I dream again

The days easy breathing recalls the nights dream
void of the sulking the sacrificial scream
for a man took flight
and sailed the skies with heart’s delight,
out of sight of fear and fright.
He sailed for a day and two and more,
crossing desert, sea, land and shore.

With levity and gaiety he skipped ravine,
and soared… high o’er majestic scene.
Round the world he went,
no energy spent,
to return again before dawns pure light,
just as I had for wished alright,
with a treasure of lyrical music and song,
poetry in soundings with bowl, bell and gong.
Rhyme and rhythm all flow into one
colours his dancing all round the sun

I woke to the feeling of art deep inside,
and honour the power I now take for a ride.
I share it with you, in the now, come what may
as it spins round the heart… of this night and this day

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