No matter what I do, where I go, who I meet, what age I am, what I call myself, whether I succeed or fail,
I always seem to be the same person.
This sea is crossed,
that mountain is climbed,
this is where I live,
that is where I used to live,
this depression is experienced,
that elation is felt,
this venture is over,
that venture is planned,
this I called myself once,
that was the day I had;
I recharge at night and begin another day.
At the core of this circle of life I dwell, just the same unchanging me…. always…. the same…. forever and ever and ever.

Published by fionntáin

In 2005 i had a profound spiritual experience leading me to record my debut album, ‘Under the Great Shady Tree’. I have faced depression, sadness, anger, jealousy, guilt, sexual craving, loss, grief, disapproval, fear, loneliness and many other emotions and have found the strength within to keep going. In 2015 i had another profound spiritual experience which opened my heart wider still, and allows me today to see that everything we experience is here to help us. Today i have left most of the modalities i have practiced in the past and live with the ever increasing knowing that I am the creator of my reality. I am the only one.

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