Responding to our world in these changing times PART 2

Love is the only response


Seeking the love of another is truly a beautiful courageous act. A yearning for union. A longing to feel again the love of Mother and Father, our truly united Divine Mother and Father together as one in bliss, a union we apparently have forgotten, save for a tiny thin thread, an unraveling ball trailing behind us in a dark dank dense forest. The ultimate yearning, the pinnacle of all craving, a constant craving, is perhaps the result of the greatest trick of them all, hey presto, that very union we crave, is who we truly are already, we are the union of all men and women in one, of every person you have ever been attracted to and more, beyond imagination. We have been longing for our own selves all along, ta daa!!! Stand up and take a bow! So desperately funny, it would ‘drive one to drink’, to delirious delirium and all sorts of distraction. And so it has. Yet we are the magicians. The next part of our trick, is to find our way back and in our world today everything that is arising, despite appearances, is helping us to do just that, after all, don’t they say it’s an illusion!!!

The World is waking up from a deep delirious trance and rising to a Love like we have never felt before. In order to allow our bodies to integrate this transformation we must give them all the rest, good food and exercise they require. We are experiencing profound shifts of consciousness. All is well. Stay the course

In the main, our parents have not experienced their true Divine Selves and so could only ever have known a limited union of opposites, just like their parents and grandparents and parents through many generations. We are riding the waves of the inevitable unease endemic in this subconscious collective amnesia 

To go deeper into this, we have forgotten how to gaze upon the essence of our beauty, it is not that we can’t, we simply have forgotten. Lost, wandering and seemingly abandoned by life, we cower in fear, seeking shelter. But life doesn’t stop unfolding because of our trauma. It keeps creating and giving, rising and falling like the sun each day, the cycles that sustain the Universe. As we wander, lost, wanting, craving, all the beauty of Mother Earth arises before us, the sun, the Light, the moon, the Dark, the trees, the plants, the birds and the bees. The morning chorus inspires us and for a moment we remember where we have come from. We move towards this beauty, seek to be in this beauty, want more of this beauty. And then before us appears one who looks like us, who talks like us, walks like us. And this, wow this is something else, the attraction is undeniable, and the feelings inside, blowing your mind like nothing you have felt before in this life, losing your mind in a controlled frenzy. And you want more of this, you, who are still wandering and wanting and craving your true home that you have forgotten, you are now so enamoured by the beauty you see in this other person, you fall in Love with them. Fall in Love? There is no such a thing, for in Love is where we already are, we are born like this. Love is who we are. As we become acquainted with our new friend, we grow closer and open our hearts like the Loving Beings that we are. We share our lives together. Then we begin to realise that they are looking for the same thing as us. So we must begin to defend the little we have, for we have also forgotten how abundant we are. Tensions arise. We are now under attack, wondering where it all went ‘wrong’. Once again we must seek shelter, a place of safety. Typically this means we leave the relationship or we compromise. And more relationships follow, relationships with all sorts of beauty such as work, substances, sobriety, impropriety, creativity, lethargy, people, solitude, travel and so forth, one after the other. The search continues. And we build up in our minds eye, the qualities of the person we would like to meet, i would like him to talk like this, i would like her to walk like this, i would like them to act like this. An image appears before us, one which we now begin to define others by, grade them by, scan them with when first we meet, she’s right for me, he’s wrong for me, they might do, they won’t do. An image that we now carry around everywhere, be it surfing the net or walking on a sunset beach, those images are always present. Oh sweet dream, sweet perfection, sweet beauty, my precious one, come to me! And they don’t appear, and we wonder why, have we done something wrong, are we lacking in some way. Guilt and frustration and loneliness become our bedfellows, nagging away at us, tossing and turning in our sleep.  But we are so powerful, so relentless, so imaginative, creative and resourceful and we don’t give up easily. The image of beauty we seek has become our golden calf. We, lost and abandoned by our parents, now adore and honour in each moment of our day the golden calf of our imagination. Priests and Priestesses we are of our own self made Gods and Goddesses. We build temples for our precious creations, protect them in glass shrines, suspended before us like carrots before a horse. We long to speak with them, but they cannot hear us. We long to touch them, but we cannot reach them. Yet we continue to worship them, so fixated have we become. The whole globe appears to many to be spinning to the hum of self made Gods and Goddesses. We walk with them as they sway before us and slowly fall into their rhythm. Swinging left and right before our eyes, tantalising, teasing us, driving us crazy, a frenzy driving us into desperation. We fall into a stupor, a stupor into a trance, a trance into despair, that emerges as delirious thoughts, words and deeds attempting to make sense of it all and look normal. 

