big icon, god the father. Its amazing how i may have laughed at how god, the man above is portrayed in countless comedy sketches, yet i still held a belief in his legitimacy, in his defining role in my life, the world and the universe, a connection deep in the very core of my psyche and that of the collective subconscious. Just like in the case of Jesus, i may have left the church but i never left their god, their concept of god. And whilst this concept was prayed to and sung to as i was doing up to 4 weeks ago, i was returning to conditioning begun at conception and probably in other timelines too saying, i am lesser, god is my creator, i need him. I have said countless times, so often it brings me to tears and questions my sanity, i have said that all i need is within, i am love, this is it, this is perfection. And yet there was this big guy in the sky. Of course a lot of the descriptions were erroneous, we don’t know who he is, if its a he or a she or a they or a blob, a puff of air, a nothingness from which all comes and into which all returns in this moment, in all moments. These reasons were aligned with many of the new age beliefs i was immersing myself in, and in that sense they satisfied my questions. But the concept of an almighty god, the one god, remained, even if it is a nothingness, it was still larger, bigger, mightier than I. I was secondary, lesser than. And this differentiation is the core mind control. Just as many people feel today, just as many of our ancestors have known and all our loved ones in the future will know, there is no one mightier than, we are all holographic fragments of the whole, with all share the attributes of the whole. We are not just part of the whole. We are the whole. You are source. I am god. This lie is so rooted in our beings, we need to dig deep, deeper than the lie and find there the seed of change that shows the world that indeed there has always been truth and power and love, we have simply forgotten and chosen another path. The question is, will you choose again to remember the essence of your truth, your power and your love.

Heaven: Another concept which has been introduced to me in the womb, probably in other timelines too. I respond to it now like i have to the concepts of Jesus and God. The videos about the extraterrestrial races were fascinating. There’s millions upon billions of them more than likely but here in these videos they talk about just a few. I felt i was being shown around heaven. Knowing that heaven is to be felt and witnessed in many planets all over the universe including our own solar system allows me to be even more confident that we can create this heaven on earth too

Waiting: Again i wish to reiterate the context of my words. A life lived searching, in spiritual communities, groups, retreats, books, practices a plenty, some still active, living in prisons of school, society, cultural norms, religion, lack and obligations, i have left it all and i relax. There was always something i wanted, and there still is. But in my desire, sex been a big one, i never saw my own beauty, my own divinty. The mind control is so subtle, there are chasms between the concept of a higher God and being a holographic fragment of the whole. Its no wonder i have woken up most mornings feeling there’s something missing, waiting for a sign, a lover, a revelation to make sense of it all, to fulfil my desires. I have seen my Divinity for many years, but then i get distracted by a new angle that brings to the surface deeper attachments. And thats all fine. Now sinking to the depths and heights of my true self i say I am god and when i find myself waiting for something or someone i will respond with clarity. Waiting is a vibration similar to what some may call a demonic vibration, because both simply attempt to distract you away from or suppress your divinity. So that is why it is so important now in these times of energetic transformation, when the stakes are high, to watch your thoughts, not just in meditation or silent times, but all the times. Watch what you say and think and do and feel. Choose always to place your attention on what you desire and be compassionate with yourself when you stray or resist. Be mindful at all times, your each moment is a meditation and in this meditation there is no waiting. 

Who am I: Here too there is a shift, a subtle shift, its big, not just big, seismic and so i’m inspired to acknowledge once again that I AM THE ONE. As the days go by, i continue to unravel the chains that tie me to an intermediary, someone always higher than you, the false sense of security, thinking someone else is taking care of things, saying to oneself in some part of your mind, ‘how could i ever think i could do all this on my own’. There is that sense that someone in the end will come to you and lift you up. Again i say, it’s very subtle. If this is truly the case, its very clever, devious mind control that has been in place for millennia in the world of christians, the new age movement and all round the globe. I have always felt a connection to source, but there was lots of fog there, was i source or connected to source or just a part of source or perhaps an empty vessel through which source could pour thru me. That ‘vessel’ idea was huge in my journey, another idea similar in its effect to the need for an intermediary to access God, ‘make me a channel for your peace’. There are people who channel different higher dimensions that have a real contribution in the collective ascension of our planet. The concept of ‘empty vessel’ is however not the same and maybe used to create confusion. There is the notion in the roman catholic church that ‘an empty vessel’ is one that realises that it can do nothing on its own and relies on god to show us the way. I don’t have a connection to source. I am not ‘an empty vessel’…. I AM SOURCE  ‘…the idea that you are limited is the only thing that is limiting you, because you can create anything because you already have. You are source. You are not even part of source as many on Earth say. You are it. Even the other real people are just yourself in a mirror’  Swaruu of Erra in the video ‘Not Real People: Extraterrestrial Message from Pleiades (Taygeta)’ Oct 2018.

