Full moon message

Dear beloved people of the world, hard times call forth the wellsprings of Love that otherwise lie dormant deep within the caverns of our being. Challenging times such as these when there is so much uncertainty invite us to look deep within and seize the opportunity to Love like never before, to touch the fabric of our coronation robes, to kiss the diamonds of our regal rings and acknowledge that truly we are all citizens of the Royal Court of Heaven, living here on earth to shine our light into the darkness and show the world that the Light has never and will never be put out. We are here to show that Love is now in the hearts of all inviting us to a paradise of relaxation, kindness, fun, peace and plenty. Indeed we are all Divine beings who know the Love, the wellsprings of kindness and honesty that are our true divine nature and which will never be suppressed by any circumstance we find ourselves in, including all and everything that is unfolding in our world today. And this is the golden nugget of these challenging times, such times as these challenge us to buff up our buttons, straighten our ties and be the warriors of Love, warriors for relaxation, fun, kindness and honesty that we all truly are

These changing times are our invitation to pause, slow down and feel the Love that we are, to claim the Love, to step into the Love that we truly are. As we do this we will begin to see that every situation we face is a courier of Love knocking on our door offering us the opportunity to open yet another parcel of even deeper, wider, kinder, stronger Love that we are now ready to open up and become. The opening of these parcels has in my experience been mostly very challenging and disorienting. More often than not we are left asking ‘not this issue again, am I doing something wrong, is the world doing something wrong?’ It is the Light within you that will answer you, guide you and sustain you. Trust your intuition. Give yourself the space to find ways to acquaint yourself with your intuition. Your intuition is the Light within you that is speaking to you, the voice of God guiding you.

As others have said before, as we open to the Love we already are, we give others the permission to do the same. Love becomes more and more apparent, there is less and less confusion, everyone begins to open up. We begin to share our resources, hunger becomes a distant memory, kindness and fun, peace and plenty reign. Alleluia!!

Go and shine your Light in the darkness, that’s where its most needed and if there is any darkness, that darkness must first be faced in you 🙂

Happy full moon

Fionntáin 🌕🙂❤️

Published by fionntáin

In 2005 i had a profound spiritual experience leading me to record my debut album, ‘Under the Great Shady Tree’. I have faced depression, sadness, anger, jealousy, guilt, sexual craving, loss, grief, disapproval, fear, loneliness and many other emotions and have found the strength within to keep going. In 2015 i had another profound spiritual experience which opened my heart wider still, and allows me today to see that everything we experience is here to help us. Today i have left most of the modalities i have practiced in the past and live with the ever increasing knowing that I am the creator of my reality. I am the only one.

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