4 thoughts on “Lyrics

    1. hi Sue, thanks for all the admiration and congratulations once again….a special congratulations this time because you are the first person to purchase my album online from the new bandcamp page…..great thrill for me. 3 or 4 years ago writing and recording these songs was the only way I knew to express what my heart wanted to say, nothing to do with wooing anybody….when I began to perform the songs live I did get distracted with wooing the audience…but I soon got over that!! Will send the album to you tomorrow. In relation to the blog Aschouving, I recommend reading the publication through and see if the practice is for you. Love 🙂


      1. I teach my own, my friend… and not so dissimilar. I don’t think many systems differ too much in the underlying message. Just the way we approach the centre.There is a path to suit everyone somewhere.

        I downloaded the album tonight and listened to it through.. twice. I loved it. Very much my kind of music.
        I like your voice too and the heart in the lyrics.

        Once upon a time I was married to a French singer/songwriter and we lived with and for the music. The guitar even took pride of place in our bed on our wedding night 🙂 At least he chose a ‘mistress’ with curves and a beautiful voice 🙂



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