last night

And so the sun seems once again to reappear
and raise its enormously tiny head
Peering out from under the covers at this new whatever.
Blazing, bursting, billowing balls, bomb 50 million tons of nuclear fusion through
90 million miles and more every second I breathe.

Swirling, twirling, lunging thoughtlessly into this new whatever
Which, whether it knows it or not
seems utterly unmoved at the sameness of newness
that wantonly calls on to be manifest and…
festively dances with light, sprightly, delightfully,
swirling with pain and sorrow,
love and lust and all that hearts arouse

I take last nights wine,
there is still last nights energy,
and still in silence…..
once again still in silence…..
once again still in silence…..
this new whatever, makes light of it all!  Ha!


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