My Body Gently Weeps

I wanted to share this video again, ‘While my guitar gently weeps’, (see below), because it inspires me so much, and i began to write some thoughts on it by way of introduction. It turns out my body had more to say about it than i expected

The more you bring your attention to anyone or anything, your conscious, honest, courageous attention, and acknowledge and answer with kindness what is arising within you as a result, the more you ‘fall in love’, or as i prefer to say, the more you drop deeper into a deeper love, a deeper love that feels so deep only because you have forgotten how endless, how vast, how wide, how high, how deep, how all encompassing love is, this love, which is who you already are.

There are people or things that each of us are drawn to more than others and this is good, because with our attention focused on these, we find it is easier to touch the love. And so it is good for us to become clear, if we have not already done so, as soon as possible on who these people and things are. For me today, amongst other things, i find myself drawn once again to this exquisite live performance, in which the play of musicianship, voice, lyric, innocence, honesty, yearning and passion remind me yet again that the best place for me to draw my attention to at this time, is me, and specifically my body.

George Harrison has written a song yearning for love, a song i feel which is sung to you, me, to all the people of the world, a song in which he admits that he doesn’t know how the world has become so perverted, how love has become so inverted. From this place of innocent, powerful honesty he struggles to find meaning, like a child, feeling lost, the innocence draws forth from him a wonderful song, and brings together on this occasion, a wonderful line up of artists brewing up a tour de force topped off by one of my most treasured guitar solos. Today, I say to you beautiful George Harrison, yes, with every mistake we are learning. Love in many ways appears to be perverted. But there is change happening and happening thanks to wonderful angels on earth like Matt Kahn who spreads the message of the new paradigm, the new love revolution on earth with his clarion call: ‘Whatever Arises Love That’. This is a brief description of ‘Whatever Arises Love That’ :

Nothing you have said, done or thought in the past has anything got to do with the essence of you in this moment. You are a child of God, an angel on earth, come down here to inhabit your beautiful body, to feel everything and still show to the world that your light still shines. It is the mission of every energetically sensitive soul to experience all of whatever the world has to offer, the hurts and difficulties, the joys and relaxation, no matter what arises, and love that. In feeling our hurts whenever they arise, acknowledging them, speaking to them and loving them, just like as if they are abandoned children on our doorstep, which we have taken back into our homes, holding them, reassuring them, giving them all the attention they require, all the space and care they need, allowing them to relax and return home to safety, security, to the essence of who they are, which is love, which is light. This need for acknowledgement and attention, can take a lifetime to satisfy, if not many lifetimes, in fact, there are no time limits. Love is timeless, and this endless eternal time is what we offer the pain and the depression, for endless time is who we are, we have nothing else to offer and nothing less will match the depth of the suffering on earth, than the offer of endless eternal love. The person whose body once felt hurt, who has loved the hurt, who has allowed the hurt all the time it needs to heal itself and now feels at ease in their body, feels relaxation, is a shining light for all those that come into his/her presence, inspiring them to love their hurts in a similar fashion. Thus little by little, one by one, people grow in love, like flowers rising from fertile soil into the light, and they spread that love to their families, their friends, their neighbours and to all those they come in contact with, by simply being themselves, naked before all, no pretence, no masks, allowing everyone who has eyes to see, whose body is ready to see and wants to see the light of their own soul. This transformation is taking place right now all over the planet, under the radar of mainstream media, yet it is headline news, the greatest revolution this planet has ever seen.

Yes love in many ways appears to be perverted. Yet, if we resonate with the call to love whatever arises, then we are called to love perversion in all its forms whether in ourselves or others. Therefore, paradoxically the alchemical key to the transformation of perversion, lies in the perversion itself. All perversion no matter how heavy or how light has found a home in each of our hearts, in each cell of each of our bodies. I know no one who has not, in some way, at some stage in their lives, being perverted, in other words, has not been corrupted or distorted from their original course, their original essence, which is love. My journey from perversion and corruption, back to my original essence continues, as i turn my attention more and more to the people and things that allow me to touch love, self love, including my close female friends and this exquisite tour de force. I have come to see, after all the honesty and courage, artistic expression, meditation, spiritual practices and research, sexual experiences, tantric exploration, pornography, diet and exercise commitments, journaling and all the kindness i have shown to myself, that my body is still not satisfied. I have changed much, but more is called for. In tantric exploration i have discovered a lot about myself, but all the tantric exercises i have learnt can only be of value in the context of first becoming clear and committed to ‘Whatever arises Love That’. And so I remain steadfast and continue to love whatever arises, and what is arising for me over and over again is my unsatisfied weary body, so i love you my unsatisfied weary body and turn to you yet again and ask you, ‘How may i help you’, i slow down and listen, give you time to respond to me and then i respond lovingly to your requests, and when i don’t, i love the one who didn’t, i pick myself up, dust myself off and start again. I want my spirit to merge fully with my whole body in sexual bliss and ecstasy and i would love to experience that bliss and ecstasy with my soulmate. And it is to you now, my dear soulmate, that i speak:

