June the 21st this year was a high energy day for me, lots going on in my house, don’t know whether it was the time of year or what, but it was all good. In the midst of all the activity I took this video of my latest poem. You’ll find a transcript of it below. In brackets are the lines omitted from the video…my mind was on other things at that point in the shoot, probably thinking about sex or something. I like the idea of the audio and visual presentation and I want to video more of my poetry and songs. I want a videographer to give me a hand….any ideas?

At the heart of all there is stillness.
But sure of course there is.
Haven’t you ever noticed? 

At the eye of the storm there is stillness.
At the point of a blast there is stillness.


I sing one hundred thousand million songs.
I dance one hundred thousand million steps.
I walk the globe and  fly to mars;
on through the universe to one hundred thousand billion stars.
I give the crowds all the music they can take,
all the money they can make,
all the images they see as real,
all the pleasure they can feel,
with nothing but stillness.

(Take a break, a mindful break and now another.
Take a breath, a mindful breath and now another.
Take the time to know who you really are.
Take the time to greet who you really are,
and smile all day long, for it’s all but a gift from……..) stillness

A pure non-sensical whimsical beingness.
For less than the least price imaginable.
Always there for you, asking nothing of you,
effortlessly staining and cleansing the very body, mind and soul it has bestowed on you
(or whatever…)

Hold it! Don’t move! B as u r.
Wake up… Be still… Notice…
Your observation of reality is the only reality.
Breathe… Smile… Have fun!

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