I’m Home

Beauty flows in every moment of everyday
When you least expect it
When you don’t expect it
When you don’t want it.
The beauty of the moment shines in your heart                                                                                             and the beauty of the heart shines in the moment.

The human exquisite expression of love.
Energy to the beat of abundance,
One moment,
2 beat to the one, unified, supercharged, uprooting attachment to want.

Grace and Majesty in this darkly expansive smooth wintery summers day
This otherworldier and one discovered, dissolve before all loving eyes.
The beat is steady. The grace is easy. I am home

There is no god, but god and yet
You are a powerfully gentle soul in search of your powerfully gentle soul.
I’m going home,                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I am home.



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