Commitment: As the need for an intermediary has consistently followed me since childhood i now commit to consistently choosing the reality i dream of, the reality that says I AM GOD, from now on there is no ‘middle man’ ‘There are no victims here, we have already tired of saying it. So that’s why we always say the world is as it should be. We cannot fix the world because it is not ours to fix. It is theirs, the humans. We can only be mentors, for those who listen. But in the end that world is not only the creation of humans, it is the humans themselves. They ARE that. There is no use taking them to another place, to another planet. Because they take the problems with them, because they are the problems….There are no reptiles other than those created by humans themselves. No one is their predator. They depredate themselves and I mean personally. Each one of them. They walk through the rainy streets with broken shoes … Resentful of the rich man with his new “latest model” white truck that drives through a puddle and bathes them. Miserable they feel. Being gods’ Swaruu D’Jedi Ronin in the video ‘Reptiles – Oppressors of Humanity?’

Self serving: So many words have been laced with meaning, have been twisted to distract and suppress the truth of who we really are. The word ‘self serving’ has negative connotations. Now i see the power in this word. To be of service to others you must first be of service to yourself, ie self serving. “Thinking in a mode of service to others does not work on Earth as it is at this time, since those who are at the service of others, as they are called in the New Age, will only make themselves slaves of opportunists who call themselves spiritual guides, or at least you will end up over-giving to everyone around you without a balance of having your own needs met. It is not as simple as simply living at the service of others, but maintaining a balance between your own needs and starting from that as a base…. from there to help others. So know thyself. And as I said: “With great power comes great responsibility.” And if you hold some power then you must use it.”  Yazhi, Starseeds – What should we DO and how should we BE now? 

Think for myself: Now as i look out at the world and particularly those close to me, i can feel the myriad of vibrations they all carry. It is a very steadying influence in these challenging changing times, to be able to hone in on what is really important every time i interact with them and that is, are they thinking for themselves. The most important info to give people is ‘…..what frees the mind to stop relying on all kinds of authorities and experts and to develop the ability to take responsibility to think for themselves’ Athena ‘Taygetans Why are we here – Update’  Feb 2022. This ability is what authority figures including schools and governments have suppressed for hundreds and thousands of years. There’s no ‘spiritual’ speak here. Yes it’s emanating from the galaxy but it’s very down to earth. I’ve always known this, but what’s revealed in these videos is the extent of the control and it really does call us to wake up and assist others to wake up in whatever way we can to how precious it is to be ourselves, and to think for ourselves, ourselves alone 

Fairies: I have a ringfort on my property. This is where they say the fairies live and many people have sensed their vibration. For 22 years now, i have chatted with them, ask them for permission to enter, looked for their guidance, but i have never seen them or have never had the same vivid experience i see some visitors having. So i questioned my connection with them, is it just because i feel its the cool thing to be able to do, or am i actually speaking with them. Now there seems to be a respectful distance, a time to readjust and just lets see what happens

Meditation and the tiny voice inside: All my life i have lauded the benefits of meditation, space to allow myself to align with the divine and hear the ‘tiny voice inside’. There’s another subtle shift here too, subtle but big, it has been happening for a number of years. The tiny voice inside is me, shrouded in a fog of distractions, false gods and suppression, i couldn’t make it out clearly. It’s not tiny at all, its magnificent. Today i feel, thanks in part to the expansive vibrations running thru these messages, that we must all find our own way of connecting to this magnificence and we need to be so very selective because there are many who claim outcomes that will never transpire, many who claim gifts they don’t possess. For me, yes i will continue to meditate, but now more than ever, i meditate my way. And because of all the guidance and influence of others down thru all these years, i need now to really set all that aside and let me guide me and watch what i say and think and do and feel. I choose to place my attention on what i truly honestly desire, my wildest dreams and to be compassionate with myself when i stray or resist. My each moment is a meditation and in this meditation there is no waiting there’s is only creating and this suits me down to get ground