From this cauldron of extreme, comes the inspiration for so much of our popular music, art and entertainment, dangling the golden calf of our impossible dream before our eyes. Upon this foundation we create our society and govern our people, establishing rules and regulations that rarely if ever mention Love. National institutions, so wound up, so deep in a trance, so lost and bewildered that they must adopt extraordinary measures to convince its people that their policies are balanced, true, normal and for the good of all. The world, save for a few rare people, is living in a trance or slowly emerging from a trance. So delirious have we become that it calls forth so much Love and Compassion from deep within the wells of our lost hearts. As we journey now confident in our true Divine Nature, how else do we respond when we meet a lost abandoned neglected brother or sister on our path. Love is the only response to all who we meet and greet during our day in person, on line, on paper, in sound. The world is gone mad craving Love and we Light Beings from Heaven who feel the craving deep in our gut, who have spent the time loving the craving and have made friends with it, will respond and share all the Love we have brought forth from within with a world that has simply forgotten how to. Indeed we are already sharing this Love. This message is a message of Love. 

We all deserve Love. Our families deserve Love. Our friends deserve Love. Our communities deserve Love. Our governments and international organisations deserve love. Even though we have experienced such trauma, therein lies perhaps the greatest beauty, the greatest Love of all. Even from the pits of our collective trauma, when given the space, when shown the truth, when introduced to the Light of our soul, we can still remember how fabulous we are. If we offer our Love and it is not accepted, what to do then is a story for another time. In short, the main thing is that our Love has been offered as clearly and unequivocally as our bodies are able to in that moment 

My service to the world is to show others the Light that they truly are, so that the world will emerge from the collective delirium we have immersed ourselves in. And let us remember, that it is each one of us who are the magicians, the alchemists of this transformation. We together are co creating the journey into and out of delirium. There are no victims here. We are perfect, each one of us without exception. No matter what we have said, done or thought in the past, none of it defines us. We are always a perfect manifestation of the Divine. 

There is more i would like to share some other time, perhaps to answer any questions you may have, perhaps to share a program that has arisen out of these insights. Sharing through word, song or dance, this is my joy. For now my dear friends it is time to rest. The delirium is still unraveling within and without. The waves of energy in our world appear to some to be more extreme than ever before. It may feel very rocky out there in the land of the golden calf. But inside where your true beauty dwells all is calm and weaving in and out, swaying left and right, flowing and swirling as it wishes, in a blissful dance. Trust my friends in the beauty that you are and that is always guiding you. You can speak with it, listen to it, feel it, touch it. It is not encased in glass, locked away in a shrine. It is who you truly are. Rest in the wonder of your beauty now my friends. In responding to the world around us, some will feel called to serve in aloneness, some to serve at home, some to serve in our communities, some to serve nationally and internationally, some to serve cosmically and so forth. Wherever your intuition, your true Divine Self guides you, first you must feel this true Divine presence within, make friends with your emotions, realise the delirium we have immersed ourselves in and therefore afford ourselves the Love and Compassion we deserve, afford our bodies the space we deserve at last to rest in joy and happiness. Our journey has been long. We are weary. For weariness is what we have co created. Now we are co creating relaxation and fun. Rest my friends. Here, take a seat……. here, lie down, place your head on this pillow….. relax your body and Breathe.

I wish to acknowledge all the Guides who have supported these realisations and helped the creation of this portal to a New Earth. Specifically i would like to thank Matt Kahn whose energy has pointed me within to the Divine I Am. Also i would like to thank all the intimate relationships that i have experienced and that have aroused my body, mind and spirit to see who I really Am. Thank you covid19, these insights have been fine tuned in the extended periods of alone time i have experienced because of restrictions associated with your presence. As Matt would say ‘everything is here to help us’. And finally, i would like to thank you for reading.

Until we meet again and some day we will meet again, for we are all in this game together, may you and the whole world be blessed with Love and Light, with unending fun and relaxation and it is already so 🙂 Alleluia!!  

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P. S. I seek the services of a carpenter to join my team of volunteers to erect a timber dance pavilion, which will be a central feature here in my forest, my dream of Divine Consciousness, from which I will share music and dance with the world, as part of my contribution to the manifestation of Heaven on Earth. 🙂

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In 2005 i had a profound spiritual experience leading me to record my debut album, ‘Under the Great Shady Tree’. I have faced depression, sadness, anger, jealousy, guilt, sexual craving, loss, grief, disapproval, fear, loneliness and many other emotions and have found the strength within to keep going. In 2015 i had another profound spiritual experience which opened my heart wider still, and allows me today to see that everything we experience is here to help us. Today i have left most of the modalities i have practiced in the past and live with the ever increasing knowing that I am the creator of my reality. I am the only one.

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