I would really love to meet you, my beautiful sexy radiant goddess, my soulmate. I know you are with me in spirit, so with joy, i would like to take this opportunity, on this public forum, to invite you again, to come live with me on earth. I know that having faced this yearning for you for so long, dear sweet lover, I have come to see that i am drawn back again and again and again with each step i take, to love myself first, that my body is saying to me yet again, ‘i want more from you, more attention, more touch, more time, please, please, slow down, breathe easy, look at me and touch me, let me guide you, touch me hard, touch me slow, touch me the way i want you to touch me’. As i commit to loving my body more, i know i am also continuing to prepare a loving space for you in my heart, my dear sweet lover, and i know we will live there together one day in harmony, loving all that arises for the highest good of all

And now i would like to speak to you, my beautiful body

Despite the fact that i have unconsciously avoided the full potential of our relationship, my dear body, you are still, after all these years open to my overtures, drawn by my flirtation, curious in our foreplay, even at times excited and energised, willing yet again to give our relationship another chance, to dance again with me. You are so powerful, so wonderful, so resilient, so forgiving, a living testament to love. In my striving for pleasure, i know i have primarily turned my attention to my genitals to the detriment of the rest of you, my body. I am sorry. This was the only way to pleasure myself that i knew, that was common place, even though it was and still is shrouded in doubt and shame, no one showed me how to do anything else. I commit today to giving you, the complete you, all the attention and time you desire. Please show me how to love you. I recognise that you are unique as all bodies are unique, and so your needs maybe similar in some ways to others, but may also be different from others. So please show me how to pleasure you, for i do not know.

I admit i have not realised the full power and potential of my body. I admit that in the past no one told me this. I admit that in the past no one alerted me to this. I admit i am being told now. I admit that in my yearning for love, i have allowed others to control me. I admit that i have held the belief that the spirit and the spiritual life has supremacy over the body and life on earth. I admit now that the spirit, the earth and the body are one and the same, equal parts of the bigger picture, the one continuum, and in so declaring i reclaim my power. I admit that i am following my passion, and in so doing, that i am been shown how to love myself by my guides, my higher self and all my beautiful friends. I admit all this and from this lighter place i see that what i need to do is touch my body so so so much more than ever before until every square inch of it comes to realise, to be convinced, to know that yes, indeed, truly i do love it. Then, somehow, the power that lies latent within it, the magnificent magnetic electric union of my spirit and my flesh, which i have glimpsed at times, will shine like never before for my highest good and the highest good of all.

And now, I touch my body like never before. I call on my angelic self, my spirit guides and the highest expression of me to guide me and I feel them guiding me through it all. I see all the people in my life who have assisted in sculpting my body image, who have influenced my sexual expression. I see all the women that I have been close to who have inspired me to a deeper love. Change is happening. My intention has changed. My attention is on pleasuring all of my body, instead of just simply an excited thrust towards ejaculation. There is a big difference between both, canyons of pleasure, feelings and sensations between them. I bring my attention to all of my body, my conscious, honest, courageous attention to every square inch of it, and acknowledge and answer with kindness what is arising in my body. I am falling in love with my body, dropping deeper into a deeper love ♥️

George, I have no doubt that we are learning for, in answering my yearning for love, guided by my spirit, i touch my body the way i have always longed to be touched by others. The lessons turn out to be quite simple really. Now in this lighter brighter place of relaxation and honesty, my body gently weeps, openly weeps, as it, at long last, reveals and heals the hurt of a thousand generations that have cried silently within for millennia. And so i am free ♥️

May my body be blessed with everything i desire. Amen Amen Alleluia, for it is so. May your body be blessed with everything you desire. Amen Amen Alleluia, for it is so. May all bodies be blessed with everything we desire. Amen Amen Alleluia, for it is so ♥️

All blessings, comments and guidance are welcomed and appreciated ♥️

Thank you for reading this, thank you my dear friends, i am grateful for all the women i have been intimate with, i am grateful for all those who have touched me, i am grateful for planet earth and for the universe. Thank you, I love you. Thank you my body, thank you George Harrison, i am grateful for all my family and friends, for all people and energies everywhere in all dimensions, time and space, you all have contributed to the person and to the expression of sexuality, the expression of love that i am. Thank you, I love you all ♥️ HAPPY EQUINOX!!

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In 2005 i had a profound spiritual experience leading me to record my debut album, ‘Under the Great Shady Tree’. I have faced depression, sadness, anger, jealousy, guilt, sexual craving, loss, grief, disapproval, fear, loneliness and many other emotions and have found the strength within to keep going. In 2015 i had another profound spiritual experience which opened my heart wider still, and allows me today to see that everything we experience is here to help us. Today i have left most of the modalities i have practiced in the past and live with the ever increasing knowing that I am the creator of my reality. I am the only one.

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