Love and Light:  This was a greeting i have used a lot in the past. I have set it aside now. The love part is wonderful, but the light attaches to the vibration of the illum^^^inati and control and suppression, ties and bonds which i now cut

Let go: This was a phrase i have always had difficulty with. On my spiritual journey it was a common catchphrase used by many teachers, part of many prayers, wishes and requests. But i have been slow to adopt it. At one stage i used to say ‘let go of what? is everything not supposed to be perfect just the way it is’. As the Taygetans might say there are many ways to look at an issue. So revisiting ‘Let go’, i feel there are attachments remaining in the body i call Fionntáin, and i have a choice in this density i find myself in to focus on these attachments and clear them, watch them go, ‘let them go’…or is there another way. Well i feel there is. The game changer, or perhaps more accurately the treasure revealer, for me is to put my focus FIRST on the treasure. Again the shift is subtle but seismic. If while luxuriating in your treasure, demons arise, then i will face them with all the strength and power of my divine presence and respond as necessary, speak to them, be with them, sit with them, tell them what to do, whatever is required in that moment, but and this is the key, always coming from my place of bliss. Choose to feel good at all times even if dense emotions come to call. This is what i feel it takes to transform and this is possible, because i am experiencing this. And when you are coming from the place of your bliss there is nothing to let go of. Of course if you are holding on tight to your rowing boat paddle, you have to ‘let go’ if you want to swim.

Thoughts: Another word that has got bad press in spiritual circles and which i feel is redeemed in these messages. For me i do not need to clear my mind of thoughts. I acknowledge my thoughts, allow my thoughts to arise and organise them. This is a perspective you may find helpful. If in meditation you are clearing your mind of thought, then thoughts are given a secondary place in your world. You are attempting to visit places of purity, bliss and ecstasy free from the unnecessary chatter of the mind, the distractions that can never amount to anything. This way of relating to thoughts works for those who have renounced many of the worlds comforts, live in monasteries, who follow set doctrines not requiring exploration only adherence from people whose shelter and food is provided by others. Most of us don’t live like that, it’s not the path we have chosen. If you acknowledge that you are already the Divine, you have already attained all the ecstasy and love you desire because this is who you are, then thoughts have a different meaning. Thoughts become a signal for the way you are progressing on your journey home to yourself. Bringing thoughts out into the open is unlocking the depths of your subconscious, your ancestral collective subconscious and as such you are embarking on an epic voyage. You are facing the multilayered lie that has seeped into every area of your life beginning with the concept that you are a separate individual and including the whole range of assumptions that go to make the matrix that most of us call life. And you are responding to this with strength, wisdom and love. You are alone with the vast array of conflicting and confusing information that makes up this matrix and keeps us enslaved. You are a warrior for truth, your truth, using all the swords at your disposal to clear a path through the thick that allows you to make sense of it all.  The concepts of truth which is never ‘the truth’, but your truth, can only be seen when thoughts are tamed, sifted through and organised into in and out boxes. The essence of our bliss can not be felt until then. Our thoughts formulate our choices, craft our Kingdom, reveal our desires, inspire our thoughts, formulate our choices, craft our kingdom…. This is my journey now and my body is acclimatising as i go


It has been at times like watching Star Trek again with all the weird creatures that earthlings encountered in that TV series and, when seen from a certain perspective, the video series is very entertaining. Gosia does present them very well. From another perspective, if all this is true for you, it builds the foundation on which a new history of our world and universe can be built. From yet another perspective, it matters not if the cab^al invaded Venus or if the moon is really a repurposed spherical spaceship disguised as a moon, because these are just more stories which we are now receiving from wherever it matters neither. What matters, what always matters and what always will, is how each one of us perceives them, interprets them, how we decode them with our unique frequency, take responsibility for what we are receiving, just as we take responsibility for all messages and experiences and people we encounter throughout our lives, acknowledge them, allow them, love them and in the end, the culmination of all and everything, the jewel in the crown of our majestic being, we come to our own personal conclusions and stand by them. If there is a fight, you are fighting yourself, you are resisting your own power, if you are acknowledging your resistance, then you have an opportunity to realise how it is all just a program and how you can change the program, you are responding to the resistance with as much energy as the program that created the resistance, you are standing tall with the conclusions that you personally arrived at, caring for them, guarding them, following through on them, being true to them no matter what.

Yes the ascension is happening, but it is not clear what course it’s going to take and that all depends on us Humans, and no one else. In order to better orient my unique frequency with ascension, these messages have flung the curtains back, opened the windows wide and let in fresh air that dispel the myths of ‘jesus’, and ‘mother mary’ and all the intermediaries to ‘god’ that lives in some sort of ‘heaven’. I have been made more aware of the complex vibrations associated with words like service, love, light, community, friendship, angels and more and whenever i am in service to myself and the world that i am, i maintain this awareness. The controllers have infiltrated all strands of society incl the New Age in which i have immersed myself deeply for so long. For now I will continue my connections very selectively with new insight. These messages have copper fastened the idea attributed by some to Einstein, that if there is a problem its thinking that makes it so. There are no problems in my world, in my Universe. I am standing tall like never before, me myself i, my smile, my strength, my honesty, my breath, my sound, my movement, my creativity and this is all i need. All you need is love, it was said. I say, all you need is you. I AM THE ONE. From this core creativity flows.

Is it all true? 

How much does that matter? At the end of the day, the bottom line is i’m the one in charge, i’m creating my reality. Whats true for you, may not necessarily be true for another. So i decide what’s true for me or not true. These videos have helped to release many of my ‘god’ given talents from the clutches of tyrannical forces and so i’m happy to say they are overall true for me until i say otherwise. I say no to my victimisation and yes to my glorification

I am grateful for all the resources, messages and people that are assisting my creation. Thank you Gosia, your team at Cosmic Agency and all the Taygetans in orbit around earth for these powerful words. I look forward to reading more messages from our cosmic friends. Thank you youtube and the internet and all the devices that make this communication possible. Sending lots of fun and relaxation to our Earth, our Galaxy and to our Universe 

This is it

Je suis complet pour l’instant

Gracias Dziękuję Kiitos

Thank you for reading

Sending you lots of fun and relaxation 🙂

Fionntáin Lios Fearnáin Ireland 22 Feb 2022 

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P.S. This is never the end. Its just the beginning of something else. All these stories are my stories. I created them. Now relax, you’ve done a fabulous job, have a break!! Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!! Allow yourself to rest, no obligations to anyone and i mean anyone ever again, other than you and from that space, o creator that i adore, see what happens 🙂

Jesus is dead

Apparently he never lived

I am god. 

How do you fathom an icon like Maria

Maria was Isis, the lie is revealed

I am god.

Who are my guardian angels, if i ever had any at all

There’s spirit guides on Jupiter, life forms on Mars 

I am god.

There are no intermediaries between us and our God

God is indivisible

I am god.

At times i get distracted by lies floating in a dream of my creation

That’s how absolutely fabulous i am

I am God.

Stay strong dear Fionntáin, oil the engines of your mind and no one else’s

So that it flows in rhythm with your wide open lustful loving heart

I am god.

For the saboteur at night will throw a spanner in the works 

if you ever choose to fall asleep again

I am god, therefore i am anything i want to be, now, so be it

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In 2005 i had a profound spiritual experience leading me to record my debut album, ‘Under the Great Shady Tree’. I have faced depression, sadness, anger, jealousy, guilt, sexual craving, loss, grief, disapproval, fear, loneliness and many other emotions and have found the strength within to keep going. In 2015 i had another profound spiritual experience which opened my heart wider still, and allows me today to see that everything we experience is here to help us. Today i have left most of the modalities i have practiced in the past and live with the ever increasing knowing that I am the creator of my reality. I am the only one